3/28 Classics

In-class- Norse Cosmology visual notes (Yggdrasil)

HW- Norse Comogony myth (208-213) DUE TOMORROW

3/28 IB Block

In-class- Civil Rights work period

HW- IA Investigation Rough Draft DUE TOMORROW (hard copy, research ? on top, full citations and Works Cired)

3/27 Classics

In-class~ Quick final discussion of Aeneid, started Intro to Norse Mythology

HW~ Odyssey Film Project DUE TOMORROW

3/27 IB Block

In-class~ Election of 1964 and LBJ's Great Society

HW~ Civil Right Group Presentations

Upcoming~ IA Investigation Rough Draft DUE FRIDAY

3/26 Classics

in-class- Afterlife Socratic Seminar

HW- Finish The Aeneid (ch. 7) for TOMORROW

3/25 Classics

In-class~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar library time

HW~  Afterlife Socratic Seminar MIDTERM TUESDAY

3/25 IB Block

In-class~ Road to Camelot reading and watched Kennedy's Inaugural Address

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ T&S 1317-1325 DUE WEDNESDAY, IA Investigation Rough Draft DUE FRIDAY


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