American Studies Winter Break EC

Develop a two page (2-spaced/typed) narrative story in the style of A Christmas Story. Just as the film does, take a real life holiday (obviously doesn't need to be Christmas) experience and embellish it to make a humorous exaggerated story.


12/15 & 16 Classics

In-class~ Monty Python and the Holy Grail

HW~ Norse 3D Extra Credit Project

Have a fabulous Winter Break!

12/15 & 16 American Studies

In-class~ Diplomacy Research assignment, Causes of WWI

HW~ Unit 5 Take Home Essay DUE BY 11:59 to TURNITIN

Have a fabulous Winter Break!

12/14 Classics

In-class~ Monty Python and the Holy Grail

HW~ None

12/14 American Studies

In-class~ Imperialism readings and discussion (small group)

HW~ None due tomorrow, Unit 5 Take Home Essay DUE FRIDAY

12/13 Classics

In-class~ Norse Mythology quiz, Intro to Arthurian Legend

HW~ None

12/13 American Studies

In-class~ Imperialism...Hawaii & the Spanish-American War

HW~ Print this out

12/12 Classics

In-class~ Finished LotR, assigned final project, study time for Norse quiz

HW~ Study for Norse quiz TOMORROW

See Norse extra credit assignment below

12/12 American Studies

In-class~ Muckraking discussion, finished Progressive Era reforms

HW~ Immigration Narrative DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Unit 5 Take Home Essay (see below) DUE FRIDAY

American Studies Unit 5 Take Home Essay

In a thesis driven essay (5-paragraph minimum) you need to answer the following prompt using specific historical detail and analysis.

How does the era from 1870-1900 live up to Mark Twain's description of it as the Gilded Age?

Outside sources are not required, but if you use any outside sources, they must be cited using MLA.


Classics Norse 3-D Visual Extra Credit

You (and a partner if you wish) will create a 3-D depiction from our unit on Norse Mythology. It could depict one of the 9 worlds of the Norse, or it could depict a specific scene from the mythology we read.

The visual must be 3-D and components must be labeled.

20 culminating points possible


12/9 Classics

In-class~ LotR

HW~ None

12/9 American Studies

In-class~ Gilded Age World's Fair, Discussion on the Progressive Era

HW~ Critically read

Upcoming~ Immigration Narrative DUE TUESDAY (NEW DATE!)

American Studies 1st Semester BONUS Assignment

For our first semester bonus project you have the opportunity to earn extra credit in both courses by completing the following assignment tied to our current unit. For this project, you will be exploring our great city of Seattle.

Visit 3 of the following places. You will be creating a photo journal of your activities. The journal must include multiple images and written reflections of your thoughts on the activities.

The Space Needle (must go to the top)
Pacific Science Center
Ride the Ducks
The Underground Tour
Seattle Art Museum
Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (free admission)
Nordic Heritage Museum
Burke Museum
Seattle Museum of History and Industry
Museum of Flight
Northwest African American Museum
Wing Luke Asian Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

*** Several of the museums have free admission on certain days
*** The EMP is not included as it will be part of our 2nd semester bonus project


12/8 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd discussion (5th & 6th), LotR
HW~ None

12/8 American Studies

In-class~ Guided reading of education of the Gilded Age, group work time, The Century video

HW~ World's Fair Project, Reading Notes 520-526
Upcoming~ Immigration Narrative DUE MONDAY

12/7 Classics

In-class~ LotR

HW~ None

12/7 American Studies

In-class~ Library work period, The Yellow Wallpaper & The Story of an Hour quiz with discussion

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Gilded Age World's Fair FRIDAY, Immigration Narrative DUE MONDAY

12/6 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd discussion or quiz, started LotR

HW~ None

12/6 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Asian immigration, Jim Crow, and Women, read The Yellow Wallpaper and The Story of an Hour in Lit. books

HW~Iimmigration research or interview, readings from above if not done

12/3 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd Ch. 1-4 Boardtalk with debrief

HW~ Finish Sigurd

12/5 American Studies

In-class~ Industrialization Socratic Seminar, Immigration lecture

HW~ Reading Notes 564-573

12/2 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Ragnarok and Book of Revelation parallels, Norse Themes group activity

HW~ Sigurd the Volsung Ch. 1-4 (pg. 228)

12/2 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Meat Packing video, discussed urbanization, Emily Dickinson activity

HW~ Industrialization discussion prep, Immigration Narrative interview OR research

12/1 Classics

In-class~ Readings The Punishment of Loki & Ragnarok

HW~ Immortals Extra Credit DUE TOMORROW

12/01 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Whitman's connection to historical era, library time, Inventions ppt., started Meat Packing video

HW~ Wild West Museum DUE TOMORROW

11/30 Classics

In-class- Discussed Norse Cosmogony and Theft stories

HW~ The Death of Balder (pg. 218)

11/30 American Studies

In-class- Assigned World's Fair Project, Discussed Western frontier reading notes and the "cowboy"/"Wild West" mythology

HW~ Reading notes 467-476 DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Wild West Museum FRIDAY

11/29 Classics

In-class- Cosmogony reading check quiz, Read The Theft of Thor’s Hammer p. 224 and The Theft of Idun’s Apples p. 214

HW~ None

11/29 American Studies

In-class- Read the biography/intro to Walt Whitman on 530-531 with notes in journal.

Read I Hear America Singing (p. 532) & Song of Myself (p. 534) and answer the margin questions (Free Verse/Analyze Tone) and Text Analysis questions that go with both.

HW- Reading notes 488-497

11/28 Classics

In-class- Intro to Norse Mythology

HW- Comparative Analysis DUE WED. @ 9:30AM
Reading pg. 208-213 in World Mythology DUE TOMORROW

11/28 American Studies

In-class- Finished Far and Away, read intro to Whitman and Dickinson with notes, read intro to Organic poetry style with notes, assigned Wild West Museum & Immigration Narrative

HW- Huck Finn Essay DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming- Reading Notes 488-497 DUE WED.

11/22 Classics

In-class~ Writing Tips and Reminders

HW~ Comparative Analysis DUE TO TURNITIN.COM by 9:45 Wednesday morning

11/22 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn peer editing, intro to Unit 5, started Far and Away

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Huck Finn Paper DUE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH

Classics Turn It In Codes

2ND PERIOD  ID- 4587264
5TH PERIOD ID- 4587265
6TH PERIOD ID- 4587267


11/21 Classics

In-class~ Homeric Cycle Exam

HW~ Comparative Analysis Rough Draft DUE WEDNESDAY

11/21 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 4 Exam, reminders on quote integration in papers

HW~ Huck Finn Rough Draft DUE TOMORROW...Bring 2 copies for peer editing

American Studies HWP

Road to War Timeline. /40
Battle Chart. /20
Reading Notes 390-400 /15
Reconstruction jigsaw. /10

11/17 Classics

In-class- Thesis/Outline development review, more O' Brother Where Art Thou

HW- Comparative Analysis Outline DUE TOMORROW

Homeric Cycle Exam has been moved to MONDAY

11/17 American Studies

In-class- Library/Class time for Huck Finn research and Socratic Seminar prep, finished Reconstruction ppt.

HW- Finish Huck Finn Socratic Seminar prep

Homeric Cycle Exam Study Guide

Development of the Homeric Hero
Characters of Iliad and Odyssey
     Final Fates
Conflicts of Iliad
Achilles as a Tragic Hero
Underworld of Homer
Obstacles of Odysseus
Themes of the Odyssey
Film Comparative

11/16 Classics

In-class~ Comparative Analysis Topics DUE, started O' Brother Where Art Thou

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Comparative Outlines DUE FRIDAY
                   Homeric Cycle Exam FRIDAY

11/16 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn Objective Exam, started The Rise and Fall of Reconstruction ppt.

HW~ Huck Finn Outline DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Huck Finn Socratic Seminar FRIDAY
                   Unit 4 (Civil War) Exam MONDAY (New Date)
                   Huck Finn Rough Draft DUE TUESDAY (New Date)

11/15 Classics

In-class~ Odyssey reading check quiz, Odyssey themes group activity, assigned Midterm Comparative Analysis paper

HW~ Paper topic DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Paper Outline DUE FRIDAY, Homeric Cycle Exam FRIDAY

11/15 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn vocab quiz #2, Reconstruction plan jigsaw, finished Culture Shock video, checked working thesis statements

HW~ Study for Huck Finn multiple choice exam TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Huck Finn Outlines DUE THURSDAY
                  Huck Finn Socratic Seminar FRIDAY
                 Unit 4 History Exam FRIDAY

11/14 Classics

In-class~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar

HW~ Finish The Odyssey in turquoise World Mythology books (Ch. 5-Epilogue)

11/14 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn Journal #3 (see questions below if you needed more time in class), Ppt. on immediately aftermath of Civil War, library time

HW~ Huck Finn paper working thesis, study for Huck Finn vocab #2

Upcoming~ Huck Finn Multiple Choice Exam on Wednesday


Answer the following questions using quotes
1. What is the context to Huck deciding Jim was “white inside”? How is this quote controversial?

2. How do you view the following characters in the final chapters of the book? Huck, Tom, Jim?

3. Many critics argue the final chapters of the book (Primarily those taking place on the Phelps’ farm) ruin its intended message in many ways. What about the events that occur arguably harm to message of the book? Do you think that Twain’s overall message is damaged by these chapters? What occurs that still clearly support his message?

Classics Extra Credit for Immortals

1. View movie and keep movie stub.

2. Type a three paragraph comparative review. You must compare the film version of Theseus's story to the one we read in class at the same time that you are also reviewing the film itself.

3. Attach movie stub to essay and turn it in by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2ND


11/9 Classics

In-class~ Work time for Afterlife Socratic Seminar Prep & Hero Children's Book

HW~ Hero's Children Book DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar on MONDAY

11/9 American Studies

In-class~ Battle Chart with film clips

HW~ Huck Finn 33-38 & Reading Notes 390-400

11/8 Classics

In-class~ Odyssey 1-3 Reading Check, Assign Afterlife Socratic Seminar, Homer's Book of the Dead reading time

HW~ Notes on Homer's Book of the Dead (Classical Mythology pg. 355-361)

Upcoming~ Hero Children's Book DUE THURSDAY


11/8 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn Journal #2 (Included reading Chapter 32), Civil War Battle Chart Lecture

HW~ None due tomorrow

11/7 Classics

In-class~ Intro to The Odyssey, work time for reading and Hero Children's Book

HW~ Chapters 1-3 of The Odyssey in World Mythology books

Upcoming~ Hero Children's Book DUE THURSDAY

11/7 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn Vocab quiz #1, review Road to War timeline, Born to Trouble video with discussion on book banning

HW~ Ch. 27-31

11/4 Classics

In-class- Finished Troy, Hero Children's Book work time


11/4 American Studies

In-class- Satire Journal Boardtalk w/ discussion, Huck Finn vocab #1 review, start video The Cause

HW- Huck Finn Chapters 23-26

11/3 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Hero Children's Book, watched Troy

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Hero Children's Book DUE THURSDAY 11/10

11/03 American Studies

In-class~ Work time on Huck Finn Chapter 17-22 with Satire Journal & Road to Civil War timeline

HW~ Finish BOTH of the above which are DUE TOMORROW

11/2 Classics

In-class~ Troy

HW~ None

11/2 American Studies

In-class~ Chapter 14-16 Quote Quiz & Discussion, Intro to Civil War brainstorm

HW~ Huck Finn Ch. 17-22 DUE FRIDAY

11/1 Classics

In-class~ Troy

HW~ None

11/1 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn Journal #1 with discussion, listened to chapters 14 & 15

HW~ Read Chapter 16

10/31 Classics

In-class~ The Iliad Socratic Seminar

HW~ None

10/31 American Studies

In-class~ Huck Finn 1-8 Quiz and Boardtalk, discussion on superstition, reading time

HW~ Finish Chapters 9-13

10/27 Classics

In-class~ Iliad Chapter 1-4 small group discussion, reading time

HW~ Finish The Iliad through the Epilogue


American Studies Unit 3 HWP

Reform Reading Notes               /20
Judgment Day Video Notes       /10
Abolition Critical REadings (No Stamp)      /5
REading notes 249-256          /10
Rading notes 351-353           /10

TOTAL-       /55

10/27 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Unit 3 History Exam Review

HW~ Study for Unit 3 Exam

10/26 Classics

In-class~ Discuss Prologue to The Iliad

HW~ Chapters 1-4 of The Iliad in World Mythology books

10/26 American Studies

In-class~ Reformers Museum, Discussion on Texas Revolution

HW~ History Reading Notes 351-353

10/25 Classics

In-class~ Early heroes Quiz, Intro to Homeric Cycle and Hero, clip from 300

 HW~ World Mythology (turquoise) Pgs. 42 (start at role of Gods)-48 (End before Chapter 1)

Bring World Mythology books tomorrow

10/25 American Studies

In-class~ Romanticism/Transcendentalism Exam, Manifest Destiny ppt., work time

HW~ Finish Reformers Partner Project, History Reading notes 249-256

Upcoming~ Unit 3 History Exam FRIDAY

10/24 Classics

In-class~ Theseus reading check, discussion, & film

HW~ Study for Early Hero (Perseus, Heracle, Theseus) quiz tomorrow

Bring Turquoise World Mythology books on Wednesday

10/24 American Studies

In-class~ Civil Disobedience Socratic Seminar & Debrief, finish Women ppt., study time

HW~ Study for Romanticism/Transcendentalism Exam tomorrow, bring Journal for turn in

Upcoming~ Reformers Museum Wednesday, Unit 3 History Exam Friday

10/20 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Heracles destructive relationships with wmoen and death, watched Hercules

HW~ Print this out for class tomorrow

10/20 American Studies

In-class~ Finish Judgment Day video with discussion,  Evolution of Racism discussion

HW~ Critical Read

10/19 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Heracles and the hero archetype, started Hercules

HW~ Classical Mythology pgs. 576-584

10/19 American Studies

In-class~ Emerson journal entry with discussion, intro to abolition, started Judgment Day video w/ guiding questions

HW~ Thoreau's Stance on Abolition critical reading

Upcoming~ Constitution Retake Exam MONDAY

10/18 Classics

In-class~ Finished Clash of the Titans and discussed, began discussion on Heracles

HW~ Classical Mythology pgs. 576-584 DUE THURSDAY

10/18 American Studies

In-class~ Discuss Poe journal, Transcendentalism powerpoint, discussion on Second Great Awakening and early Education Reform in America

HW~ Literature reading pgs. 370-374 & Questions 1-4 & 7

10/17 Classics

In-class~ Clash of the Titans

HW~ Classical Mythology pgs. 563-574

10/17 American Studies

In-class~ The Red Masque of Death with journal entries, Reformer Unit reading notes

HW~ Finish the above if not done in class

10/14 Classics

In-class~ Perseus quiz and discussion, start Clash of the Titans

HW~ None

10/14 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 2 History Exam, Fall of the House of Usher quiz and film

HW~ None

10/13 Classics

In-class~ Intro to the Hero Archetype ppt.

HW~ Perseus reading (Classical Mythology pg 547-556)

10/13 American Studies

In-class~ Turned in Constitutional Issues paper, Unit 2 Exam review, Fall of the House of Usher reading

HW~ Study for Unit 2 Exam, compile Unit 2 HWP, finish Fall of the House of Usher


American Studies Turn It In Info

Class ID~ 4464396

Password~ bede

How to Cite the Constitution/Supreme Court Cases/ Etc.

Citing the Constitution

Works Cited:

The Constitution of the United States, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5.

The Constitution of the United States, Amendment 5.

In-text Citation:

(U.S. Const. art. I, sect. 8, cl. 5).

(U.S. Const. am. 5).

Citing a Lecture

Works Cited:

Stein, Bob. Keynote Address. Computers and Writing Conference. Union Club Hotel,

           Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. 23 May 2003.

In-Text Citation:


Citing Supreme Court cases

Works Cited:

King v. St. Vincent's Hospital. No. 90-889. Supreme Ct. of the US. 16 December 1991.

In-Text Citation:

(King v. St. Vinc.).

Citing Legislation

Works Cited:

U.S. Congress. "Sedition Act, 1918." United States Statutes at Large, 65th Cong., Sess. II, Chp. 75,

         p. 553-554.

In-text Citation:

(US Congress 553).

10/11 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Exam

HW~ None


10/11 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed MLA paper formatting, discussed Thanatopsis and Romantic poetry overview, Video and discussion on JQ Adams and Andrew Jackson

HW~ Constitutional Issue Final Due THURSDAY, History reading notes 297-303  due THURSDAY

Upcoming~ The Fall of the House of Usher DUE FRIDAY, Unit 2 History Exam FRIDAY

10/10 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Review

HW~ Study for Olympians Exam tomorrow

10/10 American Studies

In-class~ Constitutional Issue Rough Draft Peer Edit, Edgar Allan Poe video w/notes

HW~ Lit book. page 340 Questions 1-7

Upcoming~ Constitutional Issue Paper DUE THURSDAY
Unit 2 History Exam FRIDAY

10/7 Classics

In-class~ Polarity Chart review

HW~ Study for upcoming Olympians Exam on Tuesday

10/7 American Studies

In-class~ Powerpoint on approaches to writing a paper, BLUE book notes 198-208

HW~ Constitutional Issue Paper Rough Draft

10/6 Classics

In-class~ Finished discussion on Dionysus, read though Hermes chapter summary with guiding questions

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Olympians Exam MOVED to Tuesday

10/6 American Studies

In-class~ Small group Socratic Seminar on The Devil and Tom Walker, Reading check quiz on Early American Foreign Policy, Powerpoint on Madison and Monroe administrations

HW~ History Reading Notes 290-295,
6 Literary Terms applied with quotes to The Devil and Tom Walker

Upcoming~ Constitutional Issue Rough Draft DUE MONDAY

10/5 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to Romanticism, reading time for The Devil and Tom Walker

HW~ Finish The Devil and Tom Walker

10/5 Classics

In-class~ Finished Euripides Bacchae

HW~ Classical Mythology pg. 320-323 (Nature of Dionysus)

Print out this for class tomorrow

10/4 Classics

In-class~ Discussion and reading on Nature of Apollo, started reading on Euripides' Bacchae with discussion on Dionysus, handed out Olympians Exam review


Upcoming~ Olympians Exam on Monday 10/10

10/4 American Studies

In-class~ Watched Ken Burns documentary on Lewis and Clark, Lewis and Clark Narrative

HW~ Early Foreign Policy Note Reading

Upcoming~ Constitutional Issue Rough Draft DUE MONDAY

10/3 Classics

In-class- Discussed Athena and Apollo, watched excerpt of film on Oracle of Delphi


10/3 American Studies

In-class- Discussed emergence of political parties with a chart, Early Government Cause and Effect assignment


9/30 Classics

In-class~ Small group discussion on Exit Interview Q #1, Athena analysis questions

HW~ Classical Mythology Chapter 11 excerpt on Apollo...only read on his lovers (Cassandra-->Coronis). Chapter summary at is also sufficient

9/30 American Studies

In-class~ Review outlining and thesis writing process, BLUE Americans reading with questions on Washington Administration

HW~ Reading Notes 200-206

Upcoming~ Constitutional Issue Outline DUE TUESDAY

9/29 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on Artemis

HW~ Senior Exit Interview Question #1 & Chapter 8 in Classical Mythology books


9/29 American Studies

In-class~ Finished discussion on Bill of Rights, Consitutional Issues paper intro with research time

HW~ Topic and initial research DUE TOMORROW

9/28 Classics

In-class~ Artemis Scavenger Hunt

HW~ Bring Classical Mythology books tomorrow

Upcoming- Senior Exit Interview Question #1 (3 paragraphs, typed, single-spaced) DUE FRIDAY

9/28 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on Constitution, start discussion on Bill of Rights

HW~ Reading Notes 158-163

9/27 Classics


9/27 American Studies

In-class~ Constitution Scavenger Hunt

HW~ None

9/26 Classics

In-class~ Aphrodite and Anchises reading check, Pygmalion and Adonis readings with visual

HW~ None

9/26 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 1 Exam, Constitution pretest and discussion

HW~ History reading notes 144-149

9/23 Classics

In-class~ Recap of 1st Generation Olympians, Intro to 2nd generations and Polarity Chart

HW~ Classical Mythology (brown) pg. 197-203 (Aphrodite & Anchises)

Bring Classical Mythology books Monday

9/23 American Studies

In-class~ Liberty video on end of Revolutionary War with discussion

HW~ Study for Exam


9/22 Classics

In-class~ Monster and Creatures ppt.

HW~ None

9/22 American Studies

In-class~ Liberty video on Battle of Saratoga with discussion, passed out Unit 1 Exam Review

HW~ None

9/21 Classics

In-class~ Class discussion on Demeter and Persephone myth, turned in discussion questions

HW~ None

9/21 American Studies

In-class~ Finish critical reading on Common Sense and discuss along with excerpt of Declaration of Independence, Discuss strengths and weaknesses of militaries in the American Revolution

HW~ None

9/20 Classics

In-class~ Quiz on Zeus's Lovers with discussion

HW~ Demeter and Persephone in World Mythology book with discussion questions

9/20 American Studies

In-class~ Finish British Acts Chart and discuss, Critical reading on Common Sense

HW~ None

9/19 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on structure of Olympian Pantheon and first generation Olympians, film on Zeus

HW~ Lovers of Zeus reading, research and find 3 more lovers of Zeus, BRING WORLD MYTHOLOGY BOOKS TOMORROW (Blue)

9/19 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on French and Indian War and its connection to Revolution, Liberty video, work time on British Acts chart

HW~ None

Upcoming~ The Crucible Socratic Seminar Make-up Wednesday @ 9:15

9/16 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Quiz, discussion on College Essay writing

HW~ None

9/16 American Studies

In-class~ The Crucible Socratic Seminar, Discussion on social tensions of the early 18th century and the Great Awakening

HW~ Print and critically read this article

9/15 Classics

In-class~ Finished Olympians presentations

HW~ Prep for Olympians Quiz

9/15 American Studies

In-class~ Curcible Exam, Discussion/Lecture on Colonial Economics and Social Structure

HW~ Reading Notes 83-88, Finish Crucible Socratic Seminar prep

HWP Sheet
Why I Wrote the Crucible Critical Reading       /15
Pg. 199 Qs 4-7                                                /10
The Crucible Character Chart                          /20
The Crucible socratic Seminar Prep                  /20
                                             TOTAL              /65

9/14 Classics

In-class~ Olympian Presentations

HW~ None

9/14 American Studies

In-class~ Work/Study time for Crucible Exam and Socratic Seminar

HW~ History Reading Notes 59-63

9/13 Classics

In-class~ Preparation for Olympians Project

HW~ Finish Olympians Project

Olympians Presentation BEGIN TOMORROW

9/13 American Studies

In-class~ Finished The Crucible, Discussed John Proctor as a tragic hero

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ The Crucible Exam THURSDAY, The Crucible Socratic Seminar FRIDAY

The Crucible Homework Packet DUE FRIDAY

9/12 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Project

HW~ Bring supplies for project tomorrow

9/12 American Studies

In-class~ 9/11 discussion, Act III of The Crucible

HW~ Pg. 199 in Online Literature book ( Questions 4-7

9/9 Classics

In-class~ Creation Myths Quiz, Assigned Olympian for next week's project

HW~ None


9/9 American Studies

In-class~ Why I Wrote The Crucible open reading quiz, Watched Act II, 9/11 discussion

HW~ 15 minutes on 9/11 & Have a Great Weekend!

9/8 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Ages of Man, Read Flood Cycle

HW~ Study for Creation Myths Quiz tomorrow

9/8 American Studies

In-class~ Watched Act I of Crucible, Read Act II

HW~ Finish CR of Why I Wrote the Crucible

9/7 Classics

In-class~ Prometheus and Pandora Reading Check Quiz & Discussion

HW~ Read Ages of Man (Green World Mythology pps. 12-14)

9/7 American Studies

In-class~ Started Crucible Character Charts, Continued reading Act I

HW~ None due tomorrow-- Critical Reading of Why I Wrote The Crucible DUE FRIDAY

9/6 Classics

In-class~ Finished film on Creation of Gods myth and discussed, Reading on Prometheus and Pandora (Classical Mythology 88-94)

HW~ Finish Reading if not done in class

9/6 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Social Hysteria Formula with examples, Intro to Arthur Miller, Started Act I of The Crucible

HW~ Critical Reading Why I Wrote the Crucible by Arthur Miller DUE FRIDAY

9/2 Classics

In-class~ Review Cosmogony myth, watch film version of Zeus's rise to power.


9/2 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion over research on important Puritans, Quick ppt. on key Puritan ideals, Film on Salem Witch Trials


9/1 Classics

In-class~ Finished intro ppt., Read The Creation of the Gods of Titans

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

9/1 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on Pilgrims and Puritans with primary documents, Research on important Puritan figures

HW~ Finish research if not done in class

8/31 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Mythological Study ppt.

HW~ None

8/31 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion of American Studies Intro Journal, Notes on early colonization of America (Jamestown)

HW~ None

8/30 Classics

In-class~ Syllabus

HW~ Syllabus signature

8/30 American Studies

In-class~ Syllabus Review & American Studies Intro Journal

HW~ Syllabus signature

American Studies FINAL REVIEW!


American Studies FINAL HWP

70s Century Video Notes             /5
Pg. 1090 Qs 13-22                      /15
BLUE RN 978-986 w. Qs           /15
80s Century Video Notes             /5
Foreign Policy Reading Notes       /10
Bush v. Gore                                /5

TOTAL                                       /55

6/8 American Studies

In-class~ 80s/90s Museum, G.W. Bush Domestic Policies

HW~ None

6/8 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

6/7 American Studies

In-class~ Election of 2000, Intro to George W. Bush

HW~ 80s/90s Museum

6/7 Classics

In-class~ Final presentations

6/6 American Studies

In-class~ Clinton Administration

HW~ Bush v. Gore critical reading

6/6 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

6/3 American Studies

In-class~ 80s/90s Museum research time

HW~ None

6/3 Classics

In-class~ 2nd~ Finished King Arthur, 5th &6th~ Final Presentations

HW~ Prep for final presentations

6/2 American Studies

In-class~ Election of 1992, assigned 80s/90s Museum

HW~ None

6/2 Classics

In-class~ 2nd~ King Arthur   5th~ Final presentations   6th~ No class

HW~ Final prep

6/1 American Studies

In-class~ Boardtalk on Foreign Policy reading with discussion

HW~ None

6/1 Classics

In-class~ 2nd & 5th~  library work time for final 
6th~ Start final presentations

HW~ Final prep

5/31 American Studies

In-class~ 1980s Century video

HW~ Reading Notes on   

5/31 Classics

In-class~ 2nd period~ King Arthur, 5th period~ EC Game, 6th period~ Work period for final 

HW~ Prep for final presentations

5/25- 5/27 American Studies

In-class~ Finished the 1970s, 1980s Conservatism and Domestic Policy

HW~ BLUE 978-986 w/ Qs 2-3 on 981 & Qs 2-3 on 986

5/25-5/27 Classics

In-class~ Finished The Mists of Avalon

HW~ Prep for Final Presentations

5/24 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Nixon's presidency and Watergate

HW~ 60s Found Speech & pg. 1090 Qs 13-22

5/24 Classics

In-class~ The Mists of Avalon, final day for topic approval

HW~ None

"Found Speech" Speech List

JFK's Inaugural Address
JFK's Ich Bin Ein Berliner
MLK's I Have a Dream
MLK's Time To Break the Silence
RFK's Announcemnt of Martin Luther King's Death
RFK's On the Mindless Menace of Violence
Nixon's Silent Majority

5/23 American Studies

In-class~ 70s Century Video with notes

HW~ Submit 1968 Take-Home Essay by 11:59pm to

Upcoming~ Pg. 1090 Qs 13-22 DUE WEDNESDAY

5/23 Classics

In-class~ The Mists of Avalon

HW~ Final Project Topic

American Studies EMP Extra Credit

Using specific details answer the following questions. Attach your ticket to the typed responses.
1. Describe, using specific music from 3 different decades, the music scene that emerged from Seattle and is present at the EMP.

2. How has that Seattle music scene impacted American popular music?

3. Which was your favorite exhibit at the EMP? Why?

5/20 American Studies

In-class~ 60s Museum

HW~ 60s Take Home Essay DUE MONDAY @ 11:59 to

5/20 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar

HW~ Topic for final project


5/19 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 10 Exam

HW~ 1960s Museum tomorrow

Upcoming~ Unit 10 Take Home Essay (see below) DUE MONDAY @ 11:59 to

5/19 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar Prep

HW~ Socratic Seminar Prep must be complete by tomorrow

American Studies TAKE HOME ESSAY

Develop a thesis driven essay addressing the following prompt. Be sure to use SPECIFIC detail to support your points, as well as commentary.
Explain using specifics, why 1968 is often considered the most tumultuous year of the 20th century.

DUE MONDAY 5/23 to

5/18 American Studies

In-class~  Finished 60s Counterculture

HW~ Study for 60s Exam and put together Unit 10 HWP

Upcoming~ 60s Museum on FRIDAY

5/18 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Final Project, Once and Future King excerpt

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

5/17 American Studies

In-class~ Culture discussion, started Counterculture

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Unit 10 Exam & HWP 5/19
60s Museum 5/20
Found Speech due 5/25

5/17 Classics

In-class~ King Arthur boardtalk quiz, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

HW~ None


5/13 & 5/16 American Studies

In-class~ 60s Museum Research period, discussion on Vietnam w/ Mr. Finnerty

HW~ Activism Research

5/13 & 5/16 Classics

In-class~ Norse Mythology Culminating Quiz, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

HW~ King Arthur Ch. 1-3 in World Mythology book

5/12 American Studies

In-class~ Finished 1968, Discussed end of Vietnam and its legacy and lessons, started 1960s culture and counterculture, assigned 1960s Museum project

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Activism research DUE TUESDAY 5/17

5/11 American Studies

In-class~ The Lessons of Vietnam critical reading

HW~ Lessons reading and questions on Students Resistance and End of War DUE TOMORROW

5/12 Classics

In-class~ Finished The Lord of the Rings with discussion

HW~ Study for Norse culminating quiz TOMORROW

5/11 Classics

In-class~ The Lord of the Rings

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Norse culminating quiz FRIDAY

American Studies~ More speeches for Found Speech Project

Here are two more speeches for project.

Nixon's Silent Majority

MLK's A Time to Break Silence

5/10 American Studies

In-class~ 1968

HW~ Questions on Student Resistance and End of Vietnam  DUE THURSDAY

5/10 Classics

In-class~ The Lord of the Rings

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Norse culminating quiz on FRIDAY

5/9 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on Morality and Motives of War

HW~ None

5/9 Classics

In-class~ Lord of the Rings

HW~ None

EC Opportunity~ Thor with comparative review DUE MAY 27TH

5/6 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on nature of Vietnam War, Vietnam War film

HW~ Into the Dark critical reading

5/6 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd the Volsung Boardtalk, start Lord of the Rings

HW~ None

5/5 American Studies

In-class~ Structured Academic Controversy on Escalation of Vietnam War

HW~ Reading notes 1030-1034 (Stop before Tet Offensive), Martyr Project due tomorrow

5/5 Classics

In-class~ Reading time for Sigurd the Volsung (228-252), boardtalk topics given

HW~ Finish reading and prep for boardtalk tomorrow

5/4 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to Vietnam and Structured Academic Controversy on start of Vietnam War

HW~ Prepare for SAC on Vietnam tomorrow, you must be able to show me your preparation for both points A and B

5/4 Classics

In-class~ Ragnarok Cycle boardtalk

HW~ Comparative Analysis Essay DUE @ 11:59

Upcoming~ Sigurd the Volsung reading (228-252) DUE FRIDAY

5/3 American Studies

In-class~ Recap of Civil Rights movement, MLK's I Have a Dream speesh. RFK's Announcement of MLK's Death speech

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Martyr project DUE FRIDAY

5/3 Classics

In-class~ Read The Death of Balder, The Punishment of Loki, and Ragnarok

HW~ Finish reading if needed...boardtalk tomorrow.

5/2 American Studies

In-class~ Civil Rights Timeline Research, Civil Rights Martyr Project research time

HW~ Civil Rights Timeline DUE TOMORROW

5/2 Classics

In-class~ Read The Theft of Thor's Hammer & The Theft of Idun's Apples

HW~ Comparative Analysis Paper DUE DATE MOVED TO WEDNESDAY 5/4 @ 11:59

4/27-4/29 American Studies

In-class~ Kennedy Assassination discussion, started Civil Rights Timeline

HW~ Research Kennedy Conspiracy Theories DUE 4/28
Civil Rights Martyr Project DUE FRIDAY 5/6

4/27-4/29 Classics

In- class~ Intro to Norse Mythology, Read Birth, Death and Rebirth of the Universe with visual, Norse Gods Chart

HW~ Norse Gods Chart if not done in class

4/26 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Kennedy Politics

HW~ None

4/26 Classics

In-class~ Comparative Analysis Rough Draft Peer Editing

HW~ None due tomorrow

Kennedy's Inaugural Address

4/25 American Studies

In-class~ Election of 1960 discussion, Kennedy's Inaugural Address, Kennedy Domestic Affairs ppt.

HW~ Reading Notes 983-991 (Stop before Johnson)

Upcoming~ Jr. Project Film DUE THURSDAY

4/25 Classics

In-class~ Finished O' Brother Where Art Thou

HW~ Comparative Analysis Rough Draft DUE TOMORROW

4/22 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to the 1960s unit, 1960- The Road to Camelot critical reading

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

4/22 Classics

In-class~ Homeric Cycle Exam

HW~ Work on Comparative Analysis Rough Draft

Citation for Classics Handouts

Morford, Mark P.O. and Robert J. Lenardon.  Classical Mythology: Seventh Edition. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003. Print.

4/21 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 9 Exam, HWP packet turned in

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Jr. Project Film DUE THURSDAY 4/28

4/21 Classics

In-class~ O' Brother Where Art Thou

HW~ Study for Homeric Cycle exam

4/20 American Studies

In-class~ Finish Pop Culture/Conformity Powerpoint

HW~ Study for Unit 9 Exam , compile HWP (List below)

4/20 Classics

In-class~ Odyssey Themes, Outline due

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Homeric Cycle Exam FRIDAY, Rough Drafts DUE TUESDAY

American Studies Unit 9 Homework Packet

  1. Reading Notes 871-881                                                      /10
  2. Rosenberg Reflection                                                         /10
  3. Eisenhower Years Chart (2 stamps)                               /20
  4. The Other America Critical Reading (No Stamp)         /5
                                                                            TOTAL             /45

4/19 American Studies

In-class~ Conformity discussion

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Unit 9 Exam THURSDAY, After school study session WEDNESDAY

4/19 Classics

In-class~ Socratic Seminar debrief, Outlining & Thesis reminders, class time to work

HW~ Finish The Odyssey, Outline DUE TOMORROW

4/18 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Pleasantville, started conformity discussion

HW~ The Other America critical reading, JP Film script

Upcoming~ Unit 9 Exam on Thursday (see study guide below)

4/18 Classics

In-class~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar

HW~ Bring World Mythology books tomorrow

Upcoming~ Make-up Socratic Seminar Wednesday @ 9:00 (Only available to those who were gone with an excused absence)

American Studies- Unit 9 Review

WWIIàCold War
Cold War
Iron Curtain
Truman Doctrine
United Nations
Partition of Germany
NATO & Warsaw Pact
Weapons Race
Space Race
CIA & Espionage
    U2 Incident
Eisenhower Doctrine
Korean War
    Causes & Outcomes
2ND Red Scare    
Hollywood Ten
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Post War Economy
    GI Bill of Rights
1950s Economic Boom
    Conglomerates & Franchises
Social Conformity
Baby Boom
Life in Suburbia
Mass Media
    Television & Film
    Beat Movement
    Rock & Roll
    Rise of Teenage Culture
    Urban Poor & White Flight
    Urban Renewal
    Rural Poor
    Struggle of Latino Americans
    Struggle of Native Americans

4/15 American Studies

In-class~ Turned in Jr. Project Film outline, more Pleasantville

HW~ None

4/15 Classics

In-class~ Work period for Socratic Seminar prep

HW~ Socratic Seminar MONDAY, Comparative topics must be approved by MONDAY

4/14 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed 1950s economics and suburban conformity, started Pleasantville

HW~ None

4/14 Classics

In-class~ Finished Homer's Book of the Dead, assigned Afterlife Socratic Seminar, assigned Comparative Analysis Paper

HW~ Start working on Socratic Seminar prep

Upcoming~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar MONDAY, Comparative Outline DUE WEDNESDAY

4/13 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed 1950s economics and definition of culture (baby boom, conformity, etc.)

HW~ None

upcoming~ Jr. Project Film Outlines due Friday

4/13 Classics

In-class~ Read Homer's Book of the Dead (Book XI of The Odyssey)

HW~ None

4/12 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed 1950s Cold War elements

HW~ 2 Truman components on chart

4/12 Classics

In-class~ Turned in Hero Children Book, discussed Odyssey, discussed upcoming class assignments and unit structure

HW~ None

4/11 American Studies

In-class~ Assigned Jr. Project Film Presentation, worked with groups on topics HW~ Cold War section of Eisenhower Years chart

4/11 Classics

In-class~ Work period for Hero's Children Book or The Odyssey Chapters 1-3
HW~ Finish children's book and reading

4/1 American Studies

In-class~ Turned in Jr. Project, Good Night and Good Luck HW~ HAVE A GREAT SPRING BREAK!

4/1 Classics

In-class~ Finished Troy and discussed HW~ Have a Great Spring Break!

3/31 American Studies

In-class~ Rosenberg discussion, Korean War ppt. HW~ JUNIOR PROJECT DUE TOMORROW!!!!

3/31 Classics

In-class~ Troy HW~ None

3/30 American Studies

In-class~ Rosenberg reading and reflection HW~ Finish reflection, if not done in class Upcoming~ Jr. Project DUE FRIDAY

3/30 Classics

In-class~ 2nd period watched Troy. 5th & 6th attended Japanese Cultural Fair HW~ None

3/29 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed reading on origins of Cold War, discussed McCarthy Era hysteria HW~ Work on Jr. Project DUE FRIDAY

3/29 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Hero Children's Book, watched and discussed Troy

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Iliad Socratic Seminar Make-up TOMORROW @ 8:45

3/28 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to the 50s/Cold War, Nature of the Cold War discussion HW~ Compile HWP, Reading Notes 871-881 Upcoming~ Jr. Project FINAL DRAFT DUE FRIDAY

3/28 Classics

In-class~ Started Troy HW~ None Upcoming~ ILIAD SOCRATIC SEMINAR MAKE-UP IS WEDNESDAY @ 8:45

3/25 American Studies

In-class~ Jr. Project Rough Draft Peer Editing

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Jr. project Final Draft DUE FRIDAY 4/1

3/25 Classics

In-class~ Iliad Socratic Seminar

HW~ None

Iliad Socratic Seminar make-up will be WEDNESDAY AT 8:45

3/24 American Studies

In-class~ WWII Essay Exam

HW~ Jr. Project Rough Draft DUE TOMORROW

3/24 Classics

In-class~ Prep time for Iliad Socratic Seminar

HW~ Finish prep(You cannot participate in Socratic Seminar unless prep is COMPLETE)

3/23 American Studies

In-class~ Finished WWII

HW~ Prep for WWII Essay Exam tomorrow

Upcoming~ Jr. Project Rough Draft DUE FRIDAY

3/23 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on The Iliad ch. 1-4

HW~ Read Ch. 5 & 6

Upcoming~ Iliad Socratic Seminar on Friday

3/22 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion & powerpoint on Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, essay exam prompts handed out

HW~ None due tomorrow, WWII Essay Exam THURSDAY, Jr. Project Rough Draft due FRIDAY

3/22 Classics

In-class~ Excerpts from 300, myths preceding The Iliad , The Iliad ch. 1-4

HW~ Finish ch. 1-4 of The Iliad, bring books tomorrow

3/21 American Studies

In-class~ Pacific Theatre of War up to atomic bombings

HW~ Atomic Bomb research assignment

Upcoming~ Japanese Internment Soc. Seminar Make-up TUESDAY AFTERSCHOOL
WWII Essay Exam THURSDAY 3/24
Jr. Project Rough Draft DUE FRIDAY 3/25

3/21 Classics

In-class~ Early Heroes quiz, Intro to the Homeric Hero

HW~ Bring World Mythology books to class

3/18 American Studies

In-class~ Finished War in Europe & Intro to Pacific Theatre, Bataan Death March reading

HW~ Critically read article of Bataan Death March

3/18 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Theseus & watched video

HW~ Prep for Early Heroes Quiz

3/17 American Studies

In-class~ Jr. project examples and writing tips

HW~ None due tomorrow

3/16-3/17 Classics

In-class~ Finished The Clash of the Titans

HW~ Theseus reading

3/15 American Studies

In-class~ Continued European Theatre (focused on Yalta Conference), 4-Level outline Peer Edit

HW~ Plagiarism assignment (follow link below)

3/15 Classics

In-class~ Clash of the Titans

HW~ None

3/14 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed 4-level outlines, quiz on minorities during WWII, discussion on D-day and initial push to liberate France

HW~ 4-Level Outline DUE TOMORROW

3/14 Classics

In-class~ Perseus quiz and discussion, started Clash of the Titans

HW~ None

3/11 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed European Theatre of War

HW~ Read 855-861 (skip section on Japanese Internment) for Quiz Monday

3/11 Classics

In-class~ Finished Hercules, discussed Heracles

HW~ Perseus reading

3/10 American Studies

In-class~ Japanese Internment Socratic Seminar

HW~ None

3/10 Classics

In-class~ Watched Hercules, Heracles Reading Check Quiz

HW~ None

3/9 American Studies

In-class~ Assigned Japanese Internment Socratic Seminar questions, Junior Project time

HW~ Japanese Internment Entrance Sheet DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Revised Thesis must be approved by FRIDAY

3/9 Classics

In-class~ Watched Hercules

HW~ Read The Labor and Death of Heracles on pg. 27 in your World Mythology books

3/8 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Japanese Internment, watched Rabbit in the Moon

HW~ junior project Turn-in #2 DUE TOMORROW

3/8 Classics

In-class~ Intro to the Hero unit

HW~ None


3/7 American Studies

In-class~ Finished America's Road to War powerpoint, discussed Pearl Harbor attack, watch Pearl Harbor film, intro to Japanese Internment

HW~ Go to Click on Causes of Incarceration and visit at least three sections of that page. After perusing the site, write a one-page reflection on what you read and saw there using both specific details and your own thoughts. DUE TOMORROW.

Upcoming~ JP Turn-in #2 DUE WEDNESDAY

3/7 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Exam

HW~ None


3/4 American Studies

In-class~ America's Road to War powerpoint

HW~ Continue work on Junior Project

Upcoming~ JP Turn-in #2 Wednesday

3/4 Classics

In-class~ Review for Olympians Exam

HW~ Study for exam

3/3 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed Dictator Chart

HW~ Continue to work on Jr. project

3/3 Classics

In-class~ Reviewed Dionysus, assigned Homeric Hymn to Hermes

HW~ Homeric Hymn to Hermes


Exam has 4 sections- Matching (Gods), Multiple Choice, Identification (Image & Quote), and Short Answer

In order to do well on the exam you should review the readings that we did in class pertaining to each god. Be sure to review each god’s nature, the myths that define that nature, and how that nature ties to how humans worshipped or perceived them. Be sure to understand the concepts of polarity and duality, as well as subjugation of women. You need to understand archetypes and their importance. You should also understand the idea of etiological myths.

Jr. Project Afterschool Help

Don't forget that I am available afterschool for one-on-one guidance with your Jr. projects.

3/2 American Studies

In-class~ Jr. Project Turn-in #1, research time, dictator chart time

HW~ Dictator chart DUE TOMORROW

3/2 Classics

In-class~ Apollo quiz and discussion

HW~ Dionysus reading

Jr. Project Afterschool Help

Don't forget that I am available afterschool for one-on-one guidance with your Jr. projects. Be sure to sign-up for a meeting time & come with questions.

3/1 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to WWII, thesis statement reminders

HW~ Jr. Project Turn-in #1 DUE TOMORROW
Dictator Chart DUE THURSDAY

3/1 Classics

In-class~ Love's of Apollo discussion

HW~ Apollo reading

2/28 American Studies

In-class~ Jr. Project Assignment Intro & Research Time

HW~ first Jr. Project turn-in #1 DUE WEDNESDAY

2/28 Classics

In-class~ Athena myths & discussion

HW~ None

2/17 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 7 Exam and HWP due

HW~ None

2/17 Classics

See post below for 2/17 in class work.

Artemis Scavenger Hunt Link

Directions: You and a partner will be hunting for information on Artemis. You need to FULLY answer the questions found at the link below. BOTH PARTNERS MUST HAVE THE ANSWERS WRITTEN. Any incorrect answers will knock you out of the hunt. Be sure to include specific details in your answers.

1st place team~ 6 extra credit points & a box of sugar cookies
2nd place team~ 4 extra credit points & a donut each
3rd place team~ 2 extra credit points

Go Here:

2/16 American Studies

In-class~ Review for exam, passed out HWP sheets

HW~ Prep for exam tomorrow

2/16 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Aphrodite and read Pygmalion and Venus & Adonis

HW~ None

2/15 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Great Depression and its legacy

HW~ Study for upcoming exam on Thursday

2/15 Classics

In-class~ Recapped 1st generation Olympians, intro to 2nd generation polarity chart, Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite

HW~ Finish Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite if not done in class

2/10-2/14 American Studies

In-class~ New Deal jigsaw notes and discussion, started escapist and realist entertainment in the 30s

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Unit 7 Exam and Homework Packet THURSDAY 2/17

2/10-2/14 Classics

In-class~ Read Demeter and Persephone with discussion ?s, discussed Poseidon his monstrous children and other mythical creatures

HW~ None

3/9 American Studies

In-class~ New Deal Project poster time

HW~ Finish New Deal posters if not done in class

Upcoming~ Reading Notes 777-783 DUE FRIDAY

3/9 Classics

In-class~ Loves of Zeus quiz and discussion

HW~ Bring World Mythology books tomorrow

2/8 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed philosophies of Hoover and Roosevelt, assigned New Deal project

HW~ None due tomorrow

2/8 Classics

In-class~ Finished Zeus video, assigned Zeus's lovers reading

HW~ Find 5 more examples of Zeus's infidelity

2/7 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on effects of the Great Depression, more 30s Century video

HW~ Hoover/Roosevelt readings and comparative analysis sheet

2/7 Classics

In-class~ Olympians quiz, Clash of the Gods~ Zeus video

HW~ None

2/4 American Studies

In-class~ Turned in 20s Narrative, finished Causes of the Great Depression, discussed effects of Great Depression on people, started 30s Century video

HW~ Read 745-750 (notes optional... quiz Monday)

2/4 Classics

In-class~ Finished Olympian Presentations

HW~ Study for Olympians quiz

2/3 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on causes of the Great Depression

HW~ 20s Narrative DUE TOMORROW

2/3 Classics

In-class~ Olympian Presentations

HW~ None

2/2 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion Economic Boom and Bust during the 20s

HW~ None due tomorrow...20s Narrative DUE FRIDAY

2/2 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Project prep time

HW~ Olympians Presentations on THURSDAY and FRIDAY

2/1 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on the Lindbergh Kidnapping and the American fascination with crime

HW~ Reading Notes 723-733

2/1 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Project research time

HW~ Olympians Presentations on THURSDAY and FRIDAY

1/31 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed leisure time, entertainment and celebrities in the 20s, assigned 20s Narrative

HW~ 20s Narrative due Friday

1/31 Classics

In-class~ Creation Myths Quiz, assigned Olympians Partner Project

HW~ None due tomorrow... Olympians Presentations on Thursday and Friday

1/31 Classics

In-class~ Creation Myths Quiz, assigned Olympians Partner Project

HW~ None due tomorrow... Olympains Presentations on Thursday and Friday

1/28 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Century video on 20s, primary source readings and discussion on 20s women

HW~ Sacco-Vanzetti Newspaper DUE MONDAY

1/28 Classics

In-class~ Reading Check Quiz on Flood Cycle, Flood Cycle visual

HW~ Study for Creation Myths Quiz on MONDAY

1/27 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed Prohibition & Organized Crime & Evolution vs. Christian Fundamentalism, started The Century video on the 20s

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Sacco-Vanzetti newspapers DUE MONDAY

1/27 Classics

In-class~ The Ages of Man & The Flood Cycle

HW~ Bring books

1/26 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed the KKK and other White Supremacy groups and their resurgence in the 1920s

HW~ Reading Notes 699-705

Upcoming~ Sacco-Vanzetti Newspapers DUE MONDAY

1/26 Classics

In-class~ The Legend of Prometheus and Pandora

HW~ Bring books tomorrow

1/25 American Studies

In-class~ Sacco-Vanzetti newspapers, see link below for the research page

HW~ None ude tomorrow

Sacco-Vanzetti Newspapers DUE MONDAY

1/25 Classics

In-class~ Discussed creation myths, read The Creation of the Titans and Gods in teal World Mythology books

HW~ None

Sacco Vanzetti Research Link

1/24 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to the 1920s

HW~ Reading Notes 712-721

1/24 Classics

In-class~ Syllabus & Intro to Mythology

HW~ Syllabus signing

1/18 American Studies

In-class~ Final Review Jeopardy

HW~ Study for Final , prepare Final HWP

1/18 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

HW~ Prep for Final Presentations


1/14 American Studies

In-class~ Resolution to WWI notes

HW~ Study for upcoming final

1/14 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

HW~ Prep for Final Presentations

1/13 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed Domestic policies and changes during WWI

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Final Exam & Unit 5 & 6 HWP due on THURSDAY JANUARY 20TH

1/13 Classics

In-class~ Finished King Arthur

HW~ King Arthur Character Comparative Extra Credit DUE TOMORROW

FINAL PRESENTATIONS BEGIN TOMORROW!!! Be sure to email me any powerpoints you will be using in advance.

1/12 American Studies

In-class~ Handed out Final review & HWP sheet, prep time

HW~ Reading notes 664-668

1/12 Classics

In-class~ Final Project work period

HW~ None


1/06-1/11 American Studies

In-class~ American Imperialism & Diplomacy, the rise of WWI, Glory and Honor in War

HW~ None due tomorrow... Reading notes 664-668 DUE THURSDAY

1/06-1/11 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar, King Arthur film

HW~ Work of Final Project

1/5 American Studies

In-class~ Muckraking Discussion

HW~ Reading note 589-596 DUE FRIDAY

1/5 Classics

In-class~ Final Project work time, handed out supplemental Arthur readings & Socratic Seminar prep sheets, final approval day for Final Projects

HW~ None...Bring world World Mythology books tomorrow

King Arthur Socratic Seminar FRIDAY

1/4 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Progressive Era Legislation & Constitutional Amendments, Intro to American Age of Imperialism

HW~ Finish Muckraking discussion questions

1/4 Classics

In-class~ King Arthur Prologue-Chapter 3 Boardtalk

HW~ Finish King Arthur


1/3 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Progressivism, watched President's video on Roosevelt and Taft

HW~ Muckrakers reading with ?s DUE WEDNESDAY

1/3 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Final Project

HW~ Reading 292-304 in World Mythology book



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