12/9 Classics

In-class~ LotR

HW~ None

12/9 American Studies

In-class~ Gilded Age World's Fair, Discussion on the Progressive Era

HW~ Critically read http://bedeclassdocs.blogspot.com/2011/12/muckraker-writings.html

Upcoming~ Immigration Narrative DUE TUESDAY (NEW DATE!)

American Studies 1st Semester BONUS Assignment

For our first semester bonus project you have the opportunity to earn extra credit in both courses by completing the following assignment tied to our current unit. For this project, you will be exploring our great city of Seattle.

Visit 3 of the following places. You will be creating a photo journal of your activities. The journal must include multiple images and written reflections of your thoughts on the activities.

The Space Needle (must go to the top)
Pacific Science Center
Ride the Ducks
The Underground Tour
Seattle Art Museum
Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (free admission)
Nordic Heritage Museum
Burke Museum
Seattle Museum of History and Industry
Museum of Flight
Northwest African American Museum
Wing Luke Asian Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

*** Several of the museums have free admission on certain days
*** The EMP is not included as it will be part of our 2nd semester bonus project


12/8 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd discussion (5th & 6th), LotR
HW~ None

12/8 American Studies

In-class~ Guided reading of education of the Gilded Age, group work time, The Century video

HW~ World's Fair Project, Reading Notes 520-526
Upcoming~ Immigration Narrative DUE MONDAY

12/7 Classics

In-class~ LotR

HW~ None

12/7 American Studies

In-class~ Library work period, The Yellow Wallpaper & The Story of an Hour quiz with discussion

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Gilded Age World's Fair FRIDAY, Immigration Narrative DUE MONDAY

12/6 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd discussion or quiz, started LotR

HW~ None

12/6 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed Asian immigration, Jim Crow, and Women, read The Yellow Wallpaper and The Story of an Hour in Lit. books

HW~Iimmigration research or interview, readings from above if not done

12/3 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd Ch. 1-4 Boardtalk with debrief

HW~ Finish Sigurd

12/5 American Studies

In-class~ Industrialization Socratic Seminar, Immigration lecture

HW~ Reading Notes 564-573

12/2 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Ragnarok and Book of Revelation parallels, Norse Themes group activity

HW~ Sigurd the Volsung Ch. 1-4 (pg. 228)

12/2 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Meat Packing video, discussed urbanization, Emily Dickinson activity

HW~ Industrialization discussion prep, Immigration Narrative interview OR research


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