3/6 IB HL 2

In-class~ Castro/Cuba Socratic Seminar

HW~ Study for MONDAY'S PAPER 2 


3/6 Classics

In-class~ Motifs and Themes of Odyssey assignment

HW~ Classical Mythology (brown) 537-541 (Penelope section) DUE MONDAY

3/6 IB 11th Block LA/SS

In-class~ Work Periods for 50s Commercial and IA Annotated Bibliography

HW~ IA Annotated Bibliography DUE MONDAY @ 11:59

Upcoming~ Language Presentation Dates/Order 

3/5 IB HL 2

In-class~ Castro Domestic Policy quiz, brief discussion on Castro's Women and LGBTQ policy 

HW~ Castro/Cuba Socratic Seminar TOMORROW

3/5 Classics

In-class~ Quiz an discussion on end of BK XI, reading time for rest of Odyssey (World Mythology 93-109)

HW~ Finish above reading for TOMORROW

3/5 IB 11th Block LA/SS

In-class~ Advertising techniques with 50s examples analysis

HW~ None

Upcoming~ 50s Advertisements and IA Annotated Bib DUE NEXT WEEK

3/4 Classics

In-class~ Read Book XI of The Odyssey with T- chart (key character and plot  information/ information about nature of dead and death)

HW~ Finish above if not done in class

3/4 IB 11th Block LA/SS

In-class~ Social Conformity of the 50s including advertising, assigned Advertising group project 

HW~ Have groups formed by tomorrow for Advertising (DECA groups email me for a topic)

Upcoming~ Annotated Bib DUE MONDAY @ 11:59 to turnitin.com

3/3 IB HL 2

In-class~ Discussion on Kennedy's decision making in Cuban Missile Crisis, Hitler/Castro review chart work time, discussed Paper 2 prompts

HW~ Cuban Revolution/Castro Socratic Seminar FRIDAY  (Extra Docs. #1#2#3 (Domestic Policy REQUIRED)#4#5)

Upcoming~ Paper 2 MONDAY

3/3 IB 11th Block SS

In-class~ Tabletop discussion on Eisenhower Domestic Policy, started 50s culture ppt with focus on "new economy"

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Annotated Bibliography DUE MONDAY

3/2 IB HL 2

In-class~ Cuban Missile Crisis mindmap discussion

HW~Cuban Revolution/Castro Socratic Seminar FRIDAY  (Extra Docs. #1#2#3 (Domestic Policy REQUIRED)#4#5)

3/2 Classics

In-class~ Odyssey Bk. IX & X Stroyboards

HW~ None

3/2 IB 11th Block SS

In-class~ Eisenhower Foreign Policy

HW~ Oxford 298-302 & T& S pg.1270 & pg.1273 (Just individual sections that start on each of those pages) DUE TOMORROW

3/2 IB 11th Block LA

In-class~ 5/6 Presidential Campaign Presentations

HW~ None


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