IB HL 2 Paper 3 Exam Review Resources

Paper 3 Syllabus Focus

Paper 3 Studying Suggestions and Practice Prompts

IB HL 2 Vietnam Resources

As I referenced in my email this morning, I will start updating with resources for Vietnam and the End of the Cold War.

Causes of Vietnam OPTIONAL resources

Episode 2: Riding the Tiger  of Ken Burns:Vietnam  (Non-Netflix)  explores 1961-1963 and focuses on Kennedy's decisions and the Diem regime.

Episode 2: America's Mandarin of Vietnam: A Television History explores 1954-1963 and focuses on broader Cold War policy applied to Vietnam and Diem.

Here are two opposing pieces on the inevitability of escalation of Vietnam. Read them with a critical lens looking for where the two authors agree and how you could evaluate them for strengths and limitations.

IB 11th Block 3-Level Outline

Here is some guidance for the IA 3-level Outline. 

As I discussed in my email this morning, it is open on turnitin.com to submit for feedback, but is now optional with a flexible submission.


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