12/18 Classics

In-class~ Winter Music Concert (Work period for 4th)

HW~ Study for Early Heroes Quiz, compile Early Heroes HWP

One-Pager #3 DUE TOMORROW @ 11:59 (grading will commence on 1/1)

12/18 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed and passed back Civil War IB Exam Papers, Discussion on American Foreign Policy in Latin America and Asia

HW~ Take-Home IB Paper Outline DUE FRIDAY (grading will commence on 1/3)

12/17 Classics

In-class~ Theseus quiz, film, and discussion

HW~ One-Pager #3 DUE FRIDAY (grading will not commence unit 1/1)

Upcoming~ Early Heroes Quiz FRIDAY

12/17 IB Block

In-class~ Finish Hawaii documentary and discussed, discussed Unit 5 Take Home Outline 

HW~ Unit 5 Take-Home Outline DUE FRIDAY (grading will commence on 1/3)

12/16 Classics

In-class~ Medea Socratic Boardtalk, assigned One-Pager #3

HW~ Read Classical Mythology 599-609 (Open note quiz tomorrow)

Upcoming~ Early Heroes Quiz FRIDAY

12/16 IB Block

In-class~ Intro to Imperialism/WWI Unit, started Hawaii documentary

HW~ T&S notes 911-937 DUE TOMORROW

12/15 Classics

In-class~ Finished  Medea (through end of this), discussed Deus Ex Machina

HW~ Prep for Medea boardtalk TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Classical Mythology pg. 599-609 DUE WEDNESDAY
                    Early Heroes Quiz (study guide here) FRIDAY
                    One-page Essay #3  DUE FRIDAY to turnitin,com by 11:59

Exodus Extra Credit Opportunity 

12/15 IB Block

In-class~ Muckrakers discussion, finished Progressive Era ppt. discussion

HW~ T&S Reading Notes 911-937 DUE WEDNESDAY

12/12 Classics

In-class~ Read Medea (through line 1145 of this), Reflection Day #2

HW~ Finish Medea Reflection Day #2 if not done in class

12/12 IB Block

In-class~Immigrant Oral Presentations and Worlds Fair Projects

HW~ Muckraking critical readings and discussion questions 

12/11 Classics

In-class~ Started Medea (Lines 1-685 of this)

HW~ None

12/11 IB Block

In-class~ Progressive Era ppt. discussion

HW~ Finish prep for World's Fair Project and Immigrant Oral Presentations

12/10 Classics

In-class~ Jason discussion, brief intro to Euripides and Medea 

HW~ None due tomorrow

12/10 IB Block

In-class~ Women Socratic Seminar, finished Culture at the Turn of the Century ppt. discussion

HW~ None due tomorrow, World's Fair and Immigrant Oral Presentations FRIDAY

12/9 Classics

In-class~ Hercules Film vs. Myth Quiz, Reading notes on Classical Mythology 617-632 w/ 3 discussion questions

HW~ Finish reading notes and write discussion questions if not done in class

12/9 IB Block

In-class~ American Culture at the Turn of the Century ppt. discussion

HW~ Gilded Age Politics and Women and Economics critical reading, Women Socratic Seminar  TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Immigrant Oral Presentations & World Fair Project FRIDAY

12/8 Classics

In-class~ Finished Hercules 

HW~ Bring BROWN books tomorrow

12/8 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Jim Crow webquest

HW~ Critically read Gilded Age Politics  DUE WEDNESDAY (changed from Thursday, but reading is much smaller than originally planned)

DON"T FORGET Women and Economics critical reading ALSO DUE WEDNESDAY with the Women Socratic Seminar prep

12/5 Classics

In-class~ Heracles Archetype quiz, started Hercules film

HW~ None

12/5 IB Block

In-class~ Industrialization SS Debrief, Immigration discussion

HW~ Jim Crow webquest  DUE MONDAY

Upcoming~ Integrated Women Socratic Seminar  WEDNESDAY, including Women and Economics critical reading

12/4 Classics

In-class~ The Labors and Death of Heracles reading check, Heracles Archetype sheet

HW~ None

12/4 IB Block

In-class~ Library research time

HW~ T&S Chapter 21 excerpts DUE TOMORROW

12/3 Classics

In-class~ Oedipus Socratic Seminar

HW~ Read The Labors and Death of Heracles (Turquoise World Mythology pg. 26-31)


12/3 IB Block

In-class~ Industrialization Socratic Seminar, assigned Immigrant Oral Presentations and World's Fair Project 

HW~ T&S Chapter 21 Excerpts DUE FRIDAY

12/2 Classics

In-class~ Oedipus Socratic Seminar prep time

HW~ Finish prep for Seminar TOMORROW  (Reminders on Socratic Seminar process)


12/2 IB Block

In-class~ Watched Industrial Supremacy video, introduced idea of Gilded Age, Industrialization Socratic Seminar prep time

HW~ Finish prep for Socratic Seminar TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Tindall and Shi Chapter 21 excerpts DUE FRIDAY

12/1 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on Aristotelian Tragedy, practices more Exit Interview questions

HW~ None due tomorrow, Oedipus Socratic Seminar is WEDNESDAY

12/1 IB Block

In-class~ Western Frontier boardtalk, assigned Industrialization Socratic Seminar

HW~ Prep for Industrialization Socratic Seminar including Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth reading

11/25 & 11/26 Classics

In-class~ Finished Oedipus and watched part of stage play

HW~ None

11/25 & 11/26 IB Block

In-class~ Far and Away

HW~ None over break

11/24 Classics

In-class~ Discusses Senior Exit Interviews, Read more Oedipus (pg. 7-10 of this)

HW~ Senior Exit Interview Question #1 DUE WEDNESDAY @ 11:59 to turnitin.com

11/24 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 4 Exam, started Far and Away 

HW~ T&S Reading notes on 763-783 DUE WEDNESDAY

11/21 Classics

In-class~ Oedipus Day 1 Reflection, read more Oedipus (pg. 4-6 of this)

HW~ None

11/21 IB Block

In-class~ Finish Reconstruction ppt. discussion

HW~ Study for Monday's exam 

11/20 Classics

In-class~ Started reading Oedipus (pgs. 1-3 of this)

HW~ None

11/20 IB Block

In-class~ Reconstruction ppt. discussion

HW~ None


11/19 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on Clash of the Titans, brief intro to Oedipus, Greek Drama Critical Reading

HW~ None

11/19 IB Block

In-class~ Reconstruction ppt. discussion

HW~ Study for Friday's exam

11/18 IB Block

In-class~ IB Paper group practice activity

HW~ Begin studying for Unit 4 Exam  on Friday


Write a one page thesis driven essay comparing the myth of Perseus to the film version, and submit it to turnitin.com by 11:59 tonight. You can choose any aspect of the myth/film to compare as long as you use SPECIFIC DETAILS to support your analysis. 

~You can use any notes you have on the essay.
~ You do not have to use direct quotes, but you do need to use specific evidence
~ Your essay will be graded for you ideas, but it should still have a clear essay structure.

11/17 Classics

In-class~ Finished Clash of the Titans 

HW~ None

11/17 IB Block

In-class~ Notes on final segment of Ken Burn's Civil War documentary

HW~ None

11/14 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on Perseus, started Clash of the Titans 

HW~ none

11/14 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Civil War Battle presentations and discussion, Cold Mountain film clip

HW~ Reading notes on the rest of this chapter (start at pg. 311)  DUE MONDAY

11/13 Classics

In-class~ Read  Perseus (Classical Mythology pg 547-556) and identified stages of the the archetype 

HW~ None

11/13 IB Block

In-class~ Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address discussion, Gettysburg and Ft. Wagner battle presentations, Glory film clip

HW~ None

11/12 Classics

In-class~ Hero Archetype pattern ppt.

HW~ Bring Classical Mythology (brown) books tomorrow

11/12 IB Block

In-class~ Battle Presentations

HW~ Critically read Emancipation Proclamation & Gettysburg Address 

11/10 Classics

In-class~ Finished Tangled and started discussion on Hero Archetype

HW~ One-Page #2 DUE TOMORROW @ 11:59, Tangled archetype notes due Wednesday

11/10 IB Block

In-class~ The Cause documentary, started Battle Presentations

HW~ Print out this entire chapter, but only TAKE NOTES ON (NOT CRITICALLY READ) 295-297 & 304-311 (start at War Behind the Lines on 304 and stop at Emancipation and Reconstruction on 311)

11/7 Classics

In-class~ Tangled 

HW~ One-Page #2 DUE TUESDAY @ 11:59

11/7 IB Block

In-class~ Library time for Battle Presentations

HW~ Submit your Battle Presentation to turnitin.com before class on Monday

Class ID: 9021649
Password: Kiwi

11/6 Classics

In-class~ Hero Intro Boardtalk and reflection

HW~ One-Page Essay #2 DUE TUESDAY @ 11:59pm

11/6 IB Block

In-class~ Class discussion on John Brown and Election of 1860, assigned Battle Presentations

HW~ Start initial research on battles

11/5 Classics

In-class~ Library time for One-Page Essay #2

HW~ Be sure to check out the turnitin.com comments for Essay #1

11/5 IB Block

In-class~ Timeline review and discussion

HW~ Critically read this 

11/4 Classics

In-class~ Olympian Exam

HW~ None


11/4 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Part 1 of Timeline

HW~ Finish Part 2 of Timeline DUE TOMORROW

11/3 Classics

In-class~ Olympian Exam Review Game

HW~ Study for Exam

11/3 IB Block

In-class~ Civil War Brainstorm Boardtalk, assigned Road to Civil War Timeline with work time

HW~ Part 1 of Timeline DUE TOMORROW

10/31 Classics

In-class~ Hermes Reading Check Quiz, Archetype review discussion, Polarity Chart review discussion

HW~ Study for Olympian Exam on TUESDAY

10/31 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 3 Assessment

HW~ No new, Unit 3 HWP DUE MONDAY

10/30 Classics

In-class~ Dionysus small group discussion, brief discussion on Olympian Exam, time to revisit polarity chart

HW~ Read Homeric Hymn to Hermes (guided questions not required, but could help shape notes)
Reading check quiz tomorrow is open note (NOT OPEN READING, so takes notes on separate paper if you want to use them)

Upcoming~ Olympian Exam on Tuesday (Focal pts. of exam and chapter pg. #s)

10/30 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Mexican-American War (source differences and content)

HW~ Study for Unit 3 Assessment

10/29 Classics

In-class~ Bacchae Reading Quiz and discussion, read Classical Mythology pg. 320-325

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

10/29 IB Block

In-class~ Brief Discussion on REpublic and Texas and MExican-American War, watched more Independence Documentaries

HW~ Critical read this and answer source analysis questions

Upcoming~ Unit 3 Assessment on FRIDAY (study guide)

10/28 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on "tragic dilemma of human existence", Lovers of Apollo ppt.

HW~ Classical Mythology pgs. 302-319


10/28 IB Block

In-class~ Manifest Destiny ppt. discussion w/ Mexico and Texas Independence Documentaries

HW~ T&S notes 553-561

Upcoming~ Unit 3 Assessment  FRIDAY

10/27 Classics

In-class~ Quick discussion on Oracle of Delphi, read pg. 246-256 & 267-269 in Classical Mythology, started Apollo reflection writing 

HW~ Finish 2-paragraph reflection if not done in class

Make-up Goddesses Socratic Seminar will be WEDNESDAY @ 9:10.

10/27 IB Block

In-class~ Tried to watch Independence Documentaries (school technology fail on sound for most), we will finish these tomorrow

HW~ None

10/24 Classics

In-class~ Watched In Search of History: The Oracle of Delphi w/ notes

HW~ None

10/24 IB Block

In-class~ Reading notes form AMERICANS  on the Expanding Market Economy and Manifest Destiny 

HW~ Documentaries due Monday

10/23 Classics

In-class~ Goddesses Socratic Seminar

HW~ None

10/23 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on primary source readings and Women's Rights

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Independence Documentaries DUE MONDAY

10/22 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on Socratic Seminar, Goddesses Socratic Seminar prep time

HW~ Finish Prep for Socratic Seminar tomorrow

10/22 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on religion and reform, Dix and Mann primary source CR

HW~ Finish Dix and Mann CR with quote choice if not done in class, critically read Zinn Chapter 6: Part 2  and write 3 discussion questions for tomorrow

10/21 Classics

In-class~ Athena reading with analysis questions, quick discussion on Thursday's Socratic Seminar

HW~ Finish Athena analysis questions and start Socratic Seminar prep 

10/21 IB Block

In-class~ Watched Judgment Day video with notes and discussion

HW~ T&S 492-500 & 512-518 reading notes

10/20 Classics

In-class~ Discussed the Triple Goddess, started reading Hippolytus (pg. 232-243 & 229-230 in Classical Mythology books)

HW~ Finish reading

Upcoming~ Goddesses (Aphrodite, Artemis, & Athena) Socratic Seminar WEDNESDAY

10/20 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed homework reading and the evolution of racism in America

HW~ None due tomorrow


10/17 Classics

In-class~ Artemis Scavenger Hunt 

HW~ None

Bring Classical Mythology books (brown) on Monday

10/17 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 2 Assessment, quick intro to Unit 3

HW~ Critically read or take notes on Chapter 9: Part 1 of Zinn's A People's History of the United States (I was able to excerpt it, so do the entire reading that is there)

10/16 Classics

In-class~ Read Aphrodite & Ares , Pygmalion (Classical Mythology page 192), and Aphrodite and Artemis (Classical Mythology pg 194)

HW~ None


10/16 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Jackson

HW~ Study for Unit 2 Assessment, compile Unit 2 HWP, finish Unit 1 reflection (optional)

10/14 Classics

In-class~ Read Aphrodite and Anchises myth (Classical Mythology pg. 197-205) with optional guided reading questions 

HW~ None, but be prepared for open note reading check quiz on Thursday


10/14 IB Block

In-class~ Returned Unit 1 Paper Exam and discussed, finish Politics and Economics 1808-1824 ppt, watched Presidents video on JQ Adams and Jackson

HW~ Critically read OR Reading notes on Jackson  (You may choose which you want to do as the printing the document for critical reading might be a pain because of font size) DUE THURSDAY

Upcoming~ Reflection on Unit 1 Exam DUE FRIDAY (optional) , Unit 2 Quiz FRIDAY (study guide)

10/10 Classics

In-class~ First Generation Olympians Quiz, intro to Second Generation Polarity Chart


BRING Classical Mythology BOOKS ON TUESDAY

10/10 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on War of 1812, started Politics and Economic of 1808-1824 powerpoint


10/09 Classics

In-class~ Library work/study period

HW~ First Generation Olympian Quiz TOMORROW, One-page Essay DUE TOMORROW by 11:59 to turnitin.com

10/09 IB Block

In-class~ Constitutional Cause and Effect Quiz and discussion, watch Adams and Jefferson segments of Presidents video

HW~ T&S Reading Notes 364-375 DUE TOMORROW

10/08 Classics

In-class- Hestia review, group review discussion, brief discussion on thesis statements

HW- None due tomorrow, One-page essay DUE FRIDAY, Quiz FRIDAY

10/08 IB Block

In-class- Finished Bill of Rights discussion, discussed Washington's presidential precedents and the emergence of political parties, assigned Independence of the Americas documentary project

HW- Early Government Cause/Effect and Constitutionality Analysis Chart DUE TOMORROW

10/07 Classics

In-class- Reading and discussion on Poseidon and his children

HW- None due tomorrow

Upcoming- One-page essay DUE FRIDAY, First- generation Olympian Quiz FRIDAY

10/07 IB Block

In-class- Bill of Rights discussion

HW- T&S Reading notes assigned on 10/06 due TOMORROW

10/06 Classics

In-class~ Briefly discussed Friday's culmination quiz on First Generation Olympians, assigned first one-page essay , watched and discussed Clash of the Gods: Hades

HW~ None due tomorrow, one-page essay #1 DUE FRIDAY


10/06 IB Block

In-class~ SAC on Constitutional Ratification, discussion on Bill of Rights

HW~ T&S Reading notes 307-313, 315-317, & 323-326 DUE WEDNESDAY

10/03 Classics

In-class~ Eleusinian Mysteries quiz and discussion, watched Orpheus & Eurydice myth

HW~ None

10/03 IB Block

In-class~ Nature Walk

HW~ None

10/02 Classics

In-class~ Rape of Persephone Socratic Seminar and large group discussion

HW~ Classical Mythology (brown) pg. 347-352 (Start at Eleusinian Mysteries) DUE TOMORROW

10/02 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Constitution Review, assigned SAC for Monday

HW~ None

10/01 Classics

In-class~ Loves of Zeus quiz and discussion

HW~ Read Demeter and Persephone (Turquoise pg. 15) and prepare discussion questions for tomorrow

10/01 IB Block

In-class~ Constitution discussion

HW~ T&S Reading notes 283-295 & Federalist/Anti-Federalist Critical Readings DUE TOMORROW

9/30 Classics

In-class~ Discusses nature of Zeus and Hera, read Loves of Zeus handout

HW~ Loves of Zeus research (attached to reading above)

9/30 IB Block

In-class~ Constitution Scavenger Hunt 

HW~ Finish Constitutional Scavenger Hunt, T&S Reading Notes 283-295 DUE THURSDAY

9/29 Classics

In-class~ Counselors visit

HW~ Classical Mythology 117-118

9/29 IB Block

In-class~ Articles of Confederation Activity

HW~ None

9/26 Classics

In-class~ Clash of the Gods: Zeus with discussion

HW~ None

9/26 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 1 Exam

HW~ Read T&S 257-258 (No notes) & Reading notes on T&S 270-283 DUE MONDAY

9/25 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Chart Quiz, Intro to Olympian unit

HW~ None

9/25 IB Block

In-class~ Completed participation distribution for Museum project, watched more Liberty: World Turned Upside Down, debriefed concept of siege warfare and why war came to the end.

HW~ Study for tomorrow's exam

9/24 Classics

In-class- Olympian Partner Presentations

HW- Study for Olympian Quiz tomorrow

9/24 IB Block

In-class- Revolutionaries Museum

HW- T&S Reading Notes 243-254

9/23 Classics

In-class~ Started Olympian Partner Presentations

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Olympian Chart Quiz THURSDAY 

9/23 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on the nature of revolutionary warfare

HW~ Revolutionaries Museum TOMORROW
Unit One Exam FRIDAY

9/22 Classics

In-class~ Library time for Olympian Partner Project


9/22 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed upcoming exam (Study Guide )and IB Rubric . Revolutionaries Museum group time

HW~ Museum & Exam prep

Upcoming~ Unit 1 EXAM FRIDAY 

9/19 Classics

In-class~ Library work time for Olympians Partner Project

HW~ None


9/19 IB Block

In-class~ Watched Liberty: Oh Fatal Ambition video with notes, brief debrief discussion

HW~ Work on Revolutionaries Museum

9/18 Classics

In-class~ Origins Quiz, assigned Olympians Partner Project

HW~ None


9/18 IB Block

In-class~ Created Revolutionary Ideas Wall, briefly discussed Revolutionaries Museum

HW~ Reading notes on T&S 231-239 (Focus on strengths and weaknesses of militaries and how they shape early war)

9/17 Classics

In-class~ Brief debrief on Flood Myth (archetype and universal themes), study time for Origin Quiz

HW~ Study for Origin Quiz TOMORROW

9/17 IB Block

In-class~ Reviewed  Road To Revolution timeline

HW~ Critically read Common Sense  and   The Declaration of Independence

Upcoming~ Revolutionaries Museum Project  (Read about the assignment for tomorrow)

9/16 Classics

In-class~ Flood Parallel Plotlines assignment work time, due at the end of the period

HW~ Begin studying for Thursday's culminating Origins Quiz

9/16 IB Block

In-class~ Reluctant Revolutionaries documentary and quick discussion

HW~ Road to Revolution Timeline DUE TOMORROW

9/15 Classics

In-class~ Read The Flood Cycle (World Mythology pg. 21) assigned Flood Parallel Plot Lines assignment

HW~ Read Biblical Flood Story

9/15 IB Block

In-class~ T&S Chapter 4 Written Analysis (prompts here), assigned Road to Revolution Timeline

HW~ Start timeline DUE WEDNESDAY

9/12 Classics

In-class~ Read The Ages of Man (World Mythology pg. 12) , discussed college essay writing

HW~ Bring World Mythology books Monday

9/12 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on T&S 113-136, work time on reading notes T&S Chapter 4 pg. 162-187 (Skip section on Troubled neighbor 170-176)

HW~ Finish reading notes on T&S 162-187 (skipping 170-176) DUE MONDAY

9/11 Classics

In-class~ Prometheus & Pandora reading check quiz and discussion, read Genesis 2-3 and discussed archetypal parallels

HW~ Bring World Mythology (turquoise) books tomorrow

9/11 IB Block

In-class~ Debriefed Historian and His Facts boardtalk grading and ideas, reviewed Puritan Research assignment, discussion on Salem Witch Trial and the Social Hysteria Formula (ppt. here)

HW~ Reading notes on T&S 113-136 DUE TOMORROW

9/10 Classics

In-class~ Read Prometheus and Pandora and Classical Mythology (brown) pg 92-94

HW~ None if done with reading in class.

9/10 IB Block

In-class~ Notable Puritan Research assignment

HW~ Finish research assignment if not done in class DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Reading notes on T&S 113-136 DUE FRIDAY

9/9 Classics

In-class~ Finish review of Cosmogony myth, read Prometheus Against Zeus (Classical Mythology pg. 88-90) and discussed

HW~ Bring Classical Mythology (brown) books tomorrow

9/9 IB Block

In-class~ Homework reading discussion, Intro to New England colonies, critical reading of The Mayflower Compact and The City Upon a Hill

HW~ Reading notes on T&S 113-136  DUE FRIDAY 

9/8 Classics

In-class~ The Creations of Titans and Gods (World Mythology pg. 7-11) with discussion

HW~ Bring brown Classical Mythology books tomorrow

9/8 IB Block

In-class~ The Historian and His Facts boardtalk, quick intro to European colonization

HW~ T&S 57-68 w/ reading notes DUE TOMORROW

9/5 Classics

In-class~ Finish Intro to Mythology

HW~ Bring TURQUOISE World Mythology books Monday

9/5 IB Block

In-class~ Syllabus and class nuts and bolts ppt here, quick discussion on OPVL with handout, The Historian and His Facts critical reading

HW~ Finish the critical reading by Monday, bring back signed syllabus

9/4 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Mythology discussion

HW~ Bring signed syllabus back by tomorrow

9/4 IB Block

In-class~ American Ideals article jigsaw, American History and Literature Timeline

HW~ This assignment  on these articles   (BE SURE TO HIT THE OPEN BUTTON ON TOP OF THE DOCUMENT) 

9/3 Classics

In-class~ Intro survey, syllabus

HW~ Bring back signed syllabus

9/3 IB Block

In-class~ Intro survey, "American" ideals write-up and discussion

HW~ None

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back for the 2014-2015 school year. 

This blog will serve as the class website for my Classics and IB History of the Americas courses. The site will be updated daily with details from class as well as any assigned homework. All needed class documents can be found linked on the right side of the page.

Let's have a fantastic year! 

6/10 American Studies

In-class~ Election of 2000 Socratic Seminar, started Key Elements of W. Bush administration ppt.

HW~ Start studying for final (study guide here)

6/10 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

6/9 American Studies

In-class~ 90s Museum

HW~ Bush v. Gore reading prep for Socratic Seminar

6/9 Classics

In-class~ Final Presenations

6/6 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed school violence and emerging teen issues at the turn of the century

HW~ None

6/5 American Studies

In-class~ Finsihed Clinton ppt., started 90s Cultural Literacy ppt.

HW~ None

6/5 Classics

In-class~ Finished Mists of Avalon, 6th period presentations

HW~ Final prep

6/4 American Studies

In-class~ The Clinton Years ppt.

HW~ None

Upcoming~ 90s Museum Monday

6/4 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Film, 6th period starts final presentations

HW~ Final prep

6/3 American Studies

In-class~ 90s Museum research

HW~ None

6/3 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Legend film

HW~ Continue working on Final Presentation prep


6/2 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 11 Quiz, Overview of H.W. Bush administration and 1992 Election, assigned 90s Museum

HW~ None

6/2 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Legend film

HW~ Final prep

MAKE-UP Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar is WEDNESDAY @ 9:15

5/30 American Studies

In-class~ Finished 80s lessons

HW~ Study for Unit 11 Quiz

5/30 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk

HW~ None


Maleficent EC here

5/29 American Studies

In-class~ 70s/80s Student-led Lessons

HW~ Chapter 33 review Questions 1-24 DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Unit 11 Quiz MONDAY

5/29 Classics

In-class~ Prep time for Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk

HW~ Finish prep.


C- or better~ Must participate in BOTH Socratic Seminar and Boardtalk
B- or better~ Must use DIRECT QUOTES w/ analysis 
A- or better~ Must reference BOTH texts (book and packet) 

5/28 American Studies

In-class~ 70s Students-led Lessons

HW~ Chapter 33 Review Qs 1-24 DUE FRIDAY

5/28 Classics

In-class~ Library work period for final, assigned Once and Future King chapters

HW~ Once and Future King chapters

5/27 American Studies

In-class~ Library prep time for 70s/80s Lessons

HW~ Finish Lessons

Upcoming~ Chapter 33 Review Questions 1-24 DUE FRIDAY 

5/27 Classics

In-class~ King Arthur 1-4 Boardtalk quiz, reading time to finish King Arthur 

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar FRIDAY

5/23 American Studies

In-class~ Quick discussion on Watergate, powerpoint on 70s Presidents & Culture


Upcoming~ 70s/80s Lessons start Wednesday 

5/23 Classics

In-class~ Read King Arthur Prologue- Ch. 4 (pg. 292-309) with prep for boardtalk on Tuesday

HW~ None (unless not finished with above) HAVE A GREAT LONG WEEKEND! 

Upcoming~ OPEN NOTE/NO BOOK Boardtalk on Tuesday.
TOPICS- Fate/Prophecy/Destiny, Comparative, Character Development, Other


5/22 American Studies

In-class~ Watergate Critical Reading and Questions

HW~ Finish above if not done in class

5/22 Classics

In-class~ Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

HW~ None

5/21 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to Contemporary unit, assigned 70s/80s Lesson assignment, intro to Watergate

HW~ Put together HWP

5/21 Classics

In-class~  Library work period for final

HW~ None

5/20 American Studies

In-class~ 60s Museum

HW~ None

I forgot to pass out the HWP sheet today in the library. I will pass them out tomorrow in class, and they will be due on Thursday. 

5/20 Classics

In-class~ Final Project topic approval due, Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

HW~ None

5/19 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 10 Exam

HW~ 60s Museum TOMORROW

5/19 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Arthurian Legend

HW~ Final Project Topics must be APPROVED BY TOMORROW

5/16 American Studies

In-class~ Evolution of 60s counterculture

HW~ Unit 10 Exam Monday.... STUDY!!!!! (study guide)

Upcoming~ 60s MUSEUM TUESDAY

5/16 Classics

In-class~ Norse culminating quiz, assigned final project (here)

HW~ None

5/15 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on pop culture of the 60s (TV, Film, Music)

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Unit 10 Exam MONDAY (study guide here),  60s Museum TUESDAY

5/15 Classics

In-class~ Finished LotR with discussion

HW~ Study for Norse Culminating Quiz TOMORROW

5/14 American Studies

In-class~ Forrest Gump (60s section)

HW~ Activism research assignment DUE TOMORROW

5/14 Classics

In-class~ LotR

HW~ None


5/13 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on end of the Vietnam and lessons, intro to culture/counterculture

HW~ Read McNamara's Lessons (here) by exam, Activism Research Assignment  DUE THURSDAY

Upcoming~ UNIT 10 EXAM ON MONDAY (review here )

5/13 Classics

In-class~ The Fellowship of the Ring 

HW~ None


5/12 American Studies

In-class~ 60s Museum library research day

HW~ Reading notes 1037-1040 & 1044-1049 DUE TOMORROW

5/12 Classics

In-class~ The Fellowship of the Ring

HW~ None

5/9 American Studies

In-class~ Finished 1968, assigned 60s Museum project

HW~ Reading notes 1037-1040 & 1044-1049 DUE TUESDAY 

5/9 Classics

In-class~ Norse Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk

HW~ None


5/8 American Studies

In-class~ 1968

HW~ None

5/8 Classics

In-class~ Socratic Seminar Prep


5/7 American Studies

In-class~ Vietnam Socratic Seminar and debrief

HW~ None

5/7 Classics

In-class~ Reading check quiz on Sigurd 1-4, finished reading Sigurd the Volsung

HW~ Comparative Analysis Essay DUE @ 11:59 TOMORROW NIGHT (THU)

Upcoming~ Norse Socratic Seminar on FRIDAY

5/6 American Studies

In-class~ Into the Dark critical reading and Vietnam Socratic Seminar prep

HW~ Finish above if not done in class

5/6 Classics

In-class~ Read Background info & Chapters 1-4 of Sigurd the Volsung 

HW~ Comparative Analysis Essay DUE THURSDAY

5/5 American Studies

In-class~ Vietnam: A Television History video with notes

HW~ None

5/5 Classics

In-class~ Read The Punishment of Loki & Ragnarok (Reading Packet)

HW~ Comparative Analysis Essay FINAL DUE THURSDAY

5/2 American Studies

In-class~ Vietnam Structured Academic Controversy

HW~ Reading notes 1030-1036

5/2 Classics

In-class~ Peer Editing of Rough Drafts

HW~ Work on Comparative Analysis

5/1 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Civil Rights Timeline presentations (ppt here), assigned Vietnam SAC and read background

HW~ Critically read SAC viewpoints and prepare argument positions

5/1 Classics

In-class~ Comparative Analysis Writing Reminders (ppt here), read The Death of Balder (pg. 216-222)


4/30 American Studies

In-class~ Civil Right Timeline Presentations

HW~ None

Upcoming~ EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY on WEDNESDAY 5/7 at 9:00 in room 2214

4/30 Classics

In-class~ Theft quiz and discussion

HW~ Comparative Analysis Rough Draft DUE FRIDAY 

4/29 American Studies

In-class~ Started Civil Rights Timeline Presentations

HW~ None

4/29 Classics

In-class~ Read The Creation, Death and Rebirth of the Universe (Pg. 208) with boardtalk discussion

HW~ Read The Theft of Thor's Hammer (pg. 224) & The Theft of Idun's Apples (pg. 214)

4/28 American Studies

In-class~ Civil Rights partner powerpoint project

HW~ None

4/28 Classics

In-class~ Collected outlines, Intro to Norse Mythology

HW~ None


4/25 American Studies

In-class~ LBJ's Great Society group pro/con list and discussion

HW~ None

4/25 Classics

In-class~ Homeric Cycle Exam

HW~ Outline DUE MONDAY (outline ppt)

4/24 American Studies

In-class~ Film and discussion on Kennedy Assassination

HW~ Reading Notes 975-982 DUE TOMORROW

4/24 Classics

In-class~ Finish O' Brother, discuss Comp. Analysis outline approaches

HW~ Study for Homeric Cycle Exam TOMORROW (study topics here)

4/23 American Studies

In-class~ Kennedy Foreign Policy Discussion

HW~ None

4/23 Classics

In-class~ O' Brother Where Art Thou

HW~ Comparative Analysis topics need to be approved by tomorrow

Upcoming~ Homeric Cycle Exam FRIDAY

4/22 American Studies

In-class~ Reading and discussion on Kennedy Administration

HW~ Kennedy Assassination Research Assignment DUE TOMORROW

4/22 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Comparative Analysis paper, discussed upcoming Homeric Cycle exam (study topics here) started O'Brother Where Art Thou 

HW~  Comparative Analysis topics must be approved by THURSDAY


4/21 American Studies

In-class~ Century video: Poisoned Dream with guiding analysis questions

HW~ None

4/21 Classics

In-class~ Finished reading The Odyssey (Ch.5- Epilogue) and worked on themes assignment

HW~ Odyssey Theme Assignment due beginning of Tuesday's class

4/18 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to the 1960s unit, reading on Election of 1960 (reading here)

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

4/18 Classics

In-class~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk

HW~ None


4/17 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 9 Exam

HW~ None

4/17 Classics

In-class~ Socratic Seminar Prep

HW~ Finish the above

4/16 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 9 Review (study guide)

HW~ Study for Unit 9 Exam

4/16 Classics

In-class~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar prep time (Entrance Sheet)

HW~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar Prep (SEMINAR IS FRIDAY)

4/15 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on conglomerates and franchises, reading notes pg 820 (BLUE books)

HW~ Study for exam on Thursday

4/15 Classics

In-class~ Odyssey 1-3 Discussion, read The Odyssey Book of the Dead, assigned Afterlife Socratic 

HW~ Bring Classical Mythology books (brown) tomorrow

4/14 American Studies

In-class~ Powerpoint on Entertainment and Nonconformity of the 1950s

HW~ Study for Exam on Thursday

4/14 Classics

In-class~ Intro to The Odyssey and read Chapters 1-3

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

4/2-4/4 American Studies

In-class~ Watched Pleasantville and discussed with parallels to 50s conformity

HW~ None

4/1 American Studies

In-class~ To Kill a Mockingbird film


Final draft of paper including:
               - Hard copy of 6-8 page MLA formatted research paper 
~ Includes in-text citations & Works Cited page (not included in page count)
~ Double spaced/12. Times Font/1” margins/ headers with page numbers
                            - Submission to turnitin.com
All process components of project:
                           - Peer edited rough draft                                 
                           - 2 Outlines (Bede has the 4-level if you never did a conference)
                           - Source Analysis (if required)      
                           - 60 correctly formatted note cards & minimum of 8 source cards  
                           - Working & revised/approved theses

4/1-4/4 Classics

In-class~ Troy with comparative analysis/reflection questions

HW~ None

3/31 American Studies

In-class~ Economic column of Eisenhower Years Chart, Century 50s video with questions, discussion on social  conformity

HW~ Junior Project DUE WEDNESDAY

3/31 Classics

In-class~ Iliad Socratic Seminar

HW~ None


3/28 American Studies

In-class~ Registration check, Eisenhower Years Chart debrief

HW~ Work on editing JP

3/28 Classics

In-class~ Iliad Socratic Seminar prep

HW~ Finish prep for MONDAY

3/27 American Studies

In-class~ JP writing tips and reminders

HW~ First column definitions for Eisenhower Years chart

3/27 Classics

In-class~ Discussion of Tragic Hero Archetype, reading time

HW~ Finish The Iliad & Epilogue


3/26 American Studies

In-class~ Counselor visit for registration information


3/26 Classics

In-class~ The Iliad chapter 1-4 discussion, read Chapter 5 & 6

HW~ Finish reading 5 & 6

3/25 American Studies

In-class- Rosenberg Mini Socratic Seminar, discussion and ppt. on McCarthyism 


3/25 Classics

In-Class- Finished Intro to The Homeric Cycle and The Iliad, reading time

HW- Chapters 1-4 of The Iliad in World Mythology (pg. 48)

3/24 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Korean War, Rosenberg reading and discussion questions here

HW~ Rosenberg reading and discussion questions DUE TOMORROW

3/24 Classics

In-class~ Early Heroes Quiz, Intro to Homeric Cycle and Hero

HW~ Bring World Mythology (turquoise) books TOMORROW!

3/21 American Studies

In-class~ Review Origin and Nature of Cold War reading notes, ppt. on Korean War

HW~ 4-level outline DUE MONDAY

3/21 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Theseus and watched brief retelling of his story

HW~ Prep for Early Heroes Quiz

3/20 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Jr. Project outlines and writing approaches

HW~ Reading Notes 870-881 DUE TOMORROW
          4-Level Outline DUE MONDAY

3/18 American Studies

In-class~ Outline reminders, Intro to Unit 9 and The Cold War, The Butter Battle Book 

HW~ WWII Take-home Essay DUE TOMORROW @ 11:59 Essay Prompts & Expectations
          JP 3-level outline DUE THURSDAY Outline Expectations and Reminders
          Unit 8 HWP DUE THURSDAY Unit 8 HWP Sheet
          Reading Notes 870-881 DUE FRIDAY

3/18-3/20 Classics

In-class~ Clash of the Titans

HW~ Pg 599-609  (Entire Section on Theseus) in Classical Mythology DUE FRIDAY (optional archetype sheet)

3/17 American Studies

In-class~ WWII Essay Exam

HW~ 3-Level Outline DUE THURSDAY

3/17 Classics

In-class~ Perseus quiz and discussion, started Clash of the Titans

HW~ None

3/14 American Studies

In-class- Discussed Atomic Bomb

HW- Prep for WWII Essay Exam Monday (3x5 notecard) 

3/14 Classics

In-class- Finished Hercules and discussed archetype 

HW- Read Chapter 21 (Perseus) in brown books

3/13 American Studies

In-class~ Atomic Bomb Research Chart (assignment here)

HW~ Reading Notes 830-831 & 855-861 (skip section on Japanese Internment) DUE TOMORROW

3/13 Classics

In-class~ Hercules

HW~ Heracles reading (pg. 26 World Mythology & Chapter 22 in Classical Mythology) and archetype sheet DUE TOMORROW

3/12 American Studies

In-class~ Jr. Project research time

HW~ Reading Notes 830-831 & 855-861 (skip section on Japanese Internment) DUE FRIDAY

3/12 Classics

In-class~ Intro to the Hero Archetype (powerpoint here)

HW~ Hercules reading (pg. 26 in World Mythology & Chapter 22 in Classical Mythology) with archetype notes (note sheet) DUE FRIDAY

3/11 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed the War in the Pacific

HW~ Jr. Project turn-in #2 DUE TOMORROW

3/11 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Exam

HW~ None

If absent today, the Olympian Exam must be made-up by MONDAY 3/17 

3/10 American Studies

In-class~ Brief review of end of war in Europe, started War in Pacific with Bataan Death March reading and discussion

HW~ Reading Notes 846-853 DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ JP Turn-in #2 DUE WEDNESDAY

3/10 Classics

In-class~ Olympian Exam Review

HW~ Study for exam TOMORROW

EC Opportunity~ 300:Rise of an Empire EC due by March 24th

3/7 American Studies

In-class~ Finished war in Europe, primarily focusing on the Yalta Conference

HW~ Japanese Internment Memorial DUE MONDAY

3/7 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Apollo and Dionysus polarity, Hermes reading, quick review of archetype

HW~ None

EC Opportunity~ 300: Rise of an Empire assignment here

3/6 American Studies

In-class~ Ppt. and discussion on European Theatre of War (Noose Theory)

HW~ JP revised thesis DUE TOMORROW, Japanese Internment Memorial DUE MONDAY

3/6 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Apollo's son Asclepius, discussed Dionysus and his religion

HW~ Bring Classical Mythology (brown) books tomorrow

Upcoming~ Olympian Exam NEXT TUESDAY (review guide here)

3/5 American Studies

In-class~ Thesis reminders, started ppt. on European Theatre of WWII

HW~ None due tomorrow, works on Jr. Project (Revised Thesis DUE FRIDAY) & Japanese Internment Memorial DUE MONDAY

3/5 Classics

In-class~ Apollo quiz, discussion of Apollo's lovers

HW~ Read Dionysus summary (stop at Pan)

3/4 American Studies

In-class~ Jr. Project library time

HW~ Jr. Project Turn-in #1 (see what's due here) DUE TOMORROW (Library time 3rd- Turn in at beginning of 4th)

3/4 Classics

In-class~ Oracle of Delphi video with notes

HW~ None


3/3 American Studies

In-class~ Assigned Japanese Internment Memorial (assignment here), watched Rabbit in the Moon 

HW~ Jr. Project research

3/3 Classics

In-class~ Revisited polarity chart, brief intro to Apollo, reading time

HW~ Classical Mythology pg 250-256 (skip 254) & 267-268

2/28 American Studies

In-class~ Assigned Jr. Projects, topic assignments here

HW~ Start initial research on topics

2/28 Classics

In-class~ Goddesses Socratic Seminar

HW~ None, bring brown books Monday

2/27 American Studies

In-class~ Clip from Pearl Harbor and discussion

HW~ None

Upcoming~ We will be choosing Jr. Project topics tomorrow. View the list here

2/27 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Artemis, Selene, & Hecate (Triple Goddess), reading (Classical Mythology: Ch. 8) and prep sheet for Athena Socratic Seminar tomorrow

HW~ Finish reading and prep sheet for Socratic Seminar

2/26 American Studies

In-class~ Finished American Road to War ppt.

HW~ None

2/26 Classics

In-class~ Artemis Scavenger Hunt

HW~ None

Bring Classical Mythology books (brown) to class tomorrow

2/25 American Studies

In-class~ Origins of WWII Analysis/Discussion questions, started American Road to WWII powerpoint

HW~ Complete 4 sections of American Road to WWII notes
 (1940 Military Rebuilding in US, 1941- Cash and Carry à Lend-Lease, German aggression at sea in  1941, Atlantic Conference of  1941)

2/25 Classics

In-class~ Aphrodite & Anchises reading check quiz, read Aphrodite myths on Ares, Pygmalion, and Adonis and discussed.

HW~ None


2/24 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to WWII brainstorm and discussion

HW~ Go to www.learntci.com
          Create an account (you need my email- bedec2@issaquah.wednet.edu)
          Go to Chapter 34- The Origins of WWII
          Read & complete the online notebook for the first 3 sections on Ch. 34

2/24 Classics

In-class~ Reviewed 1st generation Olympians, intro to 2nd generation polarity chart

HW~ Read the myth of Aphrodite and Anchises (pg. 197 in Classical Mythology)


2/14 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 7 Exam


2/14 Classics

In-class~ Brief revisit of nature of Hestia & Poseidon, Monsters, Creatures & Supernatural Beings ppt.


2/13 American Studies

In-class~ Clip from The Wizard of Oz, Unit 7 Review Game

HW~ Study for Unit 7 Exam & compile Unit 7 HWP

2/13 Classics

In-class~ Demeter and Persephone Socratic Seminar and debrief

HW~ None

2/12 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on function of entertainment during the 1930s (escapist and realist)

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Unit 7 Exam and HWP due Friday 

2/12 Classics

In-class~ Loves of Zeus quiz and discussion, brief intro to Demeter and Hades

HW~ Read Demeter and Persephone (World Mythology pg. 15)  for tomorrow's discussion (Preview questions here)

2/11 American Studies

In-class~ Legacy and Impact of the Great Depression and New Deal ppt. with discussion

HW~ None

Unit 7 Exam FRIDAY!!! Review

2/11 Classics

In-class~ Olympians chart quiz, brief discussion on nature of Zeus and Hera, reading and research time for Loves of Zeus

HW~ Finish if not done in class

2/10 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on New Deal Programs, reading notes of Second New Deal

HW~ None

2/10 Classics

In-class~ Olympian Partner Project Presentation

HW~ None

2/6 & 2/7 American Studies

In-class~ Reviews causes, triggers, and effects of Great Depression, read and discussed Hoover and Roosevelt's philosophies on dealing with depression

HW~ Chapter 22: Section 1 & 2 (Textbook pilot) graphic organizers

2/6 & 2/7 Classics

In-class~ Library work time for Olympians Partner Project

HW~ Finish project if not done in class

2/5 American Studies

In-class~ Finished discussion on rise of American Celebrity, reviewed causes of the Great Depression

HW~ None

2/5 Classics

In-class~ Review of film, assigned Olympians Partner Project

HW~ None


2/3-2/4 American Studies

In-class~ Causes of the Great Depression reading notes & Century video on Great Depression

HW~ None

2/3-2/4 Classics

In-class~ Origins Quiz & Zeus video

HW~ None

1/31 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Scopes video and discussed, discussion on Prohibition & Organized Crime, started Leisure and Celebrity powerpoint

HW~ None... GO HAWKS!!!

1/31 Classics

In-class~ Finished reading Flood Cycle (World Mythology pg. 21) and created visual depictions

HW~ Study for Origins Quiz on Monday &...GO HAWKS!!!

Cosmogony Myth (Creation of Titans & Gods)
     Elemental Deities
     Castration of Uranus
     Overthrow of Titans
     Rise of Olympians
Prometheus and Pandora
      Creation of Man
      Punishment of Prometheus & Man
      Pandora & Box
Ages of Man
       Examples of Corrupt behavior
       Progression of Corruption tied to technology
Flood Cycle
       Rebirth of Man
       Implication of myth being a cycle

1/30 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on homework reading, video with guiding questions on Scopes Trial

HW~ Reading notes 699-701 (Just section on Prohibition and Organized Crime)

1/30 Classics

In-class~ Prometheus and Pandora reading check quiz and brief discussion, read and discussed Ages of Man (World Mythology pg. 12), started reading The Flood Cycle (World Mythology pg. 21)

HW~ None


1/29 American Studies

In-class~ Reading notes on the 20s Woman (BLUE BOOK 618-621)

HW~ Margaret Sanger Critical Reading

1/29 Classics

In-class~ Review & discussion of the Cosmogony myth

HW~ The Legend of Prometheus and Pandora

1/28 American Studies

In-class~ Red Scare discussion, readings on KKK with discussion

HW~ None

1/28 Classics

In-class~ Finished intro powerpoint (here), read The Creation of the Titans and Gods (pg. 7-11 in World Mythology)

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class


1/27 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to the 1920s, Century video Boom to Bust

HW~ Reading notes 712-721

1/27 Classics

In-class~ Intro to the course & syllabus, preassessment

HW~ None

1/21 American Studies

In-class~ Final Review

HW~ Study for Final

1/21 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

HW~ Prep for Final Presentations

1/17 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Segregation & the Great Migration

HW~ Study for final

1/17 Classics

In-class~ Started Final Presentations

HW~ Prep for Final Presentations

1/16 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 6 quiz review

HW~ None

1/16 Classics

In-class~ Finished watching film projects and Monty Python 

HW~ Prep for Final Presentations

1/15 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 6 Quiz

HW~ None

1/15 Classics

In-class~ Library work period for final presentation

HW~ Continue preparation for final presentations which START FRIDAY!

1/14 American Studies

In-class~ Lecture/Discussion on the Resolution of WWI, study time for quiz tomorrow

HW~ Study for Imperialism/WWI Quiz

1/14 Classics

In-class~ Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

HW~ None



1/13 American Studies

In-class~ Quick review of homework reading, discussion on Glory vs. Honor in war, WWI film clip

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Imperialism/WWI Quiz Wednesday

1/13 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk

HW~ None


1/10 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on American neutrality and entrance in WWI, reading notes 657-668, passed out Final Exam review (here)

HW~ Finish reading notes if not done in class

1/10 Classics

In-class~ Prep time for Monday's Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk

HW~ Finish prep for Monday


1/9 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed Evolution of Diplomacy assignment, reviewed/brainstormed causes and warfare of WWI

HW~ None

1/9 Classics

In-class~ King Arthur reflection (here), finished reading King Arthur

HW~ Reading or reflection if not completed in class

Upcoming~ Arthurian Socratic Boardtalk MONDAY (prep here)

1/8 American Studies

In-class~ Evolution of Diplomacy research assignment

HW~ Finish if not done in class

1/8 Classics

In-class~ Chapter from The Once and Future King 

HW~ None

1/7 American Studies

In-class~ Review Spanish-American War, finished the US conquering of Hawaii

HW~ Immigration Narrative DUE TOMORROW

1/7 Classics

In-class~ Final project work period

HW~ King Arthur Prologue-Chapter 3 DUE TOMORROW

1/6 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on Imperialism, US conquering of Hawaii

HW~ Reading Notes 589-596

1/6 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Final project, brief intro to Arthurian Legend

HW~ King Arthur Prologue-Chapter 3 in World Mythology DUE WEDNESDAY


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