6/12 American Studies

In-class~ Finished History curriculum through 2008 Election

HW~ Study for Root Vocab #8 Quiz (List Here)

Final Review  Sheet

6/7 American Studies

In-class~ Lone Ranger & Tonto choice short stories with response, Election of 2000 Socratic Seminar

HW~ Study for Root Vocab Quiz #7

6/6 American Studies

In-class~ Finished 90s Cultural Literacy ppt., read Sherman Alexie short story and discussed

HW~ Research the Election of 2000 & its controversy and aftermath, take one page of notes on your research and prepare 3 questions for your classmates for a small group Socratic Seminar tomorrow

Root Vocab 4-8 List

6/5 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Clinton ppt., started 90s Cultural literacy ppt.

HW~ None

6/4 Creative Writing

In-class~ Watched Pilots

HW~ None

6/4 American Studies

In-class~ 90s Museum, Root Vocab #6 Quiz, Clinton ppt.

HW~ None


6/4 Classics

In-class~ Final Presentations

HW~ None

6/1 American Studies

In-class~ Grammar Bowl

HW~ Prep for 90s Museum

5/31 Creative Writing

In-class~ Work Period

HW~ Comparative Analysis DUE BY 11:59 TONIGHT


5/31 American Studies

In-class~ Passive Voice (Info here), George HW Bush & the 1992 election, Grammar Bowl group review

HW~ Grammar HWP DUE TOMORROW, study for GRAMMAR BOWL 2012

5/31 Classics

In-class~ Started Final Presentations, finished The Mists of Avalon

HW~ Arthurian Character Comparison DUE TOMORROW, more Final Presentations TOMORROW

5/30 Creative Writing

In-class~ Work Period

HW~ Comparative Analysis DUE TOMORROW BY 11:59 to turnitin.com

5/30 American Studies

In-class~ 90s Museum research time

HW~ Comma grammar packet

5/30 Classics

In-class~ The Mists of Avalon

HW~ Final Presentations begin TOMORROW

5/29 Creative Writing

In-class~ Comparative Analysis Rough Draft due with peer editing, work time

HW~ Comparative Analysis DUE THURSDAY @ 11:59 to turnitin.com


5/29 American Studies

In-class~ End of The Century video with notes & discussion, ppt. on Punctuation (ppt. here)

HW~ Comma practice DUE THURSDAY


5/29 Classics

In-class~ The Mists of Avalon 

HW~ Character Comparative Analysis DUE FRIDAY


5/25 Creative Writing

In-class~ Library time

HW~ Comparative Analysis Rough Draft DUE TUESDAY

5/25 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 11 History Exam, Grammar (Subject-Verb agreement & Pronoun-Antecedent agreement)

HW~ Grammar work if not done in class

*** Unit 11 Exam must be made up by THURSDAY, MAY 31ST

5/25 Classics

In-class~ The Mists of Avalon 

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Final presentations start Thursday, May 31st

5/24 Creative Writing

In-class~ Work period

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Comparative Analysis Rough Draft DUE TUESDAY

5/24 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on Emergence of AIDS, reading w/ notes and discussion on Foreign Policy Changes during Reagan and Bush administrations, grammar practice time

HW~ Study for Unit 11 Exam TOMORROW

5/24 Classics

In-class~ Started The Mists of Avalon

HW~ None  

5/23 Creative Writing

In-class- Work period, Comparative Analysis outlines DUE

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Comparative Analysis Rough Draft DUE TUESDAY

5/23 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on The New Conservative/New Right movement of the 1980s & the War on Drugs, Root Vocab #5 quiz

HW~ Sentence Fragment worksheet

5/22 Creative Writing

In-class~ Work time for Pilot & Comparative Analysis Outline

HW~ Comparative Analysis Outline  DUE TOMORROW AT THE END OF THE PERIOD

5/22 American Studies

In-class~ Types of Sentences (see ppt. here Sentence Types, review of Reagan's administration, passed out Unit 11 review

HW~ Finish Classifying Sentences worksheet if not done in class, study for Root Vocab #5 quiz

5/22 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Socratic Seminar

HW~ None

Make-up Socratic Seminar will be Thursday @ 2:45

5/21 Creative Writing

In-class~ Assigned Comparative Analysis, group time for pilot

HW~ work on comparative Analysis or pilot

Upcoming~ Comparative Analysis outline due Wednesday @ end of period

5/21 American Studies

In-class~ 80s Century video with notes and discussion, Parts of Speech ppt. (ppt. here under parts of speech http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/powerpoint.htm)

HW~ Parts of Speech practice worksheet, History pg. 1107 Qs 1-5 & RN 1108-1113

5/21 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar prep

HW~ Finish Socratic Seminar prep

5/18 Creative Writing

In-class~ Veronica Mars pilot with discussion

HW~ Brainstorm pilot premises for Monday's group work

5/18 American Studies

In-class~ Finished 70s Presidential ppt., 70s Culture ppt. & discussion, intro to Grammar Unit

HW~ Jr. Project videos DUE MONDAY

5/18 Classics

In-class~ King Arthur Prologue-Ch. 3 boardtalk, assigned Once and Future King excerpt

HW~ Once and Future King reading & finish King Arthur


5/17 Creative Writing

In-class~ Finished Once Upon a Time pilot with discussion

HW~ None

5/17 American Studies

In-class~ 70s Lesson presentations, started 70s Presidential ppt.

HW~ Political Music assignment DUE TOMORROW

5/17 Classics

In-class- Finished Monty Python, assigned Prologue-Ch. 3 of King Arthur in World Mythology books

HW- Reading above

5/16 Creative Writing

In-class- Assigned Final Project, finish New Girl pilot & discussed, started Once Upon a Time pilot

HW- None

5/16 American Studies

In-class- Watergate Socratic Seminar & debrief, Library work time

HW- Finish 70s Lessons if needed

Upcoming- Political Music Analysis DUE FRIDAY,  Junior Project Presentations DUE MONDAY

5/16 Classics

In-class- Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

HW- Reading Notes on World Mythology 288-291 DUE TOMORROW 

American Studies Experience Seattle Project

For our second semester bonus project you have the opportunity to earn extra credit in both courses by completing the following assignment inspired by the Experience Music Project.

Like first semester, you will be creating a photo journal of your activities as you "experience Seattle". The journal must include multiple images and written reflections of your thoughts on the activities. 

The base required location is the Experience Music Project. Your written reflection should focus on northwest music for this visit.

In addition to the EMP, you need to visit 4 other Seattle locations of your choice from the following. 

The Fremont Troll
Ride the Monorail 
Pike Place Market
Pioneer Square
Gasworks Park
Seattle Aquarium
Woodland Park Zoo
Stage Show (Music, Theatre, Ballet, etc) on a Seattle stage (5th Avenue, Paramount, Showbox, Benaroya, etc.)
Red Square at UW
Mariners/Sounders game 
Ballard Locks
Alki Beach
Ferry Ride (Pick any one)
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop (Seattle waterfront)


5/15 Creative Writing

In-class- Finished Script v. Production presentations, started New Girl pilot

HW- None

5/15 American Studies

In-class- Lab research time for 1970s Lessons, Watergate ppt. and discussion

HW- US v. Nixon reading (be prepared for Socratic Seminar tomorrow)

Upcoming- Political Music Assignment DUE FRIDAY

5/15 Classics

In-class~ Norse Culminating Quiz, Brainstorm on Arthurian Legend, started Monty Python & The Holy Grail 

HW~ Reading Notes on World Mythology 288-291 DUE THURSDAY

Upcoming- Final Project Topics must be approved by MONDAY!

5/14 Creative Writing

In-class~ Script v. Production presentations

HW~ None

5/14 American Studies

In-class~ 70s Century video w/ notes, assigned 70s lesson project, assigned political music analysis

HW~ None due tomorrow

5/14 Classics

In-class~ Norse Culminating Quiz study time, assigned final project

HW~ Study for quiz

Study Guide
Focus on Themes, Archetypes, & Comparative to Greek for the following: 
Ragnarok Cycle (Creation, Corruption stories, Ragnarok)
Hero Cycle (Sigurd and Lord of the Rings)

5/10 Creative Writing

In-class~ Finish Script v. Production project and start presentations

HW~ None

5/10 American Studies

In-class~ 1960s Exam, 1960s Museum (Absolutely Fantastic!!!!)

HW~ Found Speech and Unit 10 HWP DUE TOMORROW,  Fallen Angels Socratic Seminar tomorrow 

5/10 Classics

In-class~ LotR

HW~ None

5/8-5/9 American Studies

In-class- Finished 60s culture, Fallen Angels19-21 quiz and discussion, library work time, 60s Exam review

HW- Finish Fallen Angels (Tues), 60s Museum, study for exam

CHANGE- HWP sheet will be given in class tomorrow and will be due Friday.

5/8-5/9 Classics

In-class- Sigurd quiz & discussion, LotR HW- None

5/7-5/9 Creative Writing

In-class- Finished One-Act readings, intro to screenwriting, Script v. Production project HW- Script project

5/7 American Studies

In-class- 60s culture, Fallen Angels quote activity HW- Activism Research, Fallen Angels 19-21

5/7 Classics

In-class~ Sigurd Boardtalk

HW~ Comparative Analysis due to turnitin by 11:59

5/4 Creative Writing

In-class- One-Act Readings

HW- Submit One-Act to turnitin.com

5/4 American Studies

In-class- 60s Museum research time, Fallen Angels discussion and theme activity

HW- Fallen Angels Ch. 15-18 DUE MONDAY, Activism Research DUE TUESDAY

Upcoming- 60s/Fallen Angels Exam and 60s Museum THURSDAY

5/4 Classics

In-class- Comparative Analysis Reminders, Sigurd the Volsung Ch. 1-4 (World Mythology books)

HW- Comparative Analysis DUE MONDAY @ 11:59 to turnitin.com

Turnitin Info
ID: 5101332
Password: Bede

5/3 Creative Writing

In-class- Silent Scene Creative Write

HW- One-Act Final Draft DUE TOMORROW

5/3 American Studies

In-class- Discussed student protest and the end of Vietnam, started 60s culture, assigned 60s museum

HW- Fallen Angels Ch. 9-14 DUE TOMORROW

5/3 Classics

In-class- Norse boardtalk & Comparative Analysis peer editing

HW- Bring World Mythology books tomorrow

Upcoming- Comparatvie Analysis Final Drafts DUE MONDAY @ 11:59 to turnitin.com

5/2 Creative Writing

In-class~ One-Act Writer's Workshop

HW~ One-Act Final Draft DUE FRIDAY

5/2 Classics

In-class~ The Punishment of Loki and Ragnarok reading

HW~ Comparative Rough Draft DUE TOMORROW

5/2 American Studies

In-class~ Finished 1968, Fallen Angels Quiz

HW~ Reading Notes 1037-1040 (Stop at Johnson decides  not to run) & 1044-1049

Upcoming Fallen Angels Ch. 9-14 Due Friday

5/1 Creative Writing

In-class~ One-Act Writer's Workshop

HW~ None

Upcoming~ One-Act Final Drafts DUE FRIDAY

5/1 American Studies

In-class~ Morality and Motive of War Socratic Seminar, finished Fallen Angels Ch. 2, started analysis of 1968

HW~ Fallen Angels Ch. 3-8

5/1 Classics

In-class- Read Theft of Thor's Hammer, Theft of Idun's Apples, and The Death of Balder 

HW~ Work on Comparative Analysis Rough Draft DUE THURSDAY

4/30 Creative Writing

In-class- One-Act work period

HW- One-Act Rough Draft DUE TOMORROW...Bring 2 copies for writer's workshop

4/30 American Studies

In-class- Vietnam documentary and discussion, started Fallen Angels 

HW- Critical Reading DUE TOMORROW http://bedeclassdocs.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-lai-massacre-critical-reading.html

Upcoming-  Fallen Angels Chapters 3-8 DUE WEDNESDAY, Found Speech due date moved to May 11th

4/30 Classics

In-class- Comparative outline & Odyssey project DUE, Read Norse Cosmogony myth with visual (pg. 208 in World Mythology books)

HW- Bring World Mythology books tomorrow

Upcoming- Comparative Rough Draft DUE THURSDAY

4/27 American Studies

In-class- Poetry exam, SAC on Escalation of Vietnam War HW- Reading Notes 1030-1034 (stop before Tet)

4/25 Creative Writing

In-class~ Medusa's Tale quiz and discussion, assigned One-Act portfolio piece

HW~ Print this out for tomorrow http://bedeclassdocs.blogspot.com/2012/04/one-act-play.html

4/25 American Studies

In-class~ Finished The Help, Confessional Lyric Analysis

HW~ Civil Rights Memorial DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Poetry Exam Friday, The Help character analysis due Friday

4/25 Classics

In-class~ Finished O' Brother Where Art Thou with discussion

HW~ Homeric Cycle Exam TOMORROW, Comparative Analysis topic DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming~ Odyssey Visual  & Comparative Outline DUE MONDAY

4/24 Creative Writing

In-class~ Read Medusa's Tale 

HW~ Submit any unsubmitted poetry to turnitin.com. Bring two clean poems of your choice for your portfolio.

4/24 American Studies

In-class~ The Help 

HW~ Print this http://bedeclassdocs.blogspot.com/2012/04/american-studies-confessional-lyrics.html for class tomorrow

Upcoming~ Civil Right Memorial DUE THURSDAY, The Help character analysis DUE FRIDAY, Postmodern Poetry Exam FRIDAY (review here http://bedeclassdocs.blogspot.com/2012/04/post-modern-poetry-review.html)

4/24 Classics

In-class~ O' Brother Where Art Thou 

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar Make-up WEDNESDAY @ 9:15, Comp. Analysis Topic DUE THURSDAY, Odyssey Visual Project DUE MONDAY

Classics~ Homeric Cycle Study Guide

Development of the Homeric Hero
Characters of Iliad and Odyssey
     Final Fates
Conflicts of Iliad
Achilles as a Tragic Hero
Underworld of Homer
Obstacles of Odysseus
Themes of the Odyssey
Film Comparative

4/23 Creative Writing

In-class~ Finished Lyrical presentations, intro to  Stage and Screen unit

HW~ Submit any outstanding poems to turnitin.com

4/23 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Civil Rights timeline, started modern confessional poetry, Root Vocab quiz #4

HW~ Letter from Birmingham Jail if not done over weekend

4/23 Classics

In-class~ Assigned Odyssey Visual Project and Comparative Analysis Essay, started O' Brother Where Art Thou

HW~ None due tomorrow

Upcoming~ Odyssey Visual Project DUE MONDAY 4/30, Comp. topic DUE THURSDAY, Afterlife Make-up Socratic Seminar on Wednesday @ 9:15

4/17-4/20 Creative Writing

In-class~ Lyric Project Presentations

HW~ Lyrical poem due Monday

4/17-4/20 American Studies

In-class- Confessional poetry activities, Civil Rights Timeline, Civil Rights Memorial research

HW~ Letter from Birmingham Jail & Qs 1-4 & 6-9 in online Lit. book @  http://my.hrw.com/

Upcoming~ Civil Rights Memorial DUE THURSDAY

4/17-4/20 Classics

In-class~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar, finished Odyssey and analyzed themes.

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Afterlife Socratic Seminar make-up Wednesday at 9:15

4/16 Creative Writing

In-class- Lyrical poetry

HW- None due tomorrow, lyric analysis project DUE WEDNESDAY, lyrical poem DUE FRIDAY

4/16 American Studies

In-class- JFK assassination and legacy, poetic devices and examples, resume/cover letter proofreading

HW- Edit resumes and coverlatters if needed, Reading notes 975-982

4/16 Classics

In-class- Odyssey Chapter 1-3

HW- Finish above if not done in class, BRING BROWN BOOKS TOMORROW!


4/5 Creative Writing

In-class- Allusions and symbolism in poetry

HW- Organic poem due in class tomorrow

4/5 American Studies

In-class- Ginsberg's America activity, assigned and discussed resumes and cover letters

HW- None

4/5 Classics

In-class- Troy

HW- None

4/4 Creative Writing

In-class- Similes, Metaphors, & Personification

HW- None

4/4 American Studies

In-class- Intro to the 60s and nonconformist poetry

HW- Reading notes 968-972 (stop before assassination)

4/4 Classics

In-class- Troy

HW- None

4/3 Creative Writing

In-class- Local poems, poetry activity on a specific place

HW- None

4/3 American Studies

In-class- Unit  9 Review & Exam, Root Vocab 1-3 Quiz

HW- None

4/3 Classics

In-class- Troy

HW- None

Classics Extra Credit- Wrath of the Titans

After viewing the film write a one-page double spaced typed comparative review of the film including analysis comparing the film to the actual mythology, as well as your opinion of the film. Staple your movie stub to the comparative review.


4/2 Creative Writing

In-class~ Shared pantoums, sestinas, and sonnets, important date poetry construction

HW~ None

4/2 American Studies

In-class~ Finished 50s Culture/ Conformity/Nonconformity discussion

HW~ Study for Unit 9 Exam tomorrow (See study guide below)

4/2 Classics

In-class- Iliad Socratic Seminar

HW~ None

Socratic Seminar make-up will be Wednesday @ 9:00

Classics- Film Announcement and Opt-Out

In Classics, we will be watching the film Troy in our analysis of Homer's The Iliad. Please visit this site http://bedeclassdocs.blogspot.com/2012/04/troy-opt-out.html if you would like your student to opt out of the film viewing and analysis.

3/30 Creative Writing

In-class~ Poetry Reading (Limerick, Cinquain, or Renga), quick discussion on politically incorrect nursery rhymes

HW~ Poem due Monday (Sestina, Pantoum, or Sonnet)

3/30 American Studies

In-class~ Turned in Junior Projects, finished Pleasantville with discussion on social conformity


Upcoming Unit 9 Exam on Tuesday... study guide here http://www.bedeclass.blogspot.com/2012/03/american-studies-unit-9-exam-review.html

3/30 Classics

In-class~ Iliad Socratic Seminar prep time

HW~ Finish Iliad Socratic Seminar prep for MONDAY

3/29 Creative Writing

In-class- Finished poetry structure group work with presentations

HW- Write a limerick, renga, or cinquain. Bring a copy to class tomorrow and submit it to turnitin.com

3/29 American Studies

In-class- Discussion of social conformity of the 1950s (advertising boom, auto boom, baby boom, Keeping up with the Joneses), started Pleasantville

HW- Finish Junior Project DUE TOMORROW

Upcoming- TKAM socratic Seminar make-up Monday afterschool
Unit 9 History Exam Tuesday (review http://www.bedeclass.blogspot.com/2012/03/american-studies-unit-9-exam-review.html)

3/29 Classics

In-class- Iliad Ch. 5 & 6 review, passed out tragic hero formula sheets, reading time to finish Iliad (including the Epilogue)

HW- Finish Iliad if not done in class

American Studies Unit 9 Exam Review

WWIIàCold War
Cold War
Iron Curtain
Truman Doctrine
United Nations
Partition of Germany
NATO & Warsaw Pact
Weapons Race
Space Race
CIA & Espionage
                U2 Incident
Eisenhower Doctrine
Korean War
                Causes & Outcomes
2ND Red Scare    
Hollywood Ten
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Post War Economy
                GI Bill of Rights
1950s Economic Boom
                Conglomerates & Franchises
Social Conformity
Baby Boom
Life in Suburbia
Mass Media
                Television & Film
                Beat Movement
                Rock & Roll
                Rise of Teenage Culture
                Urban Poor  & White Flight
                Urban Renewal
                Rural Poor
                Struggle of Latino Americans
                Struggle of Native Americans


3/28 Creative Writing

In-class- Poetic Form group activity

HW- None

3/28 American Studies

In-class- TKAM Socratic Seminar

HW- Junior Project DUE FRIDAY

3/28 Classics

In-class- Iliad Ch. 1-4 small group discussion

HW- Iliad Ch. 5 & 6

3/27 Creative Writing

In-class- Finished Book Club Presentations, Creative write rhyming activity

HW- None

3/27 American Studies

In-class Finished TKAM film, discussed 50s economics, TKAM short answer exam

HW- TKAM Socrtic Seminar Prep DUE TOMORROW, Junior Project DUE FRIDAY

3/27 Classics

In-class Intro to Homer and The Iliad

HW- Chapters 1-4 of The Iliad in World Mythology books

3/26 Creative Writing

In-class~ Book Club Presentations

HW~ None


3/26 American Studies

In-class~ Discussed transitions, Final TKAM reading quiz and discussion, TKAM film

HW~ TKAM Short Answer Exam tomorrow, TKAM Socratic Seminar Wednesday, Junior Project DUE FRIDAY

3/26 Classics

In-class~ Early Heroes Quiz

HW~ World Mythology pg 33 (Start at Homer and Oral Tradition) - pg. 42 (Finish Homeric Hero section)

3/23 Creative Writing

In-class~ Book Club Exam

HW~ Finish Book Club Presentations DUE MONDAY

3/23 American Studies

In-class~ Root Vocab Quiz #3, Junior Project Peer Editing, TKAM film

HW~ JP peer editing on Turnitin.com (DUE SUNDAY @11:59), finish TKAM

3/23 Classics

In-class~ Reviewed Theseus, watched Theseus and the Minotaur

HW~ Prep for Early Heroes quiz on Monday

3/22 Creative Writing

In-class~ Final Novel Socratic Seminar, library work time for book presentations

HW~ Prep for novel in-class exam

3/22 American Studies

In-class~ Reviewed Eisenhower Chart on Cold War, Started TKAM film, discussed rough draft requirements

HW~ JP Rough Draft

3/22 Classics

In-class~ Finished Clash of the Titans 

HW~ Read 599-609 (Theseus) in Classical Mythology

3/21 Creative Writing

In-class~ The Help Socratic Seminar

HW~ Finish book club books and prepare for final Socratic Seminar

3/21 American Studies

In-class~ Jr. Project Writing Tips

HW~ Eisenhower Year Chart (complete the 1st column on the Cold War & two Truman entries under Economics), TKAM 24-26

3/21 Classics

In-class~ The Clash of the Titans

HW~ Bring Classical Mythology books tomorrow.

3/20 Creative Writing

In-class~ Assigned Book Club Presentations, library time for prep

HW~ The Help Socratic Seminar prep

3/20 American Studies

In-class~ Finished Korean War, ppt. on McCarthyism, Rosenberg critical reading

HW~ None due tomorrow, TKAM 24-26 moved to Thursday

3/20 Classics

In-class~ Perseus quiz and discussion, started Clash of the Titans

HW~ None

3/19 Creative Writing

In-class~ Finished The Help, reviewed theme

HW~ Book Group reading

3/19 American Studies

In-class~ TKAM 17-23 Socratic Seminar and large group discussion, Korean War

HW~ None

3/19 Classics

In-class- Reviewed Heracles

HW-Classical Mythology chapter on Perseus

3/15 & 3/16 Creative Writing

In-class~ The Help & Novel Socratic Seminar #2

HW~ Continue to read novels

3/15-3/16 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion TKAM 15-19, TKAM open book quiz, TKAM Journal #2, Root Vocab Quiz #2, Cold War book reading review

HW~ 4-level outline & TKAM 20-23 DUE MONDAY

3/15-3/16 Classics

In-class- Hercules movie

HW~ Read The Labors of Heracles (pg. 26 in World Mythology books)

3/13 American Studies

In-class~ TKAM Quote Quiz

HW~ TKAM 15 &16 & Reading Notes 871 (Start at Soviets Tighten Hold)- 881 (stop before The Cold War at Home)

3/12 Creative Writing

In-class~ Book Group Socratic Seminar #1, The Help

HW~ Read for book group

3/12 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to the Cold War/1950s Unit, finished Maycomb Maps & discussed TKAM Journal #1

HW~ JP 3-level outline, TKAM 12-14

3/12 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Exam

HW~ None

If you missed the Olympians Exam, IT MUST BE MADE UP BY WEDNESDAY AFTER SCHOOL

3/9 Creative Writing

In-class~ Notes on character, started The Help

HW~ None

3/9 American Studies

In-class~ Finish WWII Exam, SAT Root Vocab Quiz, Maycomb Map, TKAM Journal #1

HW~ TKAM Journal #1 if not done in class

3/9 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Review

HW~ Prep for exam

3/8 Creative Writing

In-class~ Journal Write and Discussion on Setting

HW~ Continue reading novels

3/8 American Studies

In-class~ Started WWII Essay Exam, TKAM Ch. 1-8 Quiz and discussion

HW~ Start TKAM 9-11


HWP Sheet
Dictator Chart
Road to War Note Sheet
Densho.org notes
Reading notes 826-831 & 855-861
A-Bomb Debate Chart

3/8 Classics

In-class~ Discussed upcoming Olympians exam, passed out review sheet, finished Dionysus discussion, reading time for Hermes

HW~ Finish Hermes birth story  (Ch. 12 in Classical Mythology book )

3/7 Creative Writing

In-class~ Reading period

HW~ Socratic Seminar Prep

3/7 American Studies

In-class~ JP Turn In #2, Library time

HW~ TKAM Ch. 4-8, WWII Essay Exam Prep

3/7 Classics

In-class~ Dionysus Quiz and Discussion

HW~ None

3/6 Creative Writing

In-class~ Intro to book clubs, book breakdown, reading time

HW~ Submit short story to turnitin.com by 11:59

3/6 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, TKAM 1-4 boardtalk

HW~ Gatsby essay DUE TONIGHT @ 11:59 to turnitin.com, Junior Project Turn In #2 DUE TOMORROW

3/6 Classics

In-class~ Discussion on Apollo's Lovers, reading time for Classical Mythology pg. 320-325

HW~ Finish reading if not done in class

3/5 Creative Writing

In-class~ Writing Period

HW~ Short Story Final Draft DUE TOMORROW

3/5 American Studies

In-class~ Discussion on War in the Pacific, Documentary on The Scottsboro Boys

HW~ TKAM 1-4  & Reading Notes 825-831 & 855-861 (if not already done)

GATSBY FINAL DRAFT DUE TUESDAY @ 11:59 to turnitin.com

3/5 Classics

In-class~ Discussion and Video on Oracle of Delphi

HW~ None

3/2 American Studies

In-class- Started war in Pacific, intro to To Kill a Mockingbird

HW- Japanese Internment Found Poem

3/2 Classics

In-class- Review on Artemis and Athena

HW- Classical Mythology chapter on Apollo (beginning of chapter-section on Cumean Sybil & section on Nature of Apollo)

3/1 Creative Writing

In-class~ Short Story Writer's Workshop

HW~ None

3/1 American Studies

In-class~ Finished European Theatre of War, peer editing of Gatsby essays

HW~ Reading notes 526-531 & 555-561 (skip Japanese Internment section)

3/1 Classics

In-class~ Artemis scavenger hunt, started Athena analysis questions

HW~ Finish Athena analysis questions

2/29 Creative Writing

In-class~ Writing period


2/29 American Studies

In-class~ Junior Project research time, thesis discussion, discussion on D-Day

HW~ Gatsby Essay Rough Draft DUE TO TURNITIN.COM BY 8:00 AM

2/29 Classics

In-class~ Aphrodite reading check and discussion

HW~ None

2/28 Creative Writing

In-class~ Writing period


2/28 American Studies

In-class~ Powerpoint discussion on European Theatre of War, library time for Japanese Internment research

HW~ Junior Project Turn In #1

2/28 Classics

In-class~ Intro to 2nd generation Olympians Polarity Chart, Read Classical Mythology 189-205

HW~ Finish Classical Mythology 189-205

2/27 Creative Writing

In-class- Assigned Short Story, read two more short story examples (Let It Snow & Brer Rabbit Falls Down the Well), Creativity Write

HW- None

2/27 American Studies

In-class- Japanese Internment discussion, Rabbit in the Moon documentary, assigned Japanese Internment Memorial project

HW- Gatsby outline DUE TOMORROW

2/27 Classics

In-class- Nature of Poseidon, Mythical Creatures and Monsters powerpoint

HW- Bring Classical Mythology books TOMORROW

2/15 Creative Writing

In-class- Read Snuff Dippers and completed Snuff Dippers/Lawyer's League comparative questions in journal

HW- Finish above if not done in class

2/15 American Studies

In-class~ Finish The Great Gatsby film, assigned Gatsby essay, finished Road to WWII powerpoint

HW~ None

2/15 Classics

In-class~ Read Demeter and Persephone in World Mythology books and complete accompanying discussion questions for tomorrow.

HW~ Finish questions if not done in class

2/14 Creative Writing

In-class~ Discuss The Most Dangerous Game, read  Lawyer's League

HW~ Finish  Lawyer's League 

2/15 Classics

In-class~ Discuss Zeus & Hera, reading on Zeus's lovers

HW~ Research and find 4 more of Zeus's lovers

2/13 Creative Writing

In-class~ Read the The Most Dangerous Game 

HW~ Finish story if not done in class, in journal discuss conflicts of story and missing plot points

2/13 American Studies

In-class~ Final Gatsby discussion, reviewed Dictator Chart, started Road to War powerpoint

HW~ Study for Gatsby Exam

2/13 Classics

In-class~ Video on Zeus

HW~ None

2/10 Creative Writing

In-class~ Alice writing period

HW~ Finish Alice final draft, hard copy DUE MONDAY IN CLASS, turnitin.com submission DUE @ 11:59 pm MONDAY

2/10 American Studies

In-class~ Hill Like White Elephants, Fitzgerald vs. Hemingway style, intro to WWII, start Dictator Chart

HW~ Gatsby Ch. 8 & 9 Journal DUE MONDAY, Dictator Chart DUE MONDAY

2/10 Classics

In-class~ Olympians quiz


2/9 Creative Writing

In-class~ Finished Alice Writer's Workshop

HW~ None

Upcoming~ Alice final draft due MONDAY

2/9 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 7 Exam, Gatsby Ch. 7 Socratic Seminar

HW~ None due tomorrow

2/9 Classics

In-class~ Finished Olympian presentations

HW~ Study for Olympians quiz

2/8 Creative Writing

In-class~ Alice Writer's Workshop

HW~ None

2/8 American Studies

In-class~ Unit 7 Exam Review, reading period

HW~ HWP due tomorrow, Ch. 7 Journal due tomorrow

2/8 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Presentations

HW~ None

2/7 Creative Writing

In-class- Writing period

HW- Alice Portfolio Piece Rough Draft DUE WEDNESDAY

2/7 American Studies

In-class- Gatsby Vocab #2, Escapist and Realist entertainment of the Great Depression, Legacy of the Great Depression

HW- None due tomorrow, Gatsby Ch. 7 DUE DATE MOVED TO THURSDAY

Upcoming- Unit 7 History Exam on THURSDAY

2/7 Classics

In-class- Olympians project work time

HW- Finish project if not already done

2/6 Creative Writing

In-class~ Finished Alice in Wonderland, went over Writer's Workshop format and expectations

HW~ None due tomorrow, Alice portfolio piece DUE WEDNESDAY

2/6 American Studies

In-class~ Gatsby 5 & 6 quiz and discussion, Symbolism journal activity, New Deal recap and review

HW~ Noen due tomorrow

2/6 Classics

In-class~ Olympians Project research time

HW~ None

2/3 Creative Writing

In-class~ Alice in Wonderland

HW~ Start working on portfolio piece #1~ Alice... DUE WEDNESDAY

Link to Alice's Adventure in Wonderland http://www.literature.org/authors/carroll-lewis/alices-adventures-in-wonderland/

Link to Through the Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There) http://www.literature.org/authors/carroll-lewis/through-the-looking-glass/

2/3 American Studies

In-class~ New Deal Jigsaw & Debrief

HW~ Gatsby Ch. 5 & 6

2/3 Classics

In-class~ Origins quiz

HW~ None...Have a Great Weekend!

2/2 Creative Writing

In-class~  Alice in Wonderland
HW~ None due tomorrow, First Draft of Alice piece DUE WEDNESDAY
Link to Alice's Adventure in Wonderland http://www.literature.org/authors/carroll-lewis/alices-adventures-in-wonderland/
Link to Through the Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There) http://www.literature.org/authors/carroll-lewis/through-the-looking-glass/

2/2 American Studies

In-class~ Gatsby Vocab Quiz #1, discussion over Ch. 4, discussion on Hoover v. Roosevelt, finished Stormy Weather Century video

HW~ Reading Notes 745-750 DUE TOMORROW

2/2 Classics

In-class~ Recapped The Ages of Man, read The Flood Cycle and created visual plotlines

HW~ Study for Origins Quiz tomorrow over Creation of Titans  & Gods, Prometheus and Pandora, Ages of Man, & Flood Cycle

2/1 Creative Writing

In-class~ Assigned portfolio assignment #1, started Alice in Wonderland

HW~ None due tomorrow

Link to Alice's Adventure in Wonderland http://www.literature.org/authors/carroll-lewis/alices-adventures-in-wonderland/

Link to Through the Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There) http://www.literature.org/authors/carroll-lewis/through-the-looking-glass/

2/1 American Studies

In-class~ Gatsby Ch. 2 & 3 reading quiz & discussion, work time

HW~ Gatsby Ch. 4 reading journal, Hoover v. Roosevelt analysis, study for Gatsby Vocab #1

2/1 Classics

In-class~ Finished discussion on The Creation of the Titans and Gods, Prometheus and Pandora reading check with brief discussion 

HW~ The Ages of Man (pg. 12 in World Mythology book)

1/31 Creative Writing

In-class~ Children's books & story components, Ch. 1 of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

HW~ None

1/31 American Studies

In-class~ Reading and discussion on the causes and early impact of the Great Depression

HW~ Gatsby Ch. 2 & 3 (DUE WEDNESDAY), Hoover vs. Roosevelt comparison (DUE THURSDAY)

1/31 Classics

In-class~ Read The Creation of the Titans and Gods &discussed


1/30 Creative Writing

In-class~ Creative Write, Story components applied to favorite book or film

HW~ None

1/30 American Studies

In-class~ Gatsby Ch. 1 boardtalk quiz & discussion, reading on economic setting of the 20s, started Stormy Weather Century video

HW~ None due tomorrow, Gatsby Ch. 2 & 3 DUE WEDNESDAY

1/30 Classics

In-class~ Intro to Mythological Study ppt.

HW~ None

1/17 Creative Writing

In-class~ Syllabus & Intro to course, photo prompt free-write

HW~ Get syllabus signed

1/27 American Studies

In-class~ Intro to Modernism/Gatsby

HW~ Finish Ch. 1 with reading journal

1/27 Classics

In-class~ Intro to the course & syllabus review, introduction notecard, mythological list extra credit

HW~ Get syllabus signed

1/23 American Studies

In-class~ Review Period

HW~ Study for final and compile homework packets

1/13, 1/23, 1/24, 1/26 Classics

Final Presentations!!!

1/12 American Studies

In-class~ Socratic Seminar on Women of the 20s readings, book reading on the Red Scare

Hw~ Finish preparing for Harlem Renaissance Fair TOMORROW

1/11 & 1/12 Classics

In-class~ King Arthur

HW~ Prep for Final Presentations which begin FRIDAY!

1/11 American Studies

In-class~ Video with questions on The Scope's Trial,  Harlem Renaissance Fair prep time

HW~ Print and critically read http://bedeclassdocs.blogspot.com/2012/01/women-of-20s-primary-sources.html

1/10 Classics

In-class~ King Arthur

HW~ Prep for final project which start FRIDAY

1/10 American Studies

In-class~ Langston Hughes poetry, discussion and reading of the KKK

HW~ None

Harlem Renaissance Fair on FRIDAY

1/9 Classics

In-class~ Arthurian Legend Socratic Seminar

HW~ None due tomorrow


1/9 American Studies

In-class~ Harlem Renaissance readings from Langston Hughes & Art ppt, Harlem Renaissance Fair research time, passed out final exam study guide

HW~ None due tomorrow

Harlem Renaissance Fair FRIDAY 1/13


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