12/19 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed the Lindbergh Kidnapping and American obsession with crime

HW~ 20s Narrative due TOMORROW

20s Narrative Reminders

~ Develop a first-person narrative from the point of view of the character that you picked in class.
~ The story can be about anything tied to your character.
~ The narrative should be at least two pages 1.5 spaced 12 point font, but no longer than 6 pages.
~ Be sure to integrate accurate historical context into narrative.
~ Be creative when developing the tone and mood (appearance if you want) of the story.

                Well-developed first person narrative using historical basis. (10)
                Essay captures creative tone and essence of its character. (10)
                Essay follows the format and focus of the assigned task. (5)

12/19 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Literary Analysis approaches and quote integration, work time

HW~ Work on final draft

Greek Drama citations 

12/18 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed Harlem Renaissance and cultural appreciation vs. appropriation, ppt. on Leisure, Entertainment, and the Rise of American Celebrity

HW~ Lindbergh Kidnapping reading

Upcoming~ 20s Narrative DUE WEDNESDAY (I will give out turnitin.com info in class tomorrow)

12/18 Classics

In-class~ Peer edited rough drafts

HW~ Work on final drafts


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