12/18 IB Block

In-class~ Leisure, Entertainment & the Birth of Celebrity ppt. and discussion

HW~ Have a restful winter break!

12/18 Classics

In-class~ Medea Socratic Seminar (2nd ONLY)

HW~ Have a fantastic winter break!

12/17 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on 20s women readings, read The Hell and High Schools and discussed


12/17 Classics

In-class~ Medea Socratic Seminar (2nd period Holiday Concert)

HW~ Submit Final Draft to turnitin.com

12/16 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on White Supremacy in modern America

HW~ Critically read THIS 

12/16 Classics

In-class~ Finished reading Medea, prep time for outside readings Socratic Seminar

HW~ Prep for Socratic Seminar

LINKS for PREP ~ Why Do Moms Kill Their Children? (Washington Post), 32 Years of U.S. Filicide Arrests (Brown University),

NAMES for RESEARCH~ Diane Downs, Susan Smith, Andrea Yates

DISCUSSION TOPIC IDEAS~ Medea as a tragic hero, characterization of Jason, Euripides' voice

12/15 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Sacco & Vanzetti trial, watched more 20s Century video, read and discussed KKK propaganda

FIRST, read this article through the section The Nature of the White Supremacy Movement. SECOND read at least 3 other sections of the article (you choose).
THIRD, choose 5 quotes from the reading that you want to discuss tomorrow in class.
FOURTH, find and print two other recent news articles that pertain to this topic and bring them to class tomorrow to share.

12/15 Classics

In-class~ Medea group reflection and discussion, read Medea 233-239

HW~ Work on final draft of paper DUE THURSDAY

12/14 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 6 Quiz, intro to 20s/30s Unit, assigned 20s Narrative, started 20s Century video

HW~ Read T&S 1018-1019 for context on the Red Scare, Critically read The Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, prep 3 analysis questions for discussion tomorrow

12/14 Classics

In-class~ Peer Editing of Rough Draft

HW~ Final draft DUE THURSDAY

12/11 IB Block

In-class~ Resolution to WWI discussion

HW~ Study for Unit 6 Quiz on Monday

12/11 Classics

In-class~ Table top discussion on Medea's monologue to Corinthian women, small group reading 220-233

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class, ROUGH DRAFTS DUE MONDAY


12/10 IB Block

In-class~ Reading review, discussion on Glory vs. Honor in WWI

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Unit 6 Quiz on MONDAY (study guide here) 

12/10 Classics

In-class- Review of Jason, Intro to Medea

HW- Greek Drama, Medea of 211-220 (stop at enter Creon)

12/9 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on American neutrality and entrance into WWII

HW~ T&S 996-1008

12/9 Classics

In-class- Rough Draft work period (PAPER ASSIGNMENT)

HW- Classical Mythology pg. 617-632 (notes strongly suggested)

Upcoming- Rough Draft DUE MONDAY 

12/8 IB Block

In-class- Imperialism quiz and discussion, review discussion on causes of WWI, handed back IB essay #2

HW- Changed my mind...NONE :)

12/8 Classics

In-class- Outline #3 peer grading and feedback

HW- Pick topic for Semester 1 paper

12/7 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Hawaii documentary and discussed, work time on Imperialism Discussion Questions

HW~ Imperialism Discussion Questions DUE TOMORROW

12/7 Classics

In-class~ Archetype group activity, outline work time


12/4 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed Take- Home Outline, intro to Imperialism unit, started Hawaii documentary

HW~ Unit 5 Take-Home Outline DUE MONDAY

12/4 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Outline #3 with work time

HW~ Outline #3 DUE TUESDAY

12/3 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Progressive Era powerpoint, assigned Unit 5 Take-Home Outline

HW~ None

12/3 Classics

In-class~ Hercules quiz and review

HW~ None

12/2 IB Block

In-class~ Progressive Era powerpoint

HW~ Peruse Turn of the Century Culture powerpoint at your leisure

12/2 Classics

In-class- Hercules 

HW~ None

12/1 IB Block

In-class~ Muckrakers discussion, Presidents video

HW~ None

12/1 Classics

In-class- Hercules 

HW~ None

11/30 IB Block

In-class~ Muckrakers reading and discussion questions worktime (Does not need to be critically read, but discussion questions must be answered IN DEPTH on paper USING QUOTES in preparation for tomorrow's discussion)

HW~ Finish Muckrakers assignment

11/30 Classics

In-class~ Hercules reading (from both turquoise and brown book) to fill out Hercules Archetype 

HW~ Finish reading and notes if not done in class.

11/25 IB Block

In-class~ Gilded Age World's Fair

HW~ None

11/25 Classics

In-class~ Watched Creative Mythology videos

HW~ None

Oedipus SS MAKE-UP

Using quotes from the play, answer the following two questions in at least two-paragraphs each.

1. How does Oedipus fit Aristotle's definition of a tragic hero?

2. Analyze one motif and one theme developed in the play.

3. How is dramatic irony used by Sophocles'? What is the effect on the reader? 

11/24 IB Block

In-class~ Industrialization debrief, Jim Crow table top discussion, start America and the Turn of the Century powerpoint

HW~ Gilded Age World's Fair TOMORROW

11/24 Classics

In-class~ Oedipus and the tragic hero/hero archetype

HW~ None

11/23 IB Block

In-class~ Industrialization Socratic Seminar

HW~ Jim Crow Webquest DUE TOMORROW

11/23 Classics

In-class~ Oedipus Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk

HW~ None

11/20 IB Block

In-class~ World's Fair research time

HW~ Industrialization SS MONDAY, Jim Crow webquest DUE TUESDAY

11/20 Classics

In-class~ Finished Oedipus, Socratic Seminar prep time

HW~ Socratic Seminar prep

11/19 Classics

In-class~ Discussed immigration and urbanization

HW~ Assigned Jim Crow webquest DUE TUESDAY, Industrialization Socratic Seminar MONDAY

11/19 Classics

In-class~ Read more Oedipus (through pg. 157) discussed Freudian theory of dreams/myth, reading on Aristotle's definition of Tragedy and Oedipal Complex 

HW~ Start prep for Socratic Seminar

11/18 IB Block

In-class~ Western Frontier quiz and discussion 

HW~ T&S 826-837 reading (notes optional) 

11/18 Classics

In-class~ Continued reading Oedipus (through pg. 144), Reflection write on "blind to the truth" 

HW~ None

11/17 IB Block

In-class- Industrial Supremacy documentary, discussed preconceived notions of the Wild West

HW- Read T&S 763-783 notes ONLY on Native American sections 

11/17 Classics

In-class- Started Oedipus

HW- None

11/16 IB Block

In-class~ Intro to Unit 5: Gilded Age, assigned Gilded Age World's Fair, brief discussion on Women

HW~ Critically read Women and Economics  DUE TOMORROW

11/16 Classics

In-class~ Finished Clash of the Titans and discussed

HW~ Bring Greek Drama books tomorrow

11/13 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 4 Exam

HW~ None

11/13 Classics

In-class~ Clash of the Titans

HW~ Creative Mythology film DUE MONDAY

11/12 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Failure of Reconstruction

HW~ Study for Unit 4 Exam TOMORROW

11/12 Classics

In-class~ Perseus quiz, discussion on film components, started Clash of the Titans 

HW~ Creative Mythology project DUE MONDAY


11/10 IB Block

In-class~ Civil War Perspective graded discussion, group outline time

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Unit 4 Exam FRIDAY

11/10 Classics

In-class~ Read Classical Mythology chapter on Perseus with archetype notes 

HW~ None

11/09 IB Block

In-class~ Reconstruction discussion

HW~ Perspectives Research Assignment DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Unit 4 Exam Study Guide for exam FRIDAY

11/09 Classics

In-class~ Finished Tangled, Hero Archetype ppt.

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Creative Mythology films DUE MONDAY 11/16

11/06 IB Block

In-class~ Finished war, discussed assassination of Lincoln and toll of war

HW~ Perspectives Research Assignment DUE TUESDAY

Upcoming~ Unit 4 Exam Study Guide for exam NEXT FRIDAY

11/06 Classics

In-class~ Tangled with discussion

HW~ Outline #2 DUE MONDAY

11/05 IB Block

In-class~ Battle presentations and discussion

HW~ Reading notes on remainder (316-328) of Civil War and Reconstruction reading packet

11/05 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Hero Archetype, started Tangled

HW~ Outline #2 DUE MONDAY

11/04 IB Block

In-class~ Battle presentations and discussion

HW~ None

11/04 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Creative Mythology film & Outline #2

HW~ None due tomorrow, Outline #2 DUE MONDAY

11/03 IB Block

In-class~ Battle Presentations and discussion

HW~ Read 289-304 (From Civil War and Recon. packet) making any key notes int he margin of your battle chart

11/03 Classics

In-class~ Olympians exam

HW~ None

11/02 IB Block

In-class~ Started Battle Presentations

HW~ Reading notes on 295-297 & 304 (Start at War Behind the Lines)-316 (Stop before Lincoln's plan of Reconstruction) of Civil War & Reconstruction  DUE TOMORROW

11/02 Classics

In-class~ Review game for Olympian Exam

HW~ Study for tomorrow's exam (review here)

10/30 IB Block

In-class~ Civil War at a Glance, group work time

HW~ Prep for Battle Presentation Lessons

10/30 Classics

In-class~ Olympian Exam (Review here) preview, Hermes (Classical Mythology 281) with guided reading questions 

HW~ Finish Hermes reading if not done in class

10/29 IB Block

In-class~ Library work time for Civil War Battle Project

HW~ None

10/29 Classics

In-class~ Dionysus discussion

HW~ None

10/28 IB Block

In-class~ Timeline review and discussion, assigned Civil War Battle Project 

HW~ None

10/28 Classics

In-class~ Read excerpt of The Bacchae (Classical Mythology 302-320)

HW~ 1ST PERIOD ONLY finish The Bacchae 

10/27 IB Block

In-class~ Timeline Pt. 1 discussion and review

HW~  Civil War Timeline Pt. 2 DUE TOMORROW

10/27 Classics

In-class~ Apollo/Delphi Quiz, Apollo's Duality & Anthropomorphism write and discussion, reading time

HW~ Classical Mythology 301-302 & 320-325 DUE TOMORROW

10/26 IB Block

In-class~ Immigration Oral Presentations (GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!!)

HW~ Civil War Timeline Pt. 1 DUE TOMORROW, Pt. 2 DUE WEDNESDAY

10/26 Classics

In-class~ Oracle of Delphi documentary

HW~ Classical Mythology 267-269 (Nature of Apollo)

10/23 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 3 Exam & work time

HW~ Immigrant Oral Presentation MONDAY, Civil War Timeline Pt. 1 DUE TUESDAY

10/23 Classics

In-class~ Finished Apollo's loves discussion, reading time

HW~ Classical Mythology 250-256 (Stop at Cassandra & read history box on 254)

10/22 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 3 Socratic Seminar

HW~ Study for Unit 3 exam, compile Unit 2 & 3 HWP 

10/22 Classics

In-class~ Socratic Seminar debrief, started loves of Apollo

HW~ None

10/21 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Mexican-American War

HW~ Prep for Socratic Seminar

Unit 2 & 3 Homework Packet DUE FRIDAY

10/21 Classics

In-class~ Goddesses Socratic Seminar

HW~ None

10/20 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed Texas Revolution, work time

HW~ T&S 553-561 & Zinn: Mexican American War readings with comparative reflection DUE TOMORROW

DUE THURSDAY~ Socratic Seminar Prep w/ addition readings 

EXAM FRIDAY~ Study Guide

MONDAY~ Immigration Oral Presentations

10/20 Classics

In-class~ Finished Athena analysis and discussed, Socratic Seminar prep time

HW~ Finish Socratic Seminar prep

10/19 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion

HW~ T&S 553-561 & Zinn: Mexican American War readings with comparative reflection DUE WEDNESDAY

DUE THURSDAY~ Socratic Seminar Prep w/ addition readings 

EXAM FRIDAY~ Study Guide

MONDAY~ Immigration Oral Presentations

10/19 Classics

In-class~ Athena reading and analysis questions (Classical Mythology Ch. 8), assigned Goddesses Socratic Seminar prep 

HW~ Athena analysis due TOMORROW middle of period, Socratic Seminar prep DUE WEDNESDAY

10/16 IB Block

In-class~ Hazel Wolf

HW~ Reading Notes on Manifest Destiny 

10/16 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Artemis and the Triple Goddess, reading time

HW~ Classical Mythology 232-243 (Notes or quiz Monday)

10/15 IB Block

In-class~ Finished discussion on women, assigned and discussed Immigrant Oral Presentation

HW~ Reading notes (NOT CRITICAL READING) on The Changing Workplace & Market Revolution , Unit 1 Exam Reflection (optional)

10/15 Classics

In-class~ Artemis Scavenger Hunt 

HW~ None

10/13 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Emergence of Women's Rights movement

HW~ T&S Notes 475-482 & 512-518 and critically read Women Primary Sources 

10/13 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Aphrodite and Anchises myth, read Aphrodite/Ares/Hephaestus myth, and jigsawed Pygmalion (Classical Mythology pg. 192) and Adonis (pg. 194) myths

HW~ None


10/09 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Africans in America: Judgment Day video and discussed evolution of racism and slavery

HW~ Critically read Zinn; Chapter 6 DUE TUESDAY

Unit 1 Essay Prompts

A) Analyse how a specific battle or military campaign was influenced by the strengths and weaknesses of the British and Colonial militaries.

B) “The war of independence was caused by British political tyranny.” To what extent do you agree with this view?

C) Compare and contrast the British and Colonial perspectives of three events or legislative acts between 1763-1775.

D) Analyse how the colonists were able to win their independence against the conventionally stronger British military.

E) Evaluate the influence of minority groups (social, political, racial, religious etc.) in Colonial American history. 

10/09 Classics

In-class~ Read the myth of Aphrodite & Anchises (Classical Mythology 197-205) with guided reading questions


10/8 IB Block

In-class~ Reading discussion and started Africans in America: Judgment Day 

HW~ Critically read excerpts from Douglass and Walker 

10/8 Classics

In-class~ First-generation Olympian Exam

HW~ Outline #1 DUE TUESDAY

10/7 IB Block

In-class~ Intro to Unit 3

HW~ Critically read Zinn: Ch. 9: Pt. 1 DUE TOMORROW

10/7 Classics

In-class~ Assigned and discussed Outline #1, discussed tomorrow's exam

HW~ Start on outline and study for exam

10/6 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 2 Exam

HW~ None

10/6 Classics

In-class~ Brief reading on Poseidon and Hestia from Classical Mythology

HW~ Study for Thursday's exam (study guide here)

10/5 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Jackson

HW~ Study for tomorrow's exam 

10/5 Classics

In-class~ Poseidon and his children, other mythical creatures (ppt here)

HW~ Study for upcoming exam Thursday (review here) 

10/1 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on War of 1812, start survey lecture/discussion on Politics and Economic 1808-1824

HW~ Reading Notes on Jackson chapters  DUE MONDAY

UNIT 2 EXAM WILL BE TUESDAY (Study Guide here)

10/1 Classics

In-class~ Eleusinian Mysteries quiz ad discussion, start The Clash of the Gods: Hades 

HW~  None 

9/30 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Constitutionality Cause and Effect assignment

HW~ T&S Notes 364-375

9/30 Classics

In-class~ The Rape of Persephone discussion

HW~ Read Classical Mythology (brown) pg. 347-352

9/29 IB Block

In-class~ President's video (Washington, Adams, & Jefferson) assigned, Constitutional Cause & Effect assignment

HW~ Constitutional Cause & Effect assignment DUE TOMORROW

9/29 Classics

In-class~ Quiz and discussion on Zeus's Lovers

HW~ Read The Rape of Persephone (Your Choice: Turquoise book pg. 15; Brown book Ch. 14)and complete the discussion questions for tomorrow

9/28 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Bill of Rights, discussed emergence of political parties

HW~ None

9/28 Classics

In-class~ Read M&L (Brown) pg. 96-98 & 116-118 on Zeus.

HW~ Read Loves of Zeus and complete research assignment 

9/25 IB Block

In-class~ Bill of Rights discussion

HW~ T&S 306 (Start at Raising Revenue)-317 DUE MONDAY

9/25 Classics

In-class~ Watched and discussed The Clash of the Gods: Zeus 

HW~ None

9/24 IB Block

In-class~ Articles of Confederation/Constitution graded discussion and debrief

HW~ T&S 306 (Start at Raising Revenue)-317 DUE MONDAY

9/24 Classics

In-class~ Olympian Chart quiz

HW~ None

9/23 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Constitution

T&S 306 (Start at Raising Revenue)-317 DUE MONDAY

9/23 Classics

In-class~ Finished Olympians Presentations

HW~ Study for Olympians Chart Quiz

9/22 IB Block

In-class- Constitution Scavenger Hunt

HW- none

9/22 Classics

In-class- Olympian Presentations 

HW- none 

9/21 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 1 Exam

HW~ Compile Unit 1 HWP (List here) T&S 257-258 (Articles of Confederation) & 270-283 DUE TOMORROW

9/21 Classics

In-class~ Library work period for Olympian Partner Project

HW~ If not done in class, finish presentations

9/18 IB Block

In-class~ Discuss the nature of revolutionary/colonial warfare, documentary on the southern campaign through Yorktown

HW~ Study for Monday's exam (study guide) 

9/18 Classics

In-class~ Library work period for Olympian Project

HW~ None... Have a great weekend.


9/17 IB Block

In-class~ Finished video on Saratoga, discussed historiographical perspective

HW~ None due tomorrow

9/17 Classics

In-class~ Origins Quiz, assigned Olympian Partner Project 

HW~ None


9/16 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed Monday's exam (review and details here) , watched more Liberty: Oh Fatal Ambition! 

HW~ Critically read excerpt from Zinn's People's: Chapter 5 DUE TOMORROW

9/16 Classics

In-class~ Review for Origin quiz

HW~ Study for the Origin Quiz  STUDY GUIDE 

9/15 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Revolutionary Idea Wall, discussed objectives, strengths and weaknesses of British and Colonial militaries, started Liberty: Oh Fatal Ambition! 

HW~ Critically read excerpt from Zinn's People's: Chapter 5 DUE THURSDAY

9/15 Classics

In-class~ Discussed college essay writing

HW~ Study for Thursday's quiz STUDY GUIDE

9/14 IB Block

In-class~ Read excerpt from  Common Sense and Declaration of Independence and created Revolutionary Idea Wall


9/14 Classics

In-class~ Discussed flood and life cycle archetypes, identified archetype pattern in Genesis 6-9 and a myth of your choice.

HW~ None

9/11 IB Block

In-class~ Road to Revolution timeline discussion


9/11 Classics

In-class~ Flood reading check and visual depiction


9/10 IB Block

In-class~ Looked at IB Paper 3 rubric and color marked written analysis from yesterday for evidence, analysis, and perspective, started Liberty: Reluctant Revolutionaries documentary

HW~ Finish Road to Revolution timeline

9/10 Classics

In-class~ Discussed the idea of corruption, read The Ages of Man (pg. 12 in World Mythology), written analysis and discussion on Ages

HW~ Read The Flood Cycle myth (pg. 21-25 in World Mythology) DUE TOMORROW

9/9 IB Block

In-class~ Practice IB Written Analysis and debrief

          Road to Revolution Timeline  DUE FRIDAY

9/9 Classics

In-class~ looked at an example reading check quiz, read excerpt (brown 92-94) and discussed reading strategies for Classical Mythology, read and discussed Genesis 2 & 3

HW~ None

9/8 IB Block

In-class~ Tabletop discussion on Colonial Social/Economic Structure, introduced Hysteria Formula

          T&S 176-187 DUE THURSDAY
          Road to Revolution Timeline  DUE FRIDAY

9/8 Classics

In-class~ Read and discussed The Legend of Prometheus and Pandora

HW~ None

9/4 IB Block

In-class~ Very quick ppt. snapshot of the early colonial settlements 

HW~ T&S Reading Notes 134-148 DUE TUESDAY


9/4 Classics

In-class~ Finished reviewing and analyzing the Greek creation myth


9/3 IB Block

In-class~ Finished discussion on America intro journal, The Historian and His Facts boardtalk and debrief

HW~ Critically read OR take notes on pg 90-109 (skip 104-105) of Patterns of Colonial Social Structure  DUE TOMORROW

9/3 Classics

In-class~ Finished intro to the study of mythology, read Greek cosmogony myth (World Mythology pg. 7-11)

HW~ Bring turquoise World Mythology books tomorrow

9/2 IB Block

In-class~ American timeline, American reflection and discussion

HW~ The Historian and His Facts critical reading DUE TOMORROW for use in boardtalk

9/2 Classics

In-class~ Introduction to studying mythology

HW~ None

9/1 IB Block

In-class~ Introductions, survey, class intro powerpoint

HW~ Critically read The Historian and His Facts for a boardtalk Thursday, get syllabus signed

9/1 Classics

In-class~ Syllabus, survey, started intro to the course

HW~ Get your syllabus signed

6/15 IB Block

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/11 IB Block

In-class~ 2008 Election and Obama's growing legacy

HW~ Study for final

6/10 IB Block

In-class~ Election of 2004 & 2008, George W. Bush's second term

HW~ None


6/9 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

HAPPY GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/9 IB Block

In-class~ Review of George W. Bush's first term

HW~ None


6/8 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

HW~ Prep for final presentations

6/8 IB Block

In-class~ Finish 90s Cultural Literacy ppt., tabletop review om George W. Bush

HW~ None

6/5 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

HW~ Final Presentation prep

6/5 IB Block

In-class~ 90s Museum

HW~ T&S 1443-1455 (FINAL T&S OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

6/4 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

HW~ Final Presentation prep

6/4 IB Block

In-class~ 90s Cultural Literacy ppt.

HW~ 90 Museum prep

6/3 Classics

In-class~ 5th Final Presentations, 3/4 finished Mists of Avalon

HW~ Final Presentation prep

6/3 IB Block

In-class~ Group Paper 3 Outline on Clinton presidency

HW~ 90s Museum prep

6/2 Classics

In-class~ Mists of Avalon

HW~ Final Presentation prep

6/2 IB Block

In-class~ Clinton webquest

HW~ Finish Clinton webquest

6/1 Classics

In-class~ Mists of Avalon or Sword in the Stone 

HW~ None


6/1 IB Block

In-class~ Ppt. on George HW Bush including SNL clip on 1992 Debate

HW~ Clinton Webquest DUE WEDNESDAY (You have library time tomorrow in class)

Upcoming~ 90s Museum on FRIDAY

5/29 Classics

In-class~ Mists of Avalon 

HW~ None

5/29 IB Block

In-class~ Library period for 90s Museum 

HW~ None

5/28 Classics

In-class~ Mists of Avalon or Sword in the Stone 

HW~ None 

5/28 IB Block

In-class~ 80s culture

HW~ None

5/27 Classics

In-class~ Library work period

HW~ None

Arthurian Legend Extra Credit 

5/27 IB Block

In-class~ Reagan/Bush legacy discussion (ppt.)

HW~ None

5/26 Classics

In-class- Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar

HW- None


5/26 IB Block

In-class- Discussion on Reagan Administration and legacy

HW- None

5/21 Classics

In-class~ Reading period for Once and Future King and King Arthur

HW~ Print King Arthur Socratic Seminar prep sheet

5/21 IB Block

In-class~ 70s Lessons

HW~ Be prepared for more 70s Lessons

Upcoming~ T&S notes for Chapter 36 (1390-1419, 4 pg. note minimum) with full answers to focus questions (pg. 1390) DUE TUESDAY 5/26

5/20 Classics

In-class~ Library work period for Final Presentation

HW~ Print out Once and Future King & bring World Mythology book to class tomorrow

Upcoming~ King Arthur Socratic Seminar on TUESDAY

5/20 IB Block

In-class~ 70s Lessons

HW~ Be prepared for more 70s Lessons

Upcoming~ T&S notes for Chapter 36 (1390-1419, 4 pg. note minimum) with full answers to focus questions (pg. 1390) DUE TUESDAY 5/26

5/18 Classics

In-class~ Read Prologue-Chapter 3 of King Arthur (pg. 292-304 in World Mythology) with boardtalk

HW~ SUBMIT FINAL PAPER TO TURNITIN.COM, choose final presentation topics

We will meet in the Library Wednesday for our first final presentation work period.  

5/18 IB Block

In-class~ 70s Lessons

HW~ Be prepared for more 70s Lessons on Wednesday, prepare portfolio for check

Upcoming~ T&S notes for Chapter 36 (1390-1419, 4 pg. note minimum) with full answers to focus questions (pg. 1390) DUE TUESDAY 5/26

5/15 Classics

In-class~ Finished Monty Python, assigned Final presentation project 

HW~ Paper due to turnitin.com MONDAY by 11:59


5/15 IB Block

In-class~ Watergate Socratic Seminar with debrief

HW~ Finish prep for 70s Lessons

5/14 Classics

In-class~ Biography documentary on King Arthur

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Final Draft DUE MONDAY to turnitin.com

5/14 IB Block

In-class~ Library work period for 70s Lessons

HW~ Prep for Watergate Socratic Seminar

5/13 Classics

In-class~ Peer Editing of Rough Drafts

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Final Drafts due MONDAY

5/13 IB Block

In-class~ Assigned 1970s Lesson Presentations (groups here), assigned readings for Watergate

HW~ T&S 1374-1379 (notes not required) & US vs.Nixon critical reading and discussion ?s DUE FRIDAY for Socratic Seminar

5/12 Classics

In-class~ Monty Python and The Holy Grail


5/12 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 10 Exam


5/11 Classics

In-class~ Beowulf quiz, brief intro to Arthurian Legend, started Monty Python 


5/11 IB Block

In-class~ Darkside of 60s counterculture & music examples

HW~ Study for Unit 10 Exam 

Upcoming~ Unit 9/10 HWP DUE WEDNESDAY

5/8 Classics

In-class~ Library work period for paper

HW~ Study for Beowulf quiz Monday

5/8 IB Block

In-class~ Vietnam Socratic Seminar, 1960s Museum

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Unit 10 Exam TUESDAY

5/7 Classics

In-class~ Finish reading Beowulf, assigned semester 2 paper, introduced final project

HW~ Meet in the library tomorrow

Upcoming~ Beowulf final quiz Monday, Rough Draft due Wednesday

5/7 IB Block

In-class~ Lecture/discussion on 60s counterculture

HW~ McNamara's The Lessons of Vietnam critical reading DUE TOMORROW
1960s Museum & TTTC/Vietnam Socratic Seminar  (Prep linked) TOMORROW 

Study Guide for Tuesday's Exam 

5/6 Classics

In-class~ Small group discussion on Ch. 1-3 of Beowulf 

HW~ None

5/6 IB Block

In-class~ Started discussion on 60s culture

HW~ T&S 1348-1357 DUE TOMORROW
McNamara's The Lessons of Vietnam critical reading DUE FRIDAY
1960s Museum & TTTC/Vietnam Socratic Seminar  (Prep linked) FRIDAY

5/5 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Beowulf and read Chapters 1-3 in World Mythology book

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class & prepare discussion questions

5/5 IB Block

In-class~ Finished 1968

HW~ T&S 1348-1357 DUE THURSDAY
McNamara's The Lessons of Vietnam critical reading DUE FRIDAY
1960s Museum & TTTC/Vietnam Socratic Seminar  (Prep linked) FRIDAY

5/4 Classics

In-class~ Finished Faerie Tale Theatre Presentations, Once Upon a Time pilot

HW~ Bring World Mythology books tomorrow

5/4 IB Block

In-class~ 1968 (timeline linked)

HW~ T&S 1357-1364 DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ McNamara's The Lessons of Vietnam critical reading DUE WEDNESDAY
T&S 1348-1357 DUE THURSDAY
1960s Museum & TTTC/Vietnam Socratic Seminar  (Prep linked) FRIDAY

5/1 Classics

In-class~ Faerie Tale Theatre Presentations

HW~ None

5/1 IB Block

In-class~ Morality in War discussion

HW~ None

4/30 Classics

In-class~ Faerie Tale Theatre Presentations

HW~ None

4/30 IB Block

In-class~ Vietnam notes and discussion

HW~ T&S 1341-1346 DUE TOMORROW

4/29 Classics

In-class~ Library prep time for Faerie Tale Theatre Presentations

HW~ Finish prep for presentations which start TOMORROW

4/29 IB Block

In-class~ Watched Vietnam: A Television History  (linked), Library time for 60s Museum

 HW~ These critical readings Into the Dark,  My Lai Court Martial  & The Heroes of My Lai are DUE TOMORROW 

4/28 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Faerie Tale Theatre Presentations  (Grimm Readings, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast , 3 Little Pigs )


Upcoming~ Presentations start on Thursday


4/28 IB Block

In-class~ Guest Speakers on Vietnam

HW~ These critical readings Into the Dark,  My Lai Court Martial  & The Heroes of My Lai are DUE THURSDAY

4/27 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd the Volsung/ The Lord of the Rings Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk

HW~ None


4/27 IB Block

In-class~ Structured Academic Controversy on the Escalation of Vietnam

HW~ These critical readings Into the Dark,  My Lai Court Martial  & The Heroes of My Lai are DUE THURSDAY

4/24 Classics

In-class~ Finished LotR, discussed Monday's Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk on Sigurd/LotR

HW~ Prep for Monday's SS/BT (5th period must SHOW ACTIVE PREP)

Topics for SS/BT: Themes & Archetypes
                                      Comparative Analysis (Open)
                                      Character/Relationship Development
                                      Motifs & Symbols 

4/24 IB Block

In-class- Finished Civil Rights Timeline, read background doc for Structured Academic Controversy on Escalation Vietnam

HW- Prep for SAC on Vietnam Point A (Pro)    Point B (Con)   SAC Worksheet

4/23 Classics

In-class~ LotR

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Sigurd/Lord of the Rings Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk MONDAY

Topics for SS/BT: Themes & Archetypes
                                      Comparative Analysis
                                      Character/Relationship Development
                                      Motifs & Symbols

4/23 IB Block

In-class~ Civil Rights Timeline

HW~ Print THIS out for tomorrow's class

4/22 Classics

In-class~ Group work on emerging motifs and themes of LotR, watched more LotR

HW~ None

4/22 IB Block

In-class~ Civil Rights Timeline

HW~ None

4/21 Classics

In-class~ Turned in outline #2, continued watching LotR

HW~ Submit Outline #2 to turnitin.com

4/21 IB Block

In-class~ Started Civil Rights Timeline

HW~ Complete timeline entries for:

Desegregation drive in Birmingham~  April 1963 
"Letter from Birmingham jail"~ April 16, 1963 
Gov. Wallace stops desegregation of  U of Alabama~ June 1963 
Medgar Evers murdered~  June 11, 1963 

4/20 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd quiz, brief intro the Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, started LotR

HW~ Outline #2 due tomorrow in class

Upcoming~ Sigurd the Volsung/Lord of the Rings Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk MONDAY


4/20 IB Block

In-class~ Reviewed and discussed LBJ's Great Society and legacy

HW~ None

4/17 Classics

In-class~ Library work period for Outline #2

HW~ Finish Sigurd the Volsung

4/17 IB Block

In-class~ Kennedy assassination and legacy

HW~ LBJ's Great Society research chart

4/16 Classics

In-class~ Quote quiz, discussion on Sigurd chapters 1-4, assigned Outline #2 (due Tuesday)

HW~ Finish Sigurd the Volsung (Ch. 5-7) by Monday


4/16 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Kennedy

HW~ None

4/15 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Sigurd the Volsung , read Chapter 1-4

HW~ Finish reading and write 4 discussion questions for tomorrow

4/15 IB Block

In-class~ Cuban Revolution Socratic Seminar

HW~ T&S 1300-1306 & 1312-1317 DUE TOMORROW

4/14 Classics

In-class~ Ragnarok Cycle Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Make-up Socratic Seminar on TUESDAY 4/21 @ 2:20.

4/14 IB Block

In-class~ Cuban Revolution reading prep for Socratic Seminar

HW~ Finish reading and write 4 discussion questions

4/13 Classics

In-class~ Revelation reading and Revelation/Ragnarok comparative outline

HW~ Finish and outline if not done in class & prep for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk on Ragnarok Cycle (includes ALL 6 Norse myths read thus far)

4/13 IB Block

In-class~ Intro to the 1960s unit

HW~ IA Final DUE TOMORROW IN CLASS (Grade Conversion Chart)

Upcoming~ T&S 1300-1306 & 1312-1317 DUE THURSDAY

4/3 Classics

In-class~ Watched The Clash of the Gods: Thor 


Upcoming~ Ragnarok/Revelation activity in library on Monday

4/3 IB Block

In-class~ Finished peer editing of IA, discussed IA Tips & Reminders 


4/2 Classics

In-class~ Read The Punishment of Loki with journal questions

HW~ None

4/2 IB Block

In-class~ Peer editing IA

HW~ None

4/1 Classics

In-class~ Read The Death of Balder

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

Upcoming~ Ragnarok Cycle Socratic Seminar/Boardtalk TUESDAY 4/14

4/1 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 9 Exam

HW~ COMPLETE IA ROUGH DRAFT DUE TOMORROW (Bring TWO hard copies to class for peer editing)

COMPLETE IA should include: Cover page (Should include research question, word count, and name) and complete sections A-F (Section F should be MLA formatted)

3/31 Classics

In-class~ Yggdrasil project scoring, discussion of The Theft of Idun's Apples 

HW~ None

3/31 IB Block

In-class~ Finished 50s culture ppt and discussion

HW~ Study for Unit 9 Exam

Upcoming~ IA Rough Draft DUE THURSDAY

3/30 Classics

In-class~ Read The Theft of Idun's Apples

HW~ Yggrasil project due tomorrow 

3/30 IB Block

In-class~ IA work period


3/27 Classics

In-class~ 3-D Yggdrasil work period

HW~ Bring World Mythology books Monday

upcoming~ Yggsdrasil DUE TUESDAY

3/27 IB Block

In-class~ 1950s Culture ppt discussion

HW~ Get IA Analysis peer edited

Upcoming~ Unit 9 Exam TUESDAY

3/26 Classics

In-class~ Norse Cosmogony visual quiz and discussion, read The Theft of Thor's Hammer (pg. 224)

HW~ Bring materials for Yggdrasil 3-D project prep tomorrow.

3/26 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Pleasantville and discussed

HW~ IA Analysis rough draft DUE

3/25 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on Norse Gods research, read The Creation, Death, and Rebirth of the Universe (World Mythology pg. 208) 

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

Upcoming~ Yggdrasil 3-D visuals work period Friday. BRING MATERIALS

3/25 IB Block

In-class~ Pleasantville 

HW~ None

Upcoming~ IA Analysis rough draft DUE FRIDAY

3/24 Classics

In-class~ Norse Gods Research Chart 

HW~ Finish chart if not done in class



3/24 IB Block

In-class~ UW Field Trip

HW~ None

Upcoming~ IA Analysis DUE FRIDAY

3/23 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Norse Mythology notes

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Yggdrasil group 3-D Visual DUE TUESDAY (WORK PERIOD FRIDAY)


3/23 IB Block

In-class~ Quick discussion on CIA, The Century: Happy Days video

HW~ None

Upcoming~ IA Analysis DUE FRIDAY

3/20 Classics

In-class~ Aeneid assessment, intro to Norse archetype activity

HW~ None

3/20 IB Block

In-class~ Source Evaluation peer edit, discussion on Eisenhower administration foreign policy

HW~ Sleep

3/19 Classics

In-class- Afterlife Socratic Seminar

HW- Finish Aeneid in turquoise book 

3/19 IB Block

In-class-   Finished McCarthyism, started discussion on Eisenhower presidency

HW- IA source Evaluation RD due tomorrow 

3/17 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on Ch. 1 & 2 of The Aeneid , read Ch. 3-5 (World Mythology 127-137)

HW~ Start prep for Afterlife Socratic Seminar on THURSDAY


3/17 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Rosenberg trial and execution, started ppt. and discussion on HUAC and McCarthyism

HW~ None due tomorrow, T&S 1267-1286 DUE THURSDAY , IA Eval. of Sources DUE FRIDAY

3/16 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Virgil and The Aeneid , read Ch. 1-2 of The Aeneid (World Mythology 119-127)

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class & bring World Mythology books tomorrow


3/16 IB Block

In-class~ Counselor registration visit, discussed Summary of Evidence rough drafts

HW~ Rosenberg critical reading and analysis questions 

Upcoming~ T&S 1267-1286 DUE THURSDAY
                     IA Source Evaluation DUE FRIDAY

3/13 Classics

In-class~ Finished  O' Brother Where Art Thou with discussion

HW~ Outline #1 DUE MONDAY, bring turquoise World Mythology books Monday

3/13 IB Block

In-class~ Finish ppt. and discussion Korean War, turned in Summary of Evidence

HW~ Continue working on IA

Upcoming~ Critical Reading and analysis questions on The Rosenbergs DUE TUESDAY

3/12 Classics

In-class~ O' Brother Where Art Thou with discussion

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Outline #1 DUE MONDAY (Hard copy in class). Be sure outlines are 3-level, 3-part with working thesis, body theses, and quotes

3/12 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on homework reading, Korean War ppt. and discussion

HW~ Summary of Evidence Rough Draft DUE TOMORROW

3/11 Classics

In-class~ The Odyssey exam, started O'Brother Where Art Thou

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Outline #1 DUE MONDAY

3/11 IB Block

In-class~ Peer edited Plan of Investigation, discussed Summary of Evidence, intro to Cold War and 1950s unit

HW~ T&S 1220-1233 DUE TOMORROW

3/10 Classics

In-class~ Discussion of homework reading, assigned Outline #1, watched The Simpson's Odyssey, study time for exam

HW~ Study for tomorrow's The Odyssey exam, compile Homework Packet 

3/10 IB Block

In-class~ WWII Exam

HW~ Bring updated copy of Plan of Investigation, HWP due tomorrow, look at the posted IA examples

Upcoming~ T&S 1220-1233 DUE THURSDAY

3/9 Classics

In-class~ Group activity of Motifs and Themes of The Odyssey 

HW~ Read 537-543 in brown Classical Mythology books

Upcoming~ Odyssey Assessment on WEDNESDAY

3/9 IB Block

In-class~ Table top discussion on Origin of Cold War, WWII Exam focus

HW~ Study for WWII Exam tomorrow (Don't worry about HWP. I will handout cover sheets and collect those on Wednesday)

Check out this interesting article from today's Seattle Times on WWII Firebombing of Japan

Upcoming~ Summary of Evidence Rough Draft DUE FRIDAY (See rubric and examples under IB Documents to the right)

3/6 Classics

In-class~ Watched The Clash of the Gods on Odysseus (5th period quiz)

HW~ Read 93-109 in the turquoise World Mythology books

3/6 IB Block

In-class~ Library research time

HW~ T&S 1205-1220 DUE MONDAY

Upcoming~ WWII Exam on Tuesday

3/5 Classics

In-class~ Finish Book XI with T-Chart, quote reflection

HW~ Bring turquoise World Mythology books

3/5 IB Block

In-class~ Ppt. and discussion on atomic bombing of  Hiroshima and Nagasaki

HW~ Plan of Investigation DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ T&S 1205-1220 DUE MONDAY

3/4 Classics

In-class~ Read first half of Book XI with T-chart

HW~ None

3/4 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed Firebombing of Tokyo, Okinawa, and context to Atom Bomb

HW~ IA Plan of Investigation DUE FRIDAY

3/3 Classics

In-class~ Book IX & X Quiz, work time for story boards DUE AT END OF PERIOD

HW~ Bring Odyssey books tomorrow

3/3 IB Block

In-class~ Battle Jigsaw lessons, started discussion on Iwo Jima & Okinawa

HW~ Atomic Bomb Research DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Plan of Investigation rough draft DUE FRIDAY

3/2 Classics

In-class~ Briefly discussed the Homeric Hero elements applied to Odysseus, work time for story board.

HW~ Read Book X if not already done,  Book IX & X QUIZ TOMORROW, storyboard due tomorrow at the end of the period

3/2 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed 1st 6 months of War in Pacific, assigned Battle Jigsaw

HW~ Battle Jigsaw TOMORROW, IA Topic and working Research Question DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming: Plan of Investigation Rough Draft DUE FRIDAY
Plan of Investigation Rubric and Examples

Upcoming: Atomic Bomb Research homework DUE WEDNESDAY

2/27 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Books IX & X with storyboard

HW~ Finish reading Book IX if not done in class

2/27 IB Block

In-class~ Assigned full Internal Assessment , Bataan Death March discussion

HW~ None

Upcoming~ IA Topic with question DUE TUESDAY

2/26 Classics

In-class~ Odyssey Book V & VI reading and analysis 

HW~ Print Book IX & X for class tomorrow (YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ)

2/26 IB Block

In-class~ Finished discussion on Yalta Conference, reading time on Bataan Death March 

HW~ Finish critical reading if not done in class,

Bataan Death March Discussion Questions

2/25 Classics

In-class~ The Odyssey Bk I & II Reading quiz, summary of Bk. III & IV, assigned Bks. V & VI focusing on women

HW~ Continue reading

2/25 IB Block

In-class~ Reviewed European Theatre of War

HW~ None

2/24 Classics

In-class~ Shared Personal Odyssey stories, reading time for The Odyssey Books I & II

HW~ Finish reading and prepare 3 discussion questions (with answers) for tomorrow


2/24 IB Block

In-class~ Passed back and discussed Unit 7 IB Paper and Outline, WWII Euro Theatre Quiz

HW~ Japanese Internment Memorial Project DUE TOMORROW

2/23 Classics

In-class~ Watched Crash Course: The Odyssey , wrote Personal Odyssey  story

HW~ Finish Personal Odyssey story if not done in class

2/23 IB Block

In-class~ Japanese Internment Socratic Seminar

HW~ Read T&S 1168-1180 & 1185-1192 (Notes are not required, but can be used on tomorrow's quiz if handwritten)

Upcoming~ Japanese Internment Memorial DUE WEDNESDAY

2/13 Classics

In-class- Work period for Hero book/film project

HW- Hero project due Wednesday 2/25

2/13 IB Block

In-class- Introduced Internal Assessment, work period on Japanese Internment SS and Memorial

HW- Prep for JI Socratic Seminar, prepare 6 topics and possible research questions for IA

2/12 Classics

In-class- Reflection questions and discussion on struggles of veterans

HW- Read Ch. 19 section on Wooden Horse and Fall of Troy, read Ch. 20 on Returns (stop at Odysseus)

2/12 IB Block

In-class- Rabbit in the Moon documentary, assigned Japanese Internment Socratic Seminar and Memorial

HW- Work on Japanese Internment SS and Memorial

2/11 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Creative Hero Project 


2/11 IB Block

In-class~ Discussed Pearl Harbor w/ film clip

HW~ T&S 1159-1168

2/10 Classics

In-class~ Read Agamemnon (through line 700 of this)

HW~ None

2/10 IB Block

In-class~ Review of American Road to WWII

HW~ Critically read 4 primary sources on America's Road to WWII

2/9 Classics

In-class~ Troy discussion, intro to Aeschylus and the House of Atreus

HW~ None

2/9 IB Block

In-class~ Library time for America's Road to WWII Cause and Effect Timeline 

HW~ Finish Timeline

2/6 Classics

In-class- Finished Troy with analysis reflection

HW- None

2/6 IB Block

In-class- The Century: Over the Edge video with notes

HW- T&S 1130-1144 (start at Kellogg-Briand) 

2/5 Classics

In-class~ Troy with analysis reflection

HW~ Analysis question due tomorrow after film is complete


2/5 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 7 Exam

HW~ None


2/4 Classics

In-class~ Troy w/ analysis reflection

HW~ None

2/4 IB Block

In-class~ Finished psychological impact of GD discussion, ppt. on Entertainment during the GD

HW~ Study for Unit 7 Exam, compile Unit 7 HWP 

2/3 Classics

In-class- Troy with analysis questions

HW- None


2/3 IB Block

In-class- Structured Academic Controversy on New Deal, continued ppt. on legacy of Great Depression

HW- Study for Thursday's Exam 

2/2 Classics

In-class~ The Iliad Socratic Seminar

HW~ Take home Troy Opt-Out Form 


2/2 IB Block

In-class~ Ppt. on Legacy of New Deal, started discussion on psychological impact of Great Depression

HW~ Prepare for Structured Academic Controversy tomorrow by preparing 5 argument points FOR the New Deal and 5 argument points AGAINST the New Deal. For each argument point, find 3 pieces of specific evidence support. 

Upcoming~ Unit 7 Exam on THURSDAY 

REVIEW~ Contradictions of the 1920s

                Traditional vs. Modern 
                Appearance vs. Reality    
             Causes of the Great Depression 
                Long term
                Worsening factors    
             Society and Culture during the Great Depression
                Long term effects & legacy
             Herbert Hoover v. Franklin D. Roosevelt
             The New Deal

1/30 Classics

In-class- Prep time for Monday's Socratic Seminar

HW- Finish prep (Please remember that you will not be able to participate in the seminar if the prep is not FULLY completed) 


1/30 IB Block

In-class- Ppt. on lasting impact of New Deal programs

HW- None due Monday

Upcoming- For Tuesday, prepare 5 argument points FOR New Deal and 5 argument points AGAINST the New Deal. For each argument point, find 3 pieces of specific evidence support. We will discuss more on Monday if you have questions. 


1/29 Classics

In-class~ Reflection write of Book XVI, time to finish The Iliad (65-75 in World Mythology)


Upcoming~ Iliad Socratic Seminar MONDAY

1/29 IB Block

In-class~ Summary of Evidence activity and discussion

HW~ T& S Reading notes 1105-1123 with HIGHLIGHTED EVIDENCE

1/28 Classics

In-class~ Discussed The Iliad Ch. 1-4, discussed relationship between Achilles and Patroclus, reading time

HW~ Read The Iliad Book XVI, mark all epithets and Homeric similes, prepare to discuss who is responsible for Patroclus's death

1/28 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Hoover vs. Roosevelt's philosophies and Hoover's attempts to help

HW~ Reading notes T&S 1080-1095 & 1099-1102 (start at Minorities, end at Culture) DUE THURSDAY

Upcoming~ T&S Reading notes 1105-1123 DUE FRIDAY

1/27 Classics

In-class~ Read Chapter 1-4 of The Iliad (World Mythology pg. 48-61)

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class


1/27 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on causes of the Great Depression

HW~ Critically read and complete the chart and questions on Hoover & Roosevelt  

1/26 Classics

In-class~ Intro to The Homeric Cycle and  Homeric Hero ppt.


1/26 IB Block

In-class~ The Century: Stormy Weather video with notes and discussion

HW~ Critically read The Causes of the Great Depression and write 3 discussion questions

1/21-1/23 FINALS



1/20 Classics

In-class~ Review period

HW~ Study for exam and prepare for visual presentations.

1/20 IB Block

In-class~ English :)

HW~  Study for Final (Semester Exam Questions & Study Guide )

1/16 Classics

In-class~ Work period


1/16 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Leisure, Entertainment and the Rise of Celebrity ppt. discussion, brief discussion on Lindbergh Kidnapping

HW~ Study for Final (Semester Exam Questions & Study Guide )

1/15 Classics

In-class~ Verbal peer edit, Final Review  (link includes parameters for visual component of final

HW~ Final Draft DUE 1/17 by 11:59 pm

1/15 IB Block

In-class~ Socratic Seminar debrief discussion, started Leisure, Entertainment, and the Rise of the American Celebrity ppt.

HW~ Critically read The Trial of Richard "Bruno" Hauptmann: An Account. After you have read that, peruse Lindbergh Kidnapping site in order to prepare for discussion tomorrow.


1/14 Classics

In-class~ Rough Draft Peer Edits

HW~ Finish digital peer edits by 11:59 pm


1/14 IB Block

In-class~ 20s Socratic Seminar

HW~ None

Final Study Guide 

1/13 Classics

In-class~ Writing Tips and Reminders ppt. 

HW~ Rough Draft DUE TONIGHT by 11:59pm to turnitin.com, bring hard copy tomorrow

1/13 IB Block

In-class~ Critically read Hell in the High Schools, Morality and Birth Control, & Flapper Jane

HW~ Prep questions, comments and quotes for Socratic Seminar TOMORROW (Socratic Seminar will cover all 6 critical readings we have done for the 20s so far)

1/12 Classics

In-class- Group Final Prep Assignment

HW- Rough draft DUE TOMORROW BY 11:59pm to turnitin.com

1/12 IB Block

In-class- Discussion on KKK and White Supremacy articles

HW- None

1/9 Classics

In-class~ Peer edited outlines (peer edit sheet)


1/9 IB Block

In-class~ Sacco-Vanzetti Socratic Seminar, started critically reading America Belongs to Americans and They Love to Hate: Rise of White Supremacy

HW~ Finish critical readings for Monday

1/8 Classics

In-class~ Watched a sample of Creative Mythology documentaries


1/8 IB Block

In-class~ Unit 6 Quiz, intro to Unit 7

HW~ Context Read T&S 1018-1019, Critically Read The Trial of Sacco & Vanzetti, prepare 3 analysis questions for tomorrow's small group Socratic Seminar

1/7 Classics

In-class~ Library time to work on outlines

HW~ Outlines are DUE FRIDAY

1/7 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion with ppt. on Wilson's 14 pts and the Treaty of Versailles

HW~ Study for Unit 6 quiz and compile Homework Packet 

1/6 Classics

In-class~ Assigned and discussed Semester 1 Paper 

HW~ Refined Thesis due tomorrow


1/6 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on T&S Reading, discussion and film clip on theme of glory vs. honor in war

HW~ Study for Thursday's Quiz (study guide here)

1/5 Classics

In-class~ Comparative One-Page Peer & Self  Evaluation

HW~ Finish Peer and Self Evaluation DUE BY 11:59 pm (bring completed rubrics to class tomorrow)


1/5 IB Block

In-class~ Reviewed causes of WWI and discussed American neutrality and entrance, reading time

HW~ Finish T&S reading notes 996-1015 DUE TOMORROW


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