10/16 IB Block

In-class~ Hazel Wolf

HW~ Reading Notes on Manifest Destiny 

10/16 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Artemis and the Triple Goddess, reading time

HW~ Classical Mythology 232-243 (Notes or quiz Monday)

10/15 IB Block

In-class~ Finished discussion on women, assigned and discussed Immigrant Oral Presentation

HW~ Reading notes (NOT CRITICAL READING) on The Changing Workplace & Market Revolution , Unit 1 Exam Reflection (optional)

10/15 Classics

In-class~ Artemis Scavenger Hunt 

HW~ None

10/13 IB Block

In-class~ Discussion on Emergence of Women's Rights movement

HW~ T&S Notes 475-482 & 512-518 and critically read Women Primary Sources 

10/13 Classics

In-class~ Discussed Aphrodite and Anchises myth, read Aphrodite/Ares/Hephaestus myth, and jigsawed Pygmalion (Classical Mythology pg. 192) and Adonis (pg. 194) myths

HW~ None


10/09 IB Block

In-class~ Finished Africans in America: Judgment Day video and discussed evolution of racism and slavery

HW~ Critically read Zinn; Chapter 6 DUE TUESDAY

Unit 1 Essay Prompts

A) Analyse how a specific battle or military campaign was influenced by the strengths and weaknesses of the British and Colonial militaries.

B) “The war of independence was caused by British political tyranny.” To what extent do you agree with this view?

C) Compare and contrast the British and Colonial perspectives of three events or legislative acts between 1763-1775.

D) Analyse how the colonists were able to win their independence against the conventionally stronger British military.

E) Evaluate the influence of minority groups (social, political, racial, religious etc.) in Colonial American history. 

10/09 Classics

In-class~ Read the myth of Aphrodite & Anchises (Classical Mythology 197-205) with guided reading questions



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