4/7 IB HL 2 Update

I know that many of you are still swamped with IAs.

Here is your OPTIONAL supplemental exploration for our final week before Spring Break.

Choose a Cold War film to watch. You should watch it through two lenses: critical for historical accuracy, as well as through a Lang lens for film techniques and director/screenwriter choices.

Film Suggestions (Not an exhaustive list)
Bridge of Spies
Thirteen Days
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Charlie Wilson's War
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The Manchurian Candidate
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Good Night, and Good Luck

*Please note that some are rated R. Do not choose unless parents approve.

4/7 IB 11th Block Update

For our final week of optional study, we will continue with extra time to explore what was posted last week, which is what we will be moving into the week after Spring Break. (see below)

I will also be hosting two Zoom Q&As. The invitations are in this week's email. These are completely optional.

Wednesday 1:00pm- IA Q&A to field questions on structure/process/new timeline
Thursday 1:00pm- Cuba Q&A to field clarifying questions on content and activities on Cuba

Cuba Content

 Please read through this entire ppt for details.

Cuba Resources (I recognize not everyone has Netflix; not all 10 resources are required.)

1) The Cuba Libre Story: Episode 4: The Ragtag Revolution  (Netflix)
2) Cuba: Guerrillas Take Power 
3) Oxford History of the Americas pg. 244-256
4) A Decade of Revolution in Cuba
5) Oxford Authoritarian States: Consolidation of Power and Domestic Policy of Castro 
6)The Cuba Libre Story: Episode 6: Of Soviets and Saviors (Netflix)
7) CNN: Cold War Cuba 1959-1962
8) Castro: Women and LGBTQ+ ppt 
9) How Should History Remember Fidel Castro? 
10) Castro's Legacy: How the Revolution Inspired and Appalled the World

Internal Assessment 
For those of you who have submitted 3-level outlines and are prepared to move to drafting the Investigation section, here is some guidance.

Turnitin.com is open for investigation rough drafts. Please do not submit a draft unless you have submitted a 3-level outline and received feedback from me.

4/7 Classics Update

In our final week of optional study, we will continue to look at work that we will be digging into the first week back from Spring Break, as we move into required study.

As explained last week, these will be required works that we will look at, but because they are very complex you have the option to look at them earlier and with more time to explore them.

If you have not looked at last week's, here it is again.  I would look at that before moving to this week's.

For this week, we be moving on to Virgil's Book of the Dead (Bk VI of The Aeneid). If you chose to not read the first 5 books of The Aeneid, you can still look at this with the focus on how Virgil depicts the nature of death and afterlife.

All of the Books of the Dead (Homer, Plato, and Virgil) also make up Chapter 15 in our Classical Mythology book. So if you have that book with you and you would rather just look at the chapter that works as well.


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