3/23 IB HL 2 Update

With the announcement of IB exams being cancelled (see the SHS IB page), I am at a bit of a loss as to how to move forward. We should have information by the end of the week with more details on how scores will be awarded and how we should wrap up the courses.

Until then, if you are interested in moving forward with Vietnam, here is a chapter on Search and Destroy Missions  from an US Army published book on Vietnam Strategy by Lieutenant General John H. Hay, Jr.

3/23 IB 11th Block Update

For our OPTIONAL resources this week we are going to continue exploring 1950s culture.

Here is the Nonconformity ppt that we didn't finish in class, and a direct excerpt from Michael  Harrington's 1960 book The Other America Explore if you choose to.

The ppt. leaves off with a discussion question on The Other America and nonconformists by circumstance. I have opened a class discussion on turnitin.com for you guys to explore your thoughts on The Other America (text book reading from last week or excerpt) or the Levittown Myers reading from last week, or any other ideas on nonconformity by circumstance.

For those wanting to work on the IA, I strongly suggest working on the 3-level Outline and getting feedback before moving on to drafting. Turnitin is still open for 3-level submissions.

3/23 Classics Update

This week, for our OPTIONAL  study we are going to start The Aeneid in World Mythology.

Here is a powerpoint that introduces Virgil the author and give the context to the work that was actually written as a piece of state propaganda for Caesar Augustus.

For this week, we will do Chapters 1-5 (pg. 119), with an OPTIONAL turnitin discussion where I will post some questions that you can respond to or you can pose questions as well.


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