11/17 Classics

In-class- Thesis/Outline development review, more O' Brother Where Art Thou

HW- Comparative Analysis Outline DUE TOMORROW

Homeric Cycle Exam has been moved to MONDAY

11/17 American Studies

In-class- Library/Class time for Huck Finn research and Socratic Seminar prep, finished Reconstruction ppt.

HW- Finish Huck Finn Socratic Seminar prep

Homeric Cycle Exam Study Guide

Development of the Homeric Hero
Characters of Iliad and Odyssey
     Final Fates
Conflicts of Iliad
Achilles as a Tragic Hero
Underworld of Homer
Obstacles of Odysseus
Themes of the Odyssey
Film Comparative

11/16 Classics

In-class~ Comparative Analysis Topics DUE, started O' Brother Where Art Thou

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Comparative Outlines DUE FRIDAY
                   Homeric Cycle Exam FRIDAY

11/16 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn Objective Exam, started The Rise and Fall of Reconstruction ppt.

HW~ Huck Finn Outline DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Huck Finn Socratic Seminar FRIDAY
                   Unit 4 (Civil War) Exam MONDAY (New Date)
                   Huck Finn Rough Draft DUE TUESDAY (New Date)

11/15 Classics

In-class~ Odyssey reading check quiz, Odyssey themes group activity, assigned Midterm Comparative Analysis paper

HW~ Paper topic DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Paper Outline DUE FRIDAY, Homeric Cycle Exam FRIDAY

11/15 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn vocab quiz #2, Reconstruction plan jigsaw, finished Culture Shock video, checked working thesis statements

HW~ Study for Huck Finn multiple choice exam TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Huck Finn Outlines DUE THURSDAY
                  Huck Finn Socratic Seminar FRIDAY
                 Unit 4 History Exam FRIDAY

11/14 Classics

In-class~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar

HW~ Finish The Odyssey in turquoise World Mythology books (Ch. 5-Epilogue)

11/14 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn Journal #3 (see questions below if you needed more time in class), Ppt. on immediately aftermath of Civil War, library time

HW~ Huck Finn paper working thesis, study for Huck Finn vocab #2

Upcoming~ Huck Finn Multiple Choice Exam on Wednesday


Answer the following questions using quotes
1. What is the context to Huck deciding Jim was “white inside”? How is this quote controversial?

2. How do you view the following characters in the final chapters of the book? Huck, Tom, Jim?

3. Many critics argue the final chapters of the book (Primarily those taking place on the Phelps’ farm) ruin its intended message in many ways. What about the events that occur arguably harm to message of the book? Do you think that Twain’s overall message is damaged by these chapters? What occurs that still clearly support his message?


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