11/21 IB HL 2

In-class~ Paper 1 passback with discussion , tabletop discussion on Yalta and Potsdam with debrief

HW~ Prep reading for TUESDAY'S Socratic Seminar: Oxford Women and WWII  Historiographical Perspective on Impact of WWII

Other sites to explore
The War at Home 
Harvard Women in World War II (same resource as last year)
The Japanese women Who Married the Enemy
Social Effects of WWII  (Includes minorities which does fall under social impact if defined)

11/21 Classics

In-class~ Oedipus (137-145) and Blindess journal

HW~ None

11/21 IB 11th Block

In-class~ US Imperialism

HW~ American as a World Power reading DUE TOMORROW

11/20 Classics

In-class~ Finished Intro to Oedipus and started play (127-137)

HW~ None

11/19 IB HL 2

In-class~ Class scoring for presentations, debrief of presentations, graded discussion on Practices of WWII with debrief, brief review of early WWII diplomatic conferences 

HW~ Yalta and Potsdam reading DUE THURSDAY

Upcoming~ Effects of WWII Socratic Seminar TUESDAY (11/26)

11/19 IB 11th Block

In-class~ Finished accomplishments of Progressive Era, Native Americans in the Gilded Age and Progressive Failures

HW~ None

11/18 IB HL 2

In-class~ Pratices of Wat in the Pacific Theatre Paper 2 Presentations

HW~ None

11/18 Classics

In-class- Intro to Greek Drama

HW~ None

11/18 IB 11th Block

In-class- Progressive Era

HW- T&S 770-775

11/15 IB HL 2

In-class~ European Theatre Practices of War Presentations

HW~ Pacific Context reading for Monday's Pacific Presentations

11/15 Classics

In-class~ Perseus quiz and graded discussion

HW~ Creative Mythology projects DUE MONDAY

11/15 IB 11th Block

In-class~ World's Fair and Voices of Marginalization Socratic Seminar

HW~ None


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