12/17 American Studies

In-class~ Video on America at the turn of the 20th Century

HW~ Have a Fantastic Break

12/17 Classics

In-class~ Monty Python and the Holy Grail

HW~ Have a Fantastic Break

See Extra Credit Opportunity Below

Classics Extra Credit Opportunity

Extra Credit Adaptation Assignment

For extra credit you have the opportunity to write your own film adaptation from a story that we have covered in class. First choose any myth or legend (examples: Zeus and Io, The Iliad, The Death of Balder, etc.) Next, you must change the time period, setting, and at least one other MAJOR component of the story (similar to O'Brother Where Art Thou). Then you must adjust the basic story to fit the adaptations.


~ Character list with brief descriptions including adaptations

~ Full Plot Summary (1 page double spaced typed)

~ One full scene with dialogue (1 page double spaced typed)

Extra Credit points will be awarded according to the effort and creativity shown.


12/16 American Studies

In-class~ Gilded Age World's Fair

HW~ None

12/16 Classics

In-class~ Norse Culminating Quiz, Intro to Arthurian Legend

HW~ None

12/15 American Studies

In-class~ Prep time for Gilded Age World's Fair project

HW~ Finish Gilded Age World's Fair project for TOMORROW

12/15 Classics

In-class~ Finished The Lord of the Rings, Study for Norse Culminating Quiz

HW~ Study for Norse Quiz

12/14 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Immigration, Discussed Jim Crow Society

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Gilded Age World's Fair THURSDAY

12/14 Classics

In-class~ The Lord of the Rings, discussed upcoming Norse Quiz

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Norse Mythology Quiz on THURSDAY

12/13 American Studies

In-class~ Industrialization discussion, finish Eastern Portal immigration

HW~ Reading Notes 552-557

Upcoming~ Gilded Age World's Fair on THURSDAY

12/13 Classics

In-class~ Lord of the Rings

HW~ None

12/10 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Immigration

HW~ Industrialization Analysis DUE MONDAY

12/10 Classics

In-class~ The Lord of the Rings

Submit your Comparative Analysis Essay to Turnitin.com if you have not done so yet.

Extra Credit~ Attend Issaquah High School's Sleeping Beauty in our own Lyceum Theatre. Write two paragraphs--The first should critically review the play, and the second should connect it to Norse Mythology.

12/09 American Studies

In-class~ Assigned Industrialization Discussion Questions, watched Industrialization/Meat Packing video & discussed

HW~ None due tomorrow, keep working on Gilded Age World's Fair Project, start Industrialization questions that are due Monday.

12/09 Classics

In-class~ Discussion over final chapters of Sigurd, started Lord of the Rings

HW~ None

EC- Issaquah High School's Sleeping Beauty runs through Saturday evening at Skyline's Lyceum Theatre

12/08 American Studies

In-class~ T-chart (Positives/Negatives) of Gilded Age Industrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization

HW~ None due tomorrow--You should be continuing to work on Gilded Age World's Fair project

12/08 Classics

In-class~ Boardtalk over Ch. 1-4 of Sigurd the Volsung

HW~ Finish Sigurd

12/07 American Studies

In-class~ Gilded Age World's Fair research time

HW~ Reading notes 456-465 DUE TOMORROW

12/07 Classics

In-class~ Read Chapter 1-4 of Sigurd the Volsung

HW~ None

12/6 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Gilded Age (term and idea) and applied to Westward Expansion, Assigned Gilded Age World's Fair Project

HW~ Reading 456-465 DUE WEDNESDAY

12/6 Classics

In-class~ Turned in Comparative Analysis Papers, Discussed Punishment of Loki & Ragnarok, Norse themes in Modern Film & Lit. assignment, Brief into to Sigurd the Volsung

HW~ Submit paper to turnitin.com if not already done...Bring World Mythology books tomorrow

12/3 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Far & Away, Discussed Push-Pull factors of Westward Expansion

HW~ None

12/3 Classics

In-class~ Read the Death of Balder, Assigned Punishment of Loki & Ragnarok

HW~ Finish Final Draft

Classics Morford & Lenardon Citation

Here is the citation for in-class readings on Perseus, Theseus, Apollo, Artemis, Vergil and Plato.

Morford, Mark P.O. and Robert J. Lenardon. Classical Mythology: Seventh
Edition. New York: Oxford University Press. 2003. Print.

12/2 American Studies

In-class~ Collected take-home exam, HWP, and EC study guides, watched Far and Away

HW~ Reading Notes 488-497 (1st section can be abbreviated notes)

12/2 Classics

In-class~ Rough Drafts due, Peer editing, assigned "Theft" readings

HW~ Theft readings (Theft of Thor's Hammer, Theft of Idun's Apples)

Upcoming~ Final Draft DUE MONDAY

12/1 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 4 Exam, assigned Unit 4 take home exam, collected Constitutional Issue rewrites

HW~ Unit 4 take-home exam

12/1 Classics

In-class~ Cosmogony Visual

HW~ Rough Draft DUE tomorrow

11/30 American Studies

In-class~ Finished The Rise and Fall of Reconstruction powerpoint

HW~ Study for Civil War Exam, Compile HWP

Constitutional Issue Rewrite DUE TOMORROW

11/30 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Norse Mythology

HW~ World Mythology Pg. 208-213

11/29 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Reconstruction plan jigsaw, Started The Rise and Fall of Reconstruction powerpoint

HW~ Study for exam on Wednesday

11/29 Classics

In-class~ 2nd & 5th- Peer edited outlines, reviewed writing tips and reminders
6th- Homeric Cycle Exam, reviewed thesis reminders

HW~ Bring World Mythology books tomorrow

Helpful links for Comparative Analysis Essay

MLA Formatting- http://owl.english.purdue.edu/
Greek Mythology Sources- http://www.theoi.com/

11/22 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Aftermath of Civil War, started Reconstruction

HW~ Finish Reconstruction Jigsaw reading-if not done in class

11/22 Classics

In-class~ Homeric Cycle Exam

HW~ Comparative Analysis Outline, Homework Packet (Socratic Seminar Prep Sheets (2), Odyssey T-Chart, Odyssey Group Themes)

11/19 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed book banning, finished review of Civil War Battle Chart, handed out Unit 4 Exam Review

HW~ None

11/19 Classics

In-class~ Finished O' Brother Where Art Thou, reviewed outlining, discussed Monday's exam

HW~ Study for Homeric Cycle Exam on Monday

Upcoming~ Comparative Analysis Outline DUE TUESDAY

11/18 American Studies

In-class~ Continued Civil War Battle Chart review with film clip from Glory

HW~ None

Unit 4 Exam has been moved to 11/29

11/18 Classics

In-class~ Watched O' Brother Where Art Thou

HW~ Topic for Comparative Analysis paper DUE TOMORROW

11/17 American Studies

In-class~ Civil War Battle Chart Review

HW~ None

11/17 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Comparative Analysis Term Paper, Started O' Brother Where At Thou

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Topic for paper must be approved by Friday 11/19

11/16 American Studies

In-class~ Civil War Battle Chart Research

HW~ Finish Battle Chart

11/16 Classics

In-class~ Discussed The Odyssey's themes

HW~ None

11/15 American Studies

In-class~ Review Road to Civil War Timeline, Assigned Battle Chart

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Battle Chart DUE WEDNESDAY

11/15 Classics

In-class~ Afterlife Midterm Socratic Seminar

HW~ Finish The Odyssey... Reading Check Quiz Tomorrow


Week of 11/08-11/12 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 3 Exam & Homework Packet... Road to Civil War Timeline

HW~ Road to Civil War Timeline DUE MONDAY

Week of 11/08-11/12 Classics

In-class~ Review of The Odyssey Chapter 1-4... Preparation for Afterlife mid-term Socratic Seminar


11/05 American Studies

In-class~ Texas Revolution & Mexican-American War

HW~ Study for upcoming Unit 3 Exam

Upcoming~ Unit 3 Exam and HWP Tuesday 11/9

11/05 Classics

In-class~ Intro to The Odyssey & Chapter 1-3

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

11/04 American Studies

In-class~ Facebook Gallery with review

HW~ Reading Notes 351-353

11/04 Classics

In-class~ Finish Troy with discussion

HW~ Senior Exit Interview Questions 7-11

11/03 American Studies

In-class~ Manifest Destiny ppt.

HW~ Facebook pages

11/03 Classics

In-class~ Troy

HW~ None

11/02 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Women's Rights powerpoint, discussed "Mill Girls", Intro to Westward Expansion & Manifest Destiny

HW~ Manifest Destiny Critical Reading

Upcoming~ Facebook pages DUE THURSDAY
Unit 3 Exam MONDAY

11/02 Classics

In-class~ Troy w/ discussion

HW~ None

Make-up Socratic Seminar Wednesday @ 8:45

11/01 American Studies

In-class~ Reformers Facebook project

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Facebook project due Thursday

11/01 Classics

In-class~ Troy

HW~ None

Make-up Socratic Seminar Wednesday @ 8:45am

10/29 American Studies

In-class~ Women's Rights Movement powerpoint

HW~ None

10/29 Classics

In-class~ Iliad Socratic Seminar

HW~ None

Make-up Socratic Seminar will be Wednesday 11/3 @ 8:45am

10/28 American Studies

In-class~ Civil Disobedience Socratic Seminar and Debrief

HW~ Critical Reading on Women's Rights

10/28 Classics

In-class~ Brief discussion of end of Iliad, prep for Socratic Seminar

HW~ Finish Socratic Seminar prep

10/27 Classics

In-class~ Discussed chapters 1-4 of the Iliad

HW~ Read 61-73 in World Mythology books

10/26 American Studies

In-class~ Finish Judgment Day video and discussed, discussed evolution of racism and racial stereotyping, discussed approaches to abolition movement

HW~ David Walker & Frederick Douglass critical readings

10/26 Classics

In-class~ Finish intro to Homeric Hero, discussed preceding myths to Iliad

HW~ Reading pages 48-61 in World Mythology books

10/25 American Studies

In-class~ Assigned Civil Disobedience Socratic Seminar, Judgment Day video w/ guided questions

HW~ Reading Notes 310-316

Upcoming~ Socratic Seminar on Thursday

10/25 Classics

In-class~ Early Heroes Quiz, Intro to Homeric Cycle

HW~ Bring World Mythology book

10/22 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 3 at a glance, preview discussion on slavery and abolition

HW~ None...Have a safe and fun Homecoming

10/22 Classics

In-class~ Theseus reading check quiz, Reviewed Theseus, Watched Perseus video

HW~ Study for Early Heroes quiz, Senior Exit Interview 2-6 (if not already turned in)

10/21 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 2 Exam, Unit 2 HWP collected

HW~ None

10/21 Classics

In-class~ Theseus video, Theseus Reading

HW~ Finish Theseus reading

10/20 American Studies

In-class~ Review for Unit 2 Exam

HW~ Study for Unit 2 Exam, Prepare HWP

10/20 Classics

In-class~ Reviewed Heracles

HW~ Periods 2 & 5- None
Period 6- Finish Heracles Hero Archetype Notes

10/18 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed the Jacksonian Era, question/answer on exam study guide

HW~ Start studying for exam

Upcoming~ Unit 2 Exam and HWP DUE THURSDAY

10/19 Classics

In-class~ Healthy Youth Survey, started discussion on Heracles

HW~ None

10/18 American Studies

In-class~ Turned in Constitutional Iissue paper, Video on JQ Adams & Jackson, handed out homework packet sheet

HW~ Reading Notes 297-303, turn in papers to turnitin.com

Upcoming~ Unit 2 Exam and HWP DUE THURSDAY 10/21

10/18 Classics

In-class~Finished Clash of the Titans and discussed, assigned Heracles reading

HW~ Pages 26-31 in World Mythology book

10/15 American Studies

In-class~ Final Reminders on CI Paper, Review of Election of 1824, Reading on Industrial Revolution and its relation to Nationalism and Sectionalism, handed out Unit 2 Study Guide

HW~ Constitutional Issue Final Draft DUE MONDAY

Upcoming~ Unit 2 Exam THURSDAY 10/21

10/15 Classics

In-class~ Watched Clash of the Titans, turned in Creative Mythology Project

HW~ None

10/14 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed unit 1 Exam and tips on writing, Peer Edited CI Rough Drafts

HW~ Reading Notes 290-295 DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Constitutional Issue Final Draft DUE MONDAY

10/14 Classics

In-class~ Received Exit Interview times, Perseus Quiz, Started Clash of the Titans

HW~ Creative Mythology DUE TOMORROW

10/12 American Studies

In-class~ Quick review of War of 1812, Ppt. on Economics and Politics 1808-1824

HW~ Constitutional Issue Rough Draft DUE THURSDAY
Reading Notes 290-295 DUE FRIDAY

10/12 Classics

In-class~ Ppt on the Hero Archetype, Perseus Reading

HW~ Perseus Reading DUE THURSDAY

10/11 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed Writing Structure and Tips

HW~ Reading Notes 224-229 DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Constitutional Issue Rough Draft DUE THURSDAY

10/11 Classics

In-class~ Creative Mythology projects

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Creative Mythology projects DUE FRIDAY

10/08 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed Cause and Effect Chart with added details, turned in CI outlines

HW~ None due Monday

Upcoming~ Constitutional Issues Rough Draft DUE THURSDAY

10/08 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Exam, turned in Exit Interview #1

HW~ None

If you missed the exam today, YOU MUST MAKE IT UP BY WEDNESDAY 10/13

10/7 American Studies

In-class~ Brief timeline on early presidential administrations, work time on Cause & Effect Chart

HW~ Constitutional Issues Outline & Finish Cause and Effect Chart if not done in class

10/7 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Review Game

HW~ Study for Olympians Exam tomorrow

10/6 American Studies

In-class~ Quiz & Discussion on Emerging Political Parties

HW~ Cause and Effect Chart DUE FRIDAY (in class time tomorrow)

Upcoming~ Constitutional Issue outline DUE FRIDAY

10/6 Classics

In-class~ Review Hermes

HW~ Study for upcoming exam FRIDAY

10/5 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on thesis statements and outlines

HW~ Reading notes 200-206... QUIZ TOMORROW

10/5 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on Dionysus, Homeric Hymn to Hermes reading, handed out study guide to exam

HW~ Finish reading on Hermes

Upcoming~ Olympians Exam on FRIDAY

10/4 American Studies

In-class~ Library research time for Constitutional Issue Paper, topic due

HW~ Continue research for paper

Upcoming~ Outline DUE FRIDAY (We will discuss this tomorrow in class)

10/4 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Apollo and his love myths

HW~ Dionysus readings

Upcoming- Olympians Exam on Thursday 10/7

10/1 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Bill of Rights discussion, assigned Constitutional Issue paper

HW~ Begin research in topic for paper... Topic and initial research due on Monday at the END OF THE PERIOD

10/1 Classics

In-class~ Apollo reading quiz, assigned Exit Interview questions, discussed College Entrance Essay writing

HW~ none

9/30 American Studies

In-class~ Bill of Rights discussion

HW~ None

9/30 Classics

In-class~ Review of Athena, assigned Apollo reading

HW~ Apollo reading

9/29 American Studies

In-class~ Finish Constitution Review, handed out Bill of Rights activity

HW~ Reading Notes 150-163 (condense 150-157)

9/29 Classics

In-class~ Review of Aphrodite & Artemis

HW~ Athena Reading

9/29 American Studies

In-class~ Constitution Review

HW~ Reading Notes 150-163 DUE THURSDAY... The first section of reading 150-157 can be greatly condensed as it is mostly review.

9/29 Classics

In-class~ Aphrodite Reading Check Quiz, Artemis Scavenger Hunt

HW~ None

9/27 American Studies

In-class~ Constitution Scavenger Hunt

HW~ Finish Constitution Scavenger Hunt if not done

9/27 Classics

In-class~ Counselor visit

HW~ Prep for Aphrodite quiz

9/24 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Unit 1 Exam, Unit 2 Constitution T/F Pretest, assigned Articles of Confederation overview reading

HW~ Finish Articles of Confederation Overview

9/24 Classics

In-class~ Reviewed 1st generation Olympians traits, intro to 2nd generation Olympians & the polarity chart, assigned the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite

HW~ Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite...Reading check quiz Monday.

9/23 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 1 Exam, Unit 1 HWP DUE

HW~ None

9/23 Classics

In-class~ Nature of Poseidon, Mythical Creature ppt.

HW~ None

9/22 American Studies

In-class~ Finished the Revolutionary War film, discussed the nature of Colonial Warfare, study time for Unit 1 exam

HW~ Prepare for unit 1 Exam and put together Unit 1 HWP.

9/22 Classics

In-class~ Read Demeter and Persephone & discussed nature of Demeter & Hades.

HW~ None

9/21 American Studies

In-class~ Handed out study guide and HWP sheet for Unit 1 Exam, started Liberty- The World Turned Upside Down

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ HWP due & Unit 1 Exam THURSDAY

9/21 Classics

In-class~ Finish Love's of Zeus Graphic Organizers, Quiz on Loves, discussion on nature of Hera

HW~ Bring World Mythology books tomorrow

9/20 American Studies

In-class~ Liberty video on early Revolutionary War through the Battle of Saratoga

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Unit 1 Exam and Unit HWP Due THURSDAY

9/20 Classics

In-class~ Love's of Zeus graphic organizer

HW~ Come to class prepared to finish organizer and take quiz

9/17 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed slow start of American Revolution, viewpoints of Loyalists and Patriots, and strengths and weaknesses of the Colonial Army.

HW~ None

9/17 Classics

In-class~ Watched Clash of the Gods- Zeus

HW~ None

9/16 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed British Acts Chart with added info

HW~ None

9/16 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Quiz, Intro to Nature of Olympians

HW~ None

9/15 American Studies

In-class~ Work on British Acts Chart

HW~ Finish British Acts Chart DUE TOMORROW

9/15 Classics

In-class~ Finish Olympian Presentations

HW~ Study for tomorrow's Olympians Quiz.

9/14 American Studies

In-class~ Assigned British Acts Chart, viewed The Reluctant Revolutionaries

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ British Acts Chart DUE THURSDAY

9/14 Classics

In-class~ Olympian Presentations

HW~ None

9/13 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on Oppression & Subjugation, Reading on French and Indian War with discussion

HW~ None

9/13 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Partner Project Prep

HW~ Finish project if not completed in class

9/10 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on 18th century economic system and correlating class hierarchy

HW~ Reading notes 83-88 DUE MONDAY

9/10 Classics

In-class~ Library research for Olympians Partner Project

HW~ Bring supplies for display board on Monday

9/9 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Social Hysteria Formula, discussed historical instances of Social Hysteria, reading and discussion on NY Mosque Debate & 9/11 Quran burning plan

HW~ None

9/9 Classics

In-class~ Origins Quiz, assigned Olympians project

HW~ None

9/8 American Studies

In-class~ Briefly discussed homework reading notes on Middle/Southern colonies, discussed Puritan need for control in Massachusetts, introduction and overview of the Salem Witch Trials

HW~ None

9/8 Classics

In-class~ Finished Flood Cycle plot line visuals, handed out study guide for Origins quiz tomorrow

HW~ Study for Origins quiz

9/7 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Puritan Precepts, Partner Research on Important Puritan Figures

HW~ Reading notes 59-63

9/7 Classics

In-class~ Read The Ages of Man & The Flood Cycle, started Flood Cycle visual plot lines.

HW~ None....Bring your books tomorrow.

9/3 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion & notes on Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, Mayflower Compact & City Upon a Hill readings

HW~ None...Have a great long weekend.

9/3 Classics

In-text- Discussed The Creation of the Titans and Gods, read The Legend of Prometheus and Pandora's Box

HW~ None...Have a great long weekend.

9/2 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on when American History begins, notes on Jamestown Colony

HW~ None

9/2 Classics

In-class~ Got textbooks, finished Intro ppt, read The Creation of the Titans and Gods pps 7-11

HW~ None... if reading was done in class

9/1 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on American Studies Journal ?s

HW~ Syllabus signatures if still needed

9/1 Classics

In-class~ ASB pictures, more Intro to Mythology ppt.

HW~ Syllabus signatures if still needed

8/31 American Studies

In-class~ Syllabus Review, Student questionnaire note card, Intro to American Studies Journal

HW~ Syllabus signatures

8/31 Classics

In-class~ Reviewed Syllabus, Student Questionnaire, Began Intro to Mythology ppt.

HW~ Syllabus signatures


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