9/14 Classics

In-class~ Genesis quiz and quick discussion, tabletop on corruption, read Ages of Man (WM pg. 12)

HW~ Read Flood Cycle in World Mythology pg 21-25

9/14 IB Block

In-class~ Road to Revolution Timeline jigsaw and discussion, quick discussion of Colonial writings prior to Dec. of Ind. 

HW~ T&S 231-243 DUE MONDAY

9/13 Classics

In-class~ Read and analyzed Prometheus and Pandora

HW~ Read excerpt from Genesis with comparative focus

9/13 IB Block

In-class~ Quick discussion on French and Indian War, assign Road to Revolution Jigsaw Timeline with work time

HW~ Finish Road to Revolution Jigsaw Timeline entries

9/12 Classics

In-class~ Analysis discussion of The Creation of the Titans and Gods 

HW~ None

9/12 IB Block

In-class~ Finished discussion on Colonial social structure and legacy of regional identities, quick tabletop on mercantilism and salutary neglect

HW~ None

9/11 Classics

In-class~ Read The Creation of the Titans and Gods (World Mythology pg.7), started discussion

HW~ None

9/11 IB Block

In-class~ Social structures on colonial regions, Salem Witch trials & Hysteria Formula


9/10 Classics

In-class~ Finished Intro to Classics ppt.

HW~ None

9/10 IB Block

In-class~ Colonial Snapshot ppt.


Upcoming~ T&S 162-170 DUE WEDNESDAY


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