1/11 Classics

In-class~ Work period for film project

HW~ Finish viewing film over the weekend

1/11 IB Block

In-class~ Yalta Conference 

HW~ Battle Jigsaw & Memorial DUE MONDAY


1/10 Classics

In-class~ Finished Maleficent with discussion, assigned Film Project 

HW~ Finish Maleficent analysis

Contemporary Hero Score Guide

1/10 IB Block

In-class~ Women and Minority SS & work period for Pacific Battle Jigsaw

HW~ Jigsaw Monday

1/9 Classics

In-class~ Collected Homework Packet, brief discussion on motif and symbols of Maleficent, more film

HW~ None

1/9 IB Block

In-class~ Review of European Theatre, Intro the Pacific Theatre, assigned Battle Jigsaw

HW~ Women and Minorities Socratic Seminar tomorrow, Battle Jigsaw Monday (assignment linked above)

Links to Road to War ppt & primary source documents for those absent last week

1/8 Classics

In-class~ Discussed the Abandoned Heroine archetype, started Maleficent with film analysis sheet

HW~ Compile HWP to get checked off tomorrow, start brainstorming films to use for Contemporary Hero Film Presentation (will be assigned formally Thursday)

1/8 IB Block

In-class~ Finished The Century: Homefront, Women and Minorities Prompt/Perspective worktime and discussion

HW~ Exploreand note take on the Harvard research guide on Women during WWII & the PBS site of Civil Rights and Minorities during WWII  adding to your detail and understanding of perspectives and examples/evidence of Women and Minorities. (I feel this is more beneficial to you than the reading review of Europe. We will review that in class tomorrow)

1/7 Classics

In-class~ Graded discussion on Hercules and Theseus

HW~ None

1/7 IB Block

In-class~ Quick discussion on Japanese Internment and treatment of Japanese in Canada and Latin America, started The Century: Homefront video

HW~ Oxford 213-221 DUE  TOMORROW 


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