12/1 Classics

In-class~ Readings The Punishment of Loki & Ragnarok

HW~ Immortals Extra Credit DUE TOMORROW

12/01 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Whitman's connection to historical era, library time, Inventions ppt., started Meat Packing video

HW~ Wild West Museum DUE TOMORROW

11/30 Classics

In-class- Discussed Norse Cosmogony and Theft stories

HW~ The Death of Balder (pg. 218)

11/30 American Studies

In-class- Assigned World's Fair Project, Discussed Western frontier reading notes and the "cowboy"/"Wild West" mythology

HW~ Reading notes 467-476 DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Wild West Museum FRIDAY

11/29 Classics

In-class- Cosmogony reading check quiz, Read The Theft of Thor’s Hammer p. 224 and The Theft of Idun’s Apples p. 214

HW~ None

11/29 American Studies

In-class- Read the biography/intro to Walt Whitman on 530-531 with notes in journal.

Read I Hear America Singing (p. 532) & Song of Myself (p. 534) and answer the margin questions (Free Verse/Analyze Tone) and Text Analysis questions that go with both.

HW- Reading notes 488-497

11/28 Classics

In-class- Intro to Norse Mythology

HW- Comparative Analysis DUE WED. @ 9:30AM
Reading pg. 208-213 in World Mythology DUE TOMORROW

11/28 American Studies

In-class- Finished Far and Away, read intro to Whitman and Dickinson with notes, read intro to Organic poetry style with notes, assigned Wild West Museum & Immigration Narrative

HW- Huck Finn Essay DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming- Reading Notes 488-497 DUE WED.


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